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The Coffee Shops of Makati

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Coffee Shops of Makati : Reviews and Discussion



New thread: The Coffee shops of Makati

- I can imagine a better world, where customer comments might cause coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses to "up their game."

Who knows, it might even happen some day. And comments like these on forums might be a great way to... help...

Keep Makati Prime .


I will (eventually) get round to reviewing many coffee shops, but maybe not until my next trip.
But you have to start somewhere, so I will start here - where I am sitting today


The Coffee Project - within Mosiac on Aguirre St.



(I typed this on Viber and addressed it to one of my social networks, so I thought I would capture it here too):

I found a very nice new coffee shop which opened recently. Good coffee an great music... mellow jazz. And very near Greenbelt, on Aguirre st.

It is part of the Mosiac building, you can enter from the street, or from the lobby of the Mosiac.

It has a very creative name (haha): It is called the Coffee Project


It is nicely decorated, if a little girly for my taste. Still I would enjoy hanging out in this place, and the music is not so load, or annoying, that it would inhibit conversation. They also have a nice selection of food, which seems to be reasonably priced. And a cup of American coffee is P 90. which is less than some of the other coffee shops in the Greenbelt area. If you are visiting Gree

There's a sign in the door that says, "Free Wifi inside", but the Wifi sucks. The speed is even slower than my pocket wifi.

I cannot even get into my yahoo email account. Frankly, that is challenging in many locations in the PH.

I told them: "I like the place, but your Wifi is too slow. I will come back in a month, and see if it is faster.'

/ 2 /
IM: Coffee Project is part of the Villar group. Of Vista land

DB: Interesting t hear that. I wonder why they cannot get the wifi right. Maybe it's intentional, perhaps they want to keep people from hanging around here all day.
I also wonder why Vista is renting space at Trevi to Starbucks. very nice Starbucks at Trevi, which is close to where I live. I would have thought they might put one of their own shops in their own building. Maybe Starbucks pays a better rent. Or perhaps they want SB's to pioneer the location, and they will take it back in a few years.


I went by there earlier today but there is no wifi there (yet - I keep waiting), and it is closed today (Because it is Good Friday.)



> 3rd-wave Coffee shops: ( Brown Paper Project Cafe, Commune, EDSA Beverage Design Studio, Habitual Coffee )


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Coffee shops at the very popular Greenbelt Mall



Back to normalcy, after the two day PAUSE of Thursday and Good Friday.


Today, I will visit one of the very popular coffee shops in the Greenbelt Mall:



Seattle's Best Coffee - GB #3


If I have time, I might count the coffee shops in the Greenbelt malls - my guess is that there are at least a dozen places that sell coffee, bakery goods, or tea,

Just a few steps from Seattle's Best, is a very popular Starbucks. I prefer SBC, because it is a little quieter and usually less crowded. Better for conversations.

But I may not convince a true Starbuck's fan.



Outside SBC is great for people-watching. You can observe all sorts of strange and wonderful folk, especially in the evenings


SBC is a good place to meet, or even for a small Meet-up event. We usually meet inside, when we can grab one of the tables next to the long sofa on the wall.

But with larger groups, we meet outside. And that is a great place to sit if you enjoy people-watching at Greenbelt, a popular Filipino activity.


The food and coffee is decent, and prices are normal for Greenbelt - ie not cheap. A medium Americano coffee is P120. For eating, I like the breakfast #2, with scrambled eggