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TOURISM - and inward investment

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TOURISM - and inward investment
This figure (250% jump in China visas) so impressed me, I had to start a thread to record it



"It's More Fun in the Philippines" - controversial tag line was scrapped a year or two ago.

(Was this "commuting is more fun" ad showing irony? Perhaps not, since Filipinos are not known for irony.)

Now using a more practical and business-like approach, it seems

Chinese Money pours into Philippines - Floro Mercene, Apr 10 - pg 12

"Duterte's friendly attitude towards Beijing was rewarded when China promised to give the Philippines an 'economic renaissance'

In the first two months of 2017 alone, official data showed an over-250-percent increase in visa applications to the country. This promised after China promised to send 2 million Chinese tourists to the Philippines this year

On March 7th... three priority projects totalling P 170 billion were signed: The Chico River Pump Irrigation Project, the New Centennial water Source-Kaliwa Dam Project, and the North-South Railway-South Line valued at $3 billion to be launched this year..."



> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Manila

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Philippine Tourism competitiveness falters in 2017


- Apr 10, Business World, page one


The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) - released April 6th showed the Philippines slipping to 79h place out 136 markets.

This is five rungs down from 2015


Global Top 10


1. Spain ( 5.43)

2. France

3. Germany

4. Japan ( 5.26) + 5 spots

5. U.K. ( 5.20)

6. U.S. ( 5.12) - 2 spots

7. Australia ( 5.10)

8. Italy ( 4.99)

9. Canada ( 4.97)

10 : Switzerland ( 4.92)

79 : Philippines ( 3.60)


Asia, comparison of selected countries


0. Japan ( 5.26)

1. Hong Kong ( 4.86)

2. Singapore ( 4.85)

3. China ( 4.72)

4. S. Korea ( 4.57)

5. Malaysia ( 4.50)

6. Thailand ( 4.38)

10 : Philippines ( 3.60)

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MICE boosting PH Tourism


Colliers in the News: Outlook for PH Tourism Growth in 2017

Published on Apr 20, 2017

Chris Wells of Colliers Philippines' Hotels and Leisure division guests at Bloomberg TV Philippines' In The Loop to discuss the current trends and developments in Philippine tourism and how it fares with other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


"We like areas where there's infrastructuring coming... and (want to see) more and more direct flights from feeder cities)"

"4,000 new hotel rooms coming in Metro Manila - with occupancy expected to be 65-70%"

"We are seeing a big influx of tourists from China"


Colliers Market Update: Philippine Hotel Sector


"A big increase in visa applications from China"

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Metro Manila needs more than 69,000 rooms to accommodate tourists–study

November 20, 2017

DUE to strong demand for accommodation facilities on the back of tourism growth in the Philippines, the hospitality industry’s capacity is seen lacking to host both the foreign and local visitors, according to Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services Inc. (Precsi).

In its Market Insight report for the third quarter of 2017, the real-estate company cited the Philippine Hotel Owners Association’s (PHOA) projection that Metro Manila will have a room gap of 69,185 in the coming years.

Hotel-room inventory in the metropolis currently stands at 24,000. They are in the deluxe category, or the three- to five-star hotels. The estimated weighted occupancy is at 65 percent to 70 percent.


While international and homegrown hotel brands are now introduced in the market to attract the increasing tourist arrivals, Precsi Director of Research and Consulting Jose Romarx Salas said the room supply in the country is still lower than its counterparts in Southeast Asia.

In Metro Bangkok, for instance, the number of available hotel rooms aggregates to 44,000.

The room inventory in the domestic market is more likely to decrease further, he added, with the increasing requirements in other parts of the country.

In Cebu-Mactan, the group of local hotel owners projected a need of 14,931 rooms, while Boracay will have a gap of 17,775 rooms.

“Thus, PHOA is seeking incentives from the government to compensate for the handicaps faced by the Philippine tourism industry,” Salas said.

At present, the incentive provisions of the Tourism Act of 2009 being enjoyed by hotel players include the income-tax holiday (ITH) for new enterprises in the Greenfield and Brownfield Tourism Zones for a period of six years from the start of business operations. This may be extended to a maximum of another six years, depending on the substantial expansion or upgrade to be undertaken by the enterprise before the expiration of its ITH in the first six year.


Newly registered tourism economic zone enterprises shall, likewise, be allowed to carry over as deduction from gross income their net operating loss for the immediate past year taxable year. This could be done for the next six consecutive years immediately following the year of the loss..

A 5-percent income tax on gross income in lieu of all other national and local taxes, license fees, imposts and assessments, except real-estate taxes and such fees, may be imposed by Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority after the ITH.

Other privileges would include exemption from all taxes and customs duties on importation of capital investment and equipment, as well as tax deduction not exceeding 50 percent of the cost of environmental protection and cultural heritage preservation activities, sustainable livelihood programs for local communities and similar activities.


> https://businessmirror.com.ph/metro-manila-needs-more-than-69000-rooms-to-accommodate-tourists-study/

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