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All About John Titor 2 / Big revelations Coming?

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All About John Titor 2 / Big revelations Coming?




I am John Titor 2. I am not the first John Titor. Nor am I from the same time as John Titor. We do not have the same story.

My Family History
I am a direct descendant of Baron James Renfrew who was allowed by his relative Elizabeth the 1st to escape to France and Barbados. In Barbados, James pursued a fortune in the shipping and land surveying business.
James' son Simon learned Voodoo and brought it to the United States. This is where the Renfro's started to be associated with Witchcraft in America.
The name was changed to indicate my family no longer lived in Scotland to Renfro.
Francis Renfro was a friend of Daniel Boone and surveyed several states.
Renfro Valley was his land where my family comes from where we intermarried with the Cherokee Indians. This then landed us far west to Texas.
My father Paul was born in West Texas and wasn't too bright in school.
He met my straight A mother who coached him from making D's to A's.
My father had just a few dreams. He wanted to drive a red truck and he wanted to be a pilot.
But first they became teachers. My mother was a grade school teacher and my father taught Science and Math at the High School and even College level.
Then he got the opportunity to go to Officer's Training School and become a pilot in the Air Force. This was a great accomplishment and dream come true for my father.
He flew C130s in Vietnam and earned distinguished medals which sky rocketed his career.
He got one of the highest clearances in the U.S. military flying bombers with special payloads far north.
His OCD attention to detail eventually earned him the rank of Colonel. Now this is not the highest rank but it the kind of jobs he was given were among the most important. Director off all operations in South America. Director of the Unknown. Director of Research and Development. Purchaser of New Technology. Firefox. The story of his career gets more unbelievable.

About Me
I was born John Thomas Renfro on February 1st, 1967 at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan.
Growing up my father and I would hike together and he would tell me the tallest Texas tales he could. His favorite stories were about how he was altered by aliens and that mother was given an anti-miscarriage drug that gave me psychic powers. This was way before popular movies began to tell these stories. He told the stories so much that I started to believe them. I even believed the story he told me about working on a project where he could see actual history imprinted on objects. He later told me it was just a tall tale. This is the closest to a time travel lie he ever got.
I had a lot of trouble concentrating growing up and my grades weren't very good.
I went to college for 4 years and earned a few associate degrees in Psychology and Political Science but other than that I had no direction. I was pretty good at Speech.
So I joined the U.S. Army.
I was rejected the first time because my blood pressure was too high.
I went to an Air Force hospital to find out why and they said some of my organs were unusual.
I was then accepted into the U.S. Army because I passed a test that qualified me for Intelligence.
But this is where my life became very unreal and strange.
First, I was held over with all the Section 8 crazy people.
Then I learned that because my father had a special clearance, I was one of the most trusted new recruits the Army had.
I was then pampered like nobody's business.
I went to the Defense Language Institute where I learned languages.
I went to computer schools and journalist schools.
I even went to this "psychic" school.
I didn't do so well as a remote viewer, someone who can see things that are happening in far away places.
So they put me in interrogation school where I learned to control people. I mean, I can make you kill yourself with my verbal abuse. I can make you kill others. A terrible skill. I can mess with your mind so bad that I could blind you among other things.

Strange Missions
I would black out a lot. But I remember one mission in Germany where I was sent to survey a group of people about to go absent without leave and flee to Florida.

In 1992, I retired and went to college on the G.I. Bill where I earned a major in History and English. I was a much more focused student by now and went from D's to A's. This is about the time that very tall human beings started to stare at me like they knew me. One man kind of looked like The Professor from Back to the Future. He just didn't belong in this time. He wasn't supposed to be there.

