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Making money from PH Start-ups - Is it possible?

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Making money from PH Start-ups - Is it possible?

There are so few examples of Start-ups in the PH going public, and making big money for investors.

It seem this is rare, because of the PH culture, which tends to look at Start-ups as jobs, rather than big profit opportunties

That may be why this rare story, got a lot of press inside the country:

Meet the 28-year-old tech whiz who's making $4 billion from Snapchat
Feb 6, 2017


Snapchat co-founder and CTO Bobby Murphy.

Worth : $4 Billion maybe (Feb.2018) > https://www.forbes.com/profile/bobby-murphy/

When it comes to Snapchat’s parent company Snap, which filed for a $3 billion IPO last week, you’re likely more familiar with the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel than its co-founder, Bobby Murphy. But as Snap’s chief technical officer, Murphy remains no less integral to Snap’s ongoing success than its better-known chief executive is.

Born and raised in Berkeley, Calif., the 28-year-old Filipino American co-founder met Spiegel at Stanford University while studying for a degree in mathematics and computational science. Now, with Snap gearing up to go public in March, Murphy is poised to have a whopping $4 billion net worth, according to Forbes.

Here are 4 things you might not know about soon-to-be billionaire:

He makes half of what Spiegel does

According to Snap’s S-1 statement filed last week, Murphy earns $250,000 a year — just half of what Spiegel makes.

> More: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/bobby-murphy-snapchat-cto-010625845.html

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This company presented at A-Space

Our first speaker is Philip Zulueta of Wifi Interactive Network. Philip is a seasoned entrepreneur. He is a pioneer in establishing internet-connected computer labs in universities back in 1998 when the internet was relatively new in the Philippines. He also founded, Smart Start Services, a computer-aided learning program for children. Now leading the helm of Wifi Interactive Network, learn his startup story on how he plans to provide affordable internet to all.
To immerse himself in the tech startup culture, he went on to work for 3 start-ups in Silicon Valley: SeniorSurfers.com Mountain View, CA, OpenAuto.com Walnut Creek, CA and in adtech for Exponential Interactive, Emeryville, CA in various sales positions.

In 2016, Wifi Interactive Network, Philips founded business won the Best New Comer of the Year Award for the Philippine National Startup Awards.

> Free Wifi : https://www.f6s.com/wifiinteractivenetworkwininc

We work with global CPG companies such as Unilever and P&G and local conglomerates San Miguel Corp and Universal Robina Corp. For QSRs, we are working with the Jollibee Group and are in talks with Starbucks.
For convenience stores, we are working with Family Mart and MiniStop.
Our mSaaS platform allows brands to capture registration, demographic data as well as brand offtake data and proof of purchase.

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Is this young woman, Mica Tan, the women entrepreneur of the Year?

- if not, maybe she should be:


At thirteen, she was already trading stocks. At nineteen she had her own distribution business. At twenty-one Mica had established MFT Group, a financial holdings company that seeks to provide financial assistance to companies who are in dire need of help. Now more than a year later the business already has nine companies under in its belt, all from varied sectors and industries – publishing, printing, manufacturing, credit, and agriculture equipment. “Being an investor, the most difficult part of my job is the pre-judgment people make because of my age and my educational background,” she says of her challenges. “When people see me, the first thing they usually say is “She’s twenty!” I don’t blame them but I see the change of decision-making process when they get to know me more. The most fulfilling, on the other hand, is seeing these companies growing and slowly making progress and when the owners introduce MFT Group to their kids. This is a human of way of investing and helping out entrepreneurs.”

Mica Tan - MFT Group 

In her journey as an angel investor some of her learning includes never to eat alone because it is through these times in her life that she gets to meet interesting and fascinating people, discovering more of their hidden talents, treasures and facets. Along the way she also surrounds herself with intelligent people and tries to discover their biggest problems. “This is important because a real business solves problem,” she says. “When you have a business, you need to make sure that you can solve other people’s problems and not just your own.

> http://www.illustradolife.com/the-global-youth-leaders/

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HERE are two Venues which aim to help PH Start-ups:

Found a place you need to check out: Venture Capital Café in Salcedo.  Another coffee shop frequented by co-working people
(near Gentry, Danny)
VC café which stands for Venture Capital Café, was established on April 2017 and is located at Don Chua Lamko Building, 100 L.P. Leviste corner Dela Costa St. Makati City. VC Café combines relaxation and mind alertness to a new level… This is the perfect place to unwind, relax and refresh your mind after a day of hard ...
> About us - Venture Capital Cafe
Yet another one is QBO, where I will go for a networking event: later today
Developing a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines by encouraging QLLABORATION among diverse stakeholders, empowering and developing the startup QMMUNITY and providing business INQBATION from ideation to exit.
Also found an interesting high yield opportunity here, that I will tell you guys about later.
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Below also are some of the newsclips about MFT: 


The MFT Group has found the right partners | BusinessMirror


The MFT Group has found the right partners | BusinessMirror




MFT Group Acquires SALAD STOP! Master Franchise for Spain


MFT Group Acquires SALAD STOP! Master Franchise for Spain

A brand’s success may, for one, be gauged by how far it can go -- literally. Salad Stop, which originated in Singapore having 16 salad bars and now making big waves in the Philippines, with outlets in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Greenhills



MFT Group eyes Spain as Salad Stop location | BusinessMirror


MFT Group eyes Spain as Salad Stop location | BusinessMirror




'Angel investing' can help startups, boost PHL economy — experts


'Angel investing' can help startups, boost PHL economy — experts

The injection of capital by private individuals to startup businesses or angel investing is seen to boost small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines, experts said. Current trending headlines in business, money, banking, finance, companies



About Us – old – The Final Pitch


About Us – old – The Final Pitch




BusinessWorld | Regina Online Investing raises the bar


BusinessWorld | Regina Online Investing raises the bar

After 20 years of successful operations, stock broker Regina Capital Development Corporations relaunches of its online division -- Regina Online Investing.



Mica Tan and her journey to becoming a millennial CEO - The Manila Times Online


Mica Tan and her journey to becoming a millennial CEO - The Manila Times Online

Everyone’s path to success is different. While some are driven to reinvent themselves and change careers until they find the thing that works, some immediately know what they want to do from an early age and focus on it persistently. As success stori



How to win at angel investing


How to win at angel investing

By Jordan Green

In the 90s, after building my software companies in Silicon Valley, I went home to Australia and started a venture capital fund, running it for five years with a business partner. Years later, with resilient determination, the company gave birth to o

More recently, Mica is slated to talk alongside SM’s Teresita Sy-Coson, Lizzie Zobel, and Dr. Vicki Belo for the 10th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit. 
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PROPTECH start-ups coming to PH?

Anyone following the new trends in PropTech, ie Property Technology start-ups? Very popular in HK and China

The private sector has benefited by adopting proptech solutions, such as co-working space operators using sensors to detect vacant rooms and cubicles to fully utilise space, says JLL.

And such growing trends are drawing investments. JLL said in a November report that 179 start-ups in Asia-Pacific have received US$4.8 billion, or over 60 per cent of the world’s proptech investments since 2013, with Hong Kong and mainland China taking US$3 billion of that amount.

Hong Kong is also aiming to become a global hub for innovation and technology, earmarking HK$50 billion (US$6.37 billion) this year to boost the tech sector.

Here are some key trends to watch.

+ Fitting smart spaces (& smart technologies) together, for enhanced efficiency

+ Big data analysis helps agents connect buyers and sellers

+ VR and AR for home viewing

+ Mobile apps for homebuyers and homeowners

+ The AI shopping concierge

+ BIM modeling gaining traction in construction sector

+ 3D printing & Pre-Fab construction

+ Blockchain for title registration – mother lode of smart contracting

> http://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2145546/how-proptech-changing-hong-kongs-property-industry

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QBO was lucky enough to attend the Tech In Asia 2018 Summit last May 14 to 15 at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore. At this summit, we met all kinds of startups across Southeast Asia and our minds were blown by the rate at which the startup ecosystem is growing!

The annual tech convention hosted numerous talks at different stages, all focusing on niche aspects of startup growth and development. There was a speed dating section for entrepreneurs and investors to meet. And of course, there were lots and lots of startups promoting their products. Here are a few notable startups we discovered: 

Cognitv Technologies is a Philippine startup that was founded by Joey Gurango and his daughter, Jolita Gurango. It's a fairly new startup — still an infant at only 4 months old! — and it offers a business analytics tool that makes use of artificial intelligence. Basically, through smart cameras, their product continuously identifies and collects customer demographics.

2. HumOn
Now this is an app that might fly with Filipinos. HumOn is a startup from Korea whose product is an app that lets you transform your hums into musical scores! Just hum into your phone and it translates it into notes, and you have the option to turn that into a whole composition through templated music. No background in music necessary; this app lets your voice do the composing. 

CODMOS is another Korean startup, but this one is in the EduTech business. Their product is a fun game that teaches children how to code. This startup took the basic theories of coding and converted it into a game that is both fun and interactive. It leverages on a block-shaped visual language called 'blockly,' which is researched and developed by Google, so you know it's legit. 

