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Rejuvenation of streets West Philly : Maps, etc

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West Philly rejuvenation : Maps, etc


"Gentrification" is an emotional term for some, so I use rejuvenation in the Headline


Originally Posted by Summersm343 trn.gif
Northern Liberties
Spring Arts
Spring Garden
Loft District/Callowhill
Olde Kensington
Point Breeze
Dickinson Narrows
Walnut Hill
West Powelton


I would say Northern Libs is past gentrification. And I would not consider Mantua to be gentrifying at this time, its pretty much a universal poverty/crime pocket. However, little Powelton Village has been gentrifying thanks to close proximity to Drexel.


West Philly is not on the above 2014 list, apart from : Mantua, Walnut Hill, West Powelton


But nevertheless, some very nice gentrification has been happening along Baltimore Avenue - the southern trolley like




N Conestoga St : 150x : 15xx : zz :

190th Congressional District: https://www.seventy.org/uploads/files/172061518505455083-state-representative-districts-new-190.pdf

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REJUVENATION / Gentrification stories (from Google)

Gentrification Isn't the Only Factor in Philadelphia Change – Next City


May 19, 2016 - By Pew's definition, Philadelphia's Fishtown isn't gentrifying — but it is changing. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke). Gentrification is changing ...


West Philadelphia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

West Philadelphia, nicknamed West Philly, is a section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though ...

Since the 1980s, gentrification, immigration, and the Urban Indian relocation movement have brought more racial diversity. ....

The Route 10 trolley runs along Lancaster Avenue from 63rd and Malvern Avenue through to 36th ..



Lancaster Mews, a row of apartments and businesses on the 3600 block of Lancaster Avenue will keep its 19th century architecture after a city commission ruled on its importance.


Powelton Village: Lancaster Mews Gets Historic | Philadelphia ...


Nov 17, 2015 - Masters first set up shop on Lancaster Avenue in 1997, after moving his ... “This area is now re-gentrifying, and redeveloping very very quickly.”

... It later made way for trolleys and middle-class commuters who wanted to live ...

. . .

Businesses have been slowly leaving the 3500 and 3600 blocks of Lancaster Avenue in recent years due to a rising student population and increasing property taxes.

In the past decade, Drexel University’s student population has increased 49 percent, to 26,359, with nearly 74 percent commuting or living off campus.


Jan 22, 2011 - Having passed the school numerous times on the 10 trolley, I knew exactly where it was. ...
Mantua (although to a lesser extent because Mantua is gentrifying), ... Nonetheless, I have walked on portions of Lancaster Avenue in ...
Neighborhoods gentrifying the quickest & whats next (Philadelphia ...
www.city-data.com › City-Data Forum › US Forums › Pennsylvania › Philadelphia
Jul 13, 2014 - And I would not consider Mantua to be gentrifying at this time, its pretty .... at 48th and Lancaster Ave.,was the largest parish in the entire region.
Can we talk about Lancaster Ave for a sec? | Philadelphia Speaks
www.philadelphiaspeaks.com › ... › West Philadelphia / University City

Mar 23, 2012 - I'm tired of my South Philly friends talking about "their butcher". I want a ... Yes, I think Lancaster Ave has great potential. .... in Powelton Village is more likely to happen as anything perceived as gentrification makes its way up Rodeo Drive. .... Lancaster is just too congested with turning cars and the trolleys.

Been in the area for about 8 years now and I am curious what people's thoughts are on Lancaster Avenue. Do you think it can become a vibrant commercial corridor on the lower end? Meaning 40th and beyond are already pretty vibrant and busy but then it gets weird where there is a mix of commercial and residential, then you get into the student areas below 37th.

  • What is it lacking?
  • What does the Ave need in the way of businesses?
  • What would it take to get you to stop by and have a cup of coffee, or grab a bite to eat? Do some shopping?
  • What is your overall perception of the Ave?

I'm just curious because all over the city there are similar avenues that are being 'awakened', Girard, Passyunk come to mind, and I am just curious why not Lancaster Ave? It seems to me this particular avenue has so much potential. Not only does it straddle some pretty dynamic neighborhoods (Powelton Vill + West Powelton + Mantua), it is so easily accessible via Septa.
So, why not Lancaster Avenue?


40th Street (SEPTA Subway–Surface Trolley station) - Expand Your ...


40th Street station is a SEPTA Subway-Surface Lines trolley station in Philadelphia . ... Trolley Route 10 (a.k.a.; the Lancaster Avenue-Subway Line ) is a trolley line ..... "University City" as part of a 1950s urban-renewal and gentrification effort.


