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MAKATI Property Listings - For Sale

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MAKATI Property Listings - For Sale

LINK to here : http://tinyurl.com/MakP-4Sale / scroll to post # ??


From time to time, members may List Properties for Sale here

(Format for Ads - as follows):





25 SM Studio, 22sqm + balcony / Avida San Lorenzo makati city
(beside Waltermart, and with PNR Pasay Road station behind)
Total price. P 2.5 million, or P 100 psm
Expected monthly rent: 20k fully furnish included assoc.
(Which would provide a 9.6% Gross Yield, before P 95 sqm Assoc. fee)
25sqm with balcony - Balcony is about 3 sqm
Low floor with a View of the pool area
The flat was Turned over 2014
This flat would be ideal for a young couple, or friends sharing with jobs in the Makati area. It is a short 8-10 minute walk from Greenbelt Mall (along Arnais St.), which can also be reached in less than 5 minutes using a Jeepney board next to Don Bosco School.
The pool area was opened for the first time in the summer of 2016.

Contact : Send me a PM, and I will put you in touch with the Seller or Agent

---------- : Or send a SMS to Jennalyn, at: ‎09435552037 / 09065476943 with Caption: 25 SM Studio, Avida SanLo





> SSC-SanLo thread: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=702832&page=42

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22 SM SOHO Studio / Eton Tower makati city

(On the Dela Rosa Walkway)

Total price. P 3.1 million*, or P 141 psm / 10% discount for Cash payment
Expected monthly rent: 22-25k fully furnish included assoc.

(At P 22.5k/mo.would provide a 8.7% Gross Yield, before P ?? sqm Assoc. fee)

Middle floor with a View of Dela Rosa St
The flat should be Turned over in late 2016 / early 2017


*there is more than one flat available, although with different views, price is approximate
This flat would be ideal for a small business (since SOHO flats can be used as offices) or for someone who wants a base in prime location in Makati, just one street over from Ayala Avenue. There is a separate reception, and a separate bank of elevators for the nine SOHO floors, in this new building conveniently located on the walkway which connects to the Greenbelt Malls.




Contact : Send me a PM, and I will put you in touch with the Seller or Agent

---------- : Or send a SMS to Jennalyn, at: ‎09435552037 / 09065476943 with Caption: 25 SM Studio, Avida SanLo



A different flat in the same building : photo #2

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For Avida Twr SanLo:

There seems to be some interest on SSC:

September 15th, 2016

(Discussion about price levels may have triggered some buying interest):


People forget that Avida is the cheapest brand of Ayala Land, second only to Amaia, so it's not surprising that Avida has cheap finishes.


What's the price range of Avida?
At this time, they sell it at 120k per sqm.
Hello, newbie here. I'm currently looking for a place. Any feedback regarding Avida Towers? smile.gif
I wonder if people will find there way to this newer website.
The price listed about ( P100 psm) may look like a bargain
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You can also check-out the rising CBD located at the gateway of the South. Filinvest CIty Alabang






There's a lot of on going projects in the area that could lure investors in.


I think they are also not directly affected by the Over Supply in the Condominium Units because they are the nearest CBD to the South.


I think Makati, BGC, Ortigas, Eastwood City and Century City already reached their Maximum potential and also did not stick to their Master Plans. It would be possible that Filinvest CIty would be the next Big thing in the Metro.


They've actually won the Best Mixed-Used Development in the Metro in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016


They also own one of the tallest building in Makati which is the PBCOM Tower







for additional information: Don't hesitate, I would be glad to give you some details.


(dr Bubb: I added some images above)

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You can also check-out the rising CBD located at the gateway of the South. Filinvest CIty Alabang

for additional information: Don't hesitate, I would be glad to give you some details.


Can you give us some examples of pricing?

How does it compare with Makati, where we are seeing prices like P150k per Sqm (or higher) for high-end properties

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Here are some few insights about their prices:


Prices are approximate only;


Ultra High End Project - 180K psqm

High End Projects - 135K psqm

RFO (most affordable) - 80K psqm


For the office spaces, I'll update you once I already have some details.



BPOs, Multinational Companies, Malls, SOHO, Hotels, Country Club, High End Subdivision and many more are already in the Development


Beside the development is the AYALA Alabang.


Later on, I'll post in here more details and facts about Filinvest City.

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Also, what's good about their developments is that they are strict when it comes to their Master Plan. Allocating 70% of the whole 244 hectare development to Open Spaces.


They don't allow also other developers to build condominiums on their property. According to news, Shangrila Hotel will also rise in the developmet and FEU (a reknown University) will also have their branch in the development.


Future Developments will also affect the development since the Government Planned to build an Expressway linking the South to North.

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Sounds pretty similar to Makati prices.

What about rentals? And occupancy levels

Do rents paid approach Makati rents:


RENTALS : Makati, Bonifacio, Rockwell to Q4 - 2015 : source

Qtr /Year : CapVal.: Yield%: MMidpt: QonQtr : YonYr / Lo - Makati - H / L-Bonfacio-H / L-Rockwell- H /

4Q /2015 : 151.0k: 7.02% : 0,883 : +0.91% : + 5.37% / 0,600 - 1,166 / 0,688 - 1,094 / 0,814 - 1,094 :
1Q /2016 : 152.0k: 6.82% : 0,865 : - 2.04% : + 2.00% / 0,590 - 1,140 /
2Q /2016 : 147.5k: 6.95% : 0,855 : - 1.16 % : - 0.11 % / 0,580 - 1,130 /


> Rental thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20162&page=1


Benchmark yields are about 7% in Makati.

But it may be getting harder to get tenants, given the burgeoning Supply in Makati

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IMAGE BANK - for Palm Tower, updated: 11/4/2018

A San Antonio Renaissance? Even for some older buildings

Older buildings in the area may eventually be good investments

... assuming near TechZone & Rise/Air continues to develop



Palm Towers was built in 1996/2000 and is on St Paul Rd., parallel to Chino Roces


From inside the Palm's internal driveway, The Rise dominates the view


The Lobby area was recently renovated. The building was scheduled to complete in 1995/6, but do to financial difficulties, was delayed until 2000.  At that time, units were sold at auction as cheaply as P15,000 per sqm, according to a contact who participated in the auction.

(Note: P15,000 a "distress sale" price at auction would be just 23% of 2002 Makati Condo prices, near P65,000.)


The Palm's Pool area is not bad for an older building.

What's the Rent there - I don't have a lot of data, but I have this from a viber chat:

" I went by Palm Tower this weekend, took some photos, and stopped by the Admin office, to see if they offered anything to rent. Surprisingly, they had only One unit, they mentioned to me: 3 BR of 67 sqm - offered at P35,000 / month - that's just over P500 psm.
I also dropped by Avida Asten, where Tower 1 was completed end of last year - people are moving in.  The guard told me, the cheapest unit is P20,000/ month.  At 24sqm - that's near P800 psm.
Avida Asten is brand new, and a better location.  But using narrow streets, I could walk from Palm to Asten in maybe 5 minutes
This place might work ... it might work for investors and tenants on a lower budget.  If you can Rent at P 500psm and buy at P50,000 psm, you can earn a gross rent of 12%, and Net 10.8% after association fees of P50 psm/month (assuming that is the correct figure.)  I wonder how well the rental demand will hold up, when all the newer and much more expensive buildings are finished.  On the positive side, there is new office space in the area."

/ 2 /

PALM, Interior... plan

Photo #1








Floor Plan - image#5






/ 3 /

Bed-share plan for Palm

Association fee: estimated at P2,200 from 2016





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