4. deal'n
deal'n is a startup hailing from Singapore that offers a trading platform. It's a social enterprise that caters to the vulnerable members of society, meaning those who have trouble maintaining a stable income, like single mothers or persons with disabilities. It digitizes barter to encourage e-commerce as a source of alternative income. 

GOOD FOR FOOD is another Singaporean startup, but this time featuring a hardware product. GOOD FOR FOOD offers Insight, a Smart Food Waste Tracker, or what looks like an ordinary trash can from the outside, but is actually a machine that analyzes the kind of trash put into it. It gathers data and gives customers insight (see what we did there?) to reduce kitchen's food waste, cost, and environmental impact. 

These guys are just a few of the awesome startups that we got to meet over the 2-day summit. There are so many new great ideas and technologies out there that the future is looking real bright for the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem!
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Canva is the newest $1 billion startup and it's got one of tech's youngest, female CEOs

If you haven't heard of Melanie Perkins, you've probably at least heard of her startup: Canva

Saving the lives of small businesses without the budget for a dedicated graphic artist just yet, Canva
 is an online platform that gives everyone the power to design their greeting cards, posters, websites, and calendars with a simple click and drag of a button! It's disruptive in that it democratizes creativity and makes good design available to everyone. 

Canva holds office in both Australia and the Philippines and is 250-persons strong. It's profitable, has over 10 million users, and has raised a total of $82 million from investors like Sequoia China, Blackbird Ventures, and Felicis Ventures. Achievements that not many entrepreneurs can claim. 

At the helm of Canva's success is its founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins. At just 30 years old, she's the youngest female CEO to be leading a billion dollar startup like Canva. And did we mention she's part Filipino? 

Melanie's win is a success on so many levels 
 for startups  and small businesses, for women, and, of course, for herself. She's proof that even in this male-dominated tech landscape, there's space for everyone, including young Filipino women, to innovate and disrupt! 

Do you think you have the next billion dollar idea? Let's hear it! Sign up at www.qbo.com.ph
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(this is from M-S, on a private chat):

Mr Leechiu PH property Chief bull officer. I think we need to be careful with him. He tends to highlight the transaction volume which is very large but he does not talk about NET take up. The transaction are high because developers are so desperate to fill their offices that they offer fantastic deals for tenants willing to move. So you have a move from older buildings to newer ones. Transaction up, vacancy flat. Vacancy level is still 20%+.

On the BPO adding another 1m jobs over the next 5y as is the goal from Marcos administration. Tbh sounds very ambitious. Under the hood there are still huge progress in AI which will make some jobs redundant or simply make people more productive so that you don’t have to hire more. Marcos also wants rice at 20p/kg but he can’t control that. The companies hiring for BPO are not Filipino companies .. they have no control over it. NCR will also compete with upcoming BPO hotspots like Cebu, iloilo, Davao.. and the biggest enemy of them all… WFH!

To that point, would love to hear about smth else than BPO or POGO to drive the country’s RE… how about start up, local companies or foreign companies doing smth else than back/middle office..

I m sure the PH will work itself through the current oversupply over time but might be more gradual. I m not getting excited Office  space and I think @Michael H dr bubb has some good story about Alveo Financial Tower which has been turned over 1-2m ago .. and is basically all empty despite prime location.

( My Response was ) :

"Would love to hear about smth else than BPO or POGO to drive the country’s RE… how about start up, local companies or foreign companies doing smth else than back/middle office.. "  

Yes. I would like to see that too.   The development of a vibrant Start-up culture could create a Virtuous cycle.   Success breads success, and profits generated from a successful start-up that goes public, or a company that gets sold for a Fat Gain, tends to get reinvested in the start-up sector again


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The glamorous Mica Tan... walks the walk! 


Her co's portfolio includes Salad Stop, and many other co's:  PORTFOLIO

An article says:  "Now a sought-after mentor for entrepreneurs, Mica lists her father, a cancer specialist; her mom, an entrepreneur jeweller; and a family friend who was her late father’s business partner, as the figures whose advice and influence gave her the early confidence to set sail in business.

...Curiosity about the world around her is a trait fueled by her father in her growing up years. She recalls that her dad, who introduced brachytherapy to the Philippines as a method of cancer treatment, would bring her to the hospitals and inform her of the benefits of proper equipment.

Mica was set to pursue her finance studies in New York but, wanting to get immediately into the game and learn hands on, she stayed put and got going on her own. In the early years, she attests, she continued with the tutelage of uncles who were in business and with a stockbroker mentor whom she befriended in an “excursion” at the stock exchange as a young student who cut her college class to be there where the action was.".   > https://mftgroup.com.ph/mica-f-tan-as-mentee-mentor-and-mentee/

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