Then I met a guy at a special meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. There was some kind of mental barrier that I was able to break through. I was invited by people to meet him. He was taller than any basketball player. Big glassy eyes. He was half alien. So aliens, the ones that have helped me, are really tall human looking, muscular, normally proportioned heads. Big glassy eyes and hairless on their heads and bodies. They're also very pale. These particular aliens aren't actually alien. They are from our far future. They work above us in large invisible mother ships and fly around in things that look a lot like the 2012 version of the X-47B drone. They are future humans who have colonized other planets and moons. Then there is a similar group that have feline features. They do not originate on Earth. A third group has reptilian features. There is no interstellar war. They are not harvesting us or eating us. They are not torturing us. They are studying us, marking us, and tracking us as to preserve us and their own futures. Our future is remarkably similar to Star Trek. They joke that the creator of the classic show met a time traveler who described the future to him.

Before you were born, you didn't know or feel anything. You don't remember anything. When you die, it is the same. But some of us echo from the 5th dimension, the dimension of recorded memory. And so, we live on as spirits invisible and intertwined with this world to help the living until we are ready to reincarnate. Part of us is reborn yet a part of us eternally echos from the world of memory.

We time travelers have specific information on this that really will change everything. Christianity is really going away now. Catholicism will die out. Traditional Christianity will die out. Gnostic Christianity catches on. It is the belief that Christianity was basically a religion designed by the Roman Flavian/Piso family to gain religious control over an otherwise failing political control. The religion was basically formulated during the time of Apollonius of Tyana who is the historical Paul of Tarsus. He is really the sole creator of Christianity. Wherever Vespasian and Titus conquered, Apollonius established a church of Mythras. These churches were later renamed the churches of Jesus Christ because Constantine's people wanted to include the two most popular gods of the empire and a Jewish savior figure. This was Hesus of Western Europe. Krishna of India. And Yeshu of the Babylonian Talmud. Yeshu was already combined with Bacchus in order to unite competing religions in Judea. This is why Yeshu is also known as Yeshu Son of Panther.

Apollonius was the main historical figure of Jesus. He really did a lot of good in the world. First, he was a really successful prophet. A trusted doctor of Roman emperors. He wrote Revelation. He invented Christianity. He ended animal and human sacrifice. He supported the Pax Romana. One God, One Land, One King idea which established the Roman Empire in the West and the East. His religion at one time made slaves and masters more equal. Women and men more equal. And then it was changed into something bad. Titus and Apollonius may have been early inspirations for Arthur and Merlin. There are other historical inspirations, I know.

The Future Economy
None of us are going to accept the implant chip. Even if it means tracking our lost children. Too much grounds for abuse. Instead, paper money and coins will go away and we'll all be using our phones as debit cards. I've been away from the U.S. for awhile. Isn't this already happening? Jobs will continue to go away. People will be reduced to bartering vegetables and hand crafts. All work will be temporary and people will work in order to get their smartphones, mini-laptops, and pay for their Internet connections. Assembly robots rise and replace factory workers soon.

The Future Geography
The U.S. Navy Future Map. It's really all you need to know. Yellowstone, New Madrid, Yosemite, coastal flooding. It is all happening right now. Arctic melting. John Titor 1 hints a lot about this.

Future Epidemics
Cow and lamb meat is still CFJ.
Super flesh eating resistant bugs.
Nuclear radiation poisoning of our waters due to geological changes.
All happening now.

In 2036, I am 69 years old. It is the Summer of 69.

Any questions?


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Big revelations coming?


John Titor 2 (the same one?) was mentioned in this C2C broadcast - at the end of the first half (at 1:05 hours)


Coast To Coast AM - July 16, 2016 Time Travel Ascension



A new book is supposedly coming out in the fall that will have many revelations


1:05 Hours
People will have a complete Meltdown when they read our book.
Obama's disclosure, if it comes, will not be a full disclosure
DISCLOSED: The Chronicles of John Titor, the second.
"this guy is real and alive - and will be at The Expo next year"
"People's minds will be blown, based on his experiences, as a high level US Air Force operative."
"He knows what happened in the past, and will happen in the future. Very mind moggling"
"He has nothing to do with the John Titor who appeared on Late Night talk shows"
"We approached him... through a synchronicity. The book is coming out Sept. 30th."

"if he isn't correct, we are in a big load of trouble... This will scare the bejesus out of you.

It is a rollercoaster, up and down. You will hope he is right, and some of it is wrong."

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