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Manila and PH container villages

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Manila and PH container villages


Citihub Mandaluyong





> citihub:




> http://indigohouse.yolasite.com/eu-container-house.php




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Container Prices : New recent high


Shipping contaner price spike points to global trade growth ( Apr 4, Malaya Business Insight)


"Prices for shipping containers , the metal boxes that carry 90 percent of the world's manufactured goods, have risen to to highest since October 2015, a clear indicator that seaborne trade is increasing and should grow further this year."


+ Harpex Shipping Index has climbed 40 percent ts year to 439 points

+ Lead times to order containers have risen to over a month, as there are not enough to meet demand

+ Tight market is a result of carriers cutting over-capacity, and rising international (container-carried) trade

+ Despite recent tightness, the Harpex index remains reasonably weak, a third below its last peak in 2015,

and 76 percent under its 2005 record

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Video Tour of a KYOOB home "made from shipping containers" (priced at under P 999,000)




After talking to an architect friend here, I have to wonder: how long will this last before rusting?


The areas where the cuts were may around the windows and doors are especially vulnerable, it is said.

And there may be some issues with toxic fumes, if secondhand containers are used.


Roofs are another big issue. You do not want the hot Filipino sun baking your all metal roof. It will turn your container box into an oven

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