Renting on the edge of gentrification - AL DÍA News


Jan 29, 2016 - After that, they moved outside the city to Lansdowne where rents were more ... The debate about gentrification in Philadelphia is extremely ...


Lansdowne Area info - Trulia Voices


Jan 27, 2009 - Lansdowne Area info Find answers to this and many other questions on ... Arts and Culture by way of Philadelphia region’s one and only original ... There are a lot of young urbanites gentrifying the area as well as older ...


1 May 2014
One man's fight against gentrification | AxisPhilly
Sep 25, 2013 - Before gentrification, Philadelphia's Latino community was bound .... Outside of the city, Lansdowne is a pretty good example of this more ...
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Powelton Village: A Neighborhood In Transition


Usually when a person’s name is drawn from a hat, they gain something.

But when Linn Washington had his name called hours before one of Philadelphia’s most controversial events, he almost lost his head. Literally.

“On August 8, 1978, the police quite surprisingly allowed six journalists to come within the police lines and essentially be right in front of MOVE’s house as they started going in,” Washington said. “Names were drawn from a hat and I was one of those that drew the right straw.

“I had covered MOVE more intensively than any other reporter in the city at that time,” Washington continued. “So I was there when the shooting started, and I almost got my brains blown out.”

Washington had been covering MOVE, a Philadelphia-based black liberation organization in Powelton Village founded in 1972 by Vince Leaphart – popularly known as John Africa – since 1975, when he started working full-time as a reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune.

When Washington started working for the Philadelphia Journal in 1978, the neighborhood had started to rebel against MOVE’s lifestyle. More importantly, the Philadelphia Police Department, headed by former police commissioner and then-mayor Frank Rizzo, had it out for MOVE.


Rizzo ordered a blockade on the area surrounding the MOVE compound, preventing food and other necessities from reaching the organization to force members to leave the house.

Despite Rizzo’s drastic efforts, MOVE refused. And after several weeks, the police decided they were going to take the compound by force.


> https://philadelphianeighborhoods.com/2016/05/09/powelton-village-a-neighborhood-in-transition/

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10th Annual Lancaster Avenue Jazz Festival to celebrate Women in Jazz

Posted on 14 July 2016



The annual Lancaster Avenue Jazz Festival returns on Saturday, July 16 to Powelton Village. This year’s festival, which runs from noon to 7 p.m. in Penn Presbyterian Saunders Park Greene (39th and Powelton), celebrates women in jazz and features a mix of dynamite artists.

A renowned pianist and composer with Philadelphia roots, Sumi Tonooka, will headline the festival and will also present a master class performance with local youth on Friday (see more info below). Also performing on the Lancaster Avenue Jazz & Arts Festival stage are saxophonist Nzinga Banks, poet and vocalist Pheralyn Dove, vocalist Laurin Talese, trumpeter Dr. Diane Lyle-Smith, guitarist Monnette Sudler, 12 year old Alesandra Pollack, a vocal artist and pianist, and the popular jazz, R&B and soul-spirited Charlene Holloway Band. The Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble will also be back by popular demand.


Sumi Tonooka

The Lancaster Avenue Jazz & Arts Festival is a FREE family-friendly event showcasing the best of Philadelphia: it features some of the best musicians, a diverse gathering of people, a view of the city and a chance to enjoy a neighborhood that is rich in arts and culture. The festival has grown from a few hundred attendees to more than 3,000!

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Developer eyes Holly Street Community Garden for 6-unit building; meeting Thursday (updated)

Posted on 12 July 2016



UPDATE (July 15, 2016): The meeting turned out to be anticlimactic as the developer did not show up. The developer is seeking a zoning variance to build the apartment building. The land is zoned for single-family homes only. Those present at the meeting voted overwhelmingly against the variance.

University City’s hot real estate market is putting another community garden under pressure. A public meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, July 14 to discuss a proposed apartment building on one of the parcels that make up the Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden.


The garden is located on four small parcels along 41st Street between Baring and Powelton in the West Powelton neighborhood. A proposal to build a 6-unit apartment building at 320 N. 41st St. is scheduled to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment in September. One of the four parcels that the garden sits on was up for Sheriff’s sale in May, but was taken off at the last minute. Another parcel is owned by a real estate company and a third parcel has recently been claimed as part of an inheritance.




The Holly Street property has officially been a community garden for about 12 years, but nearby residents have been planting on the vacant lots for decades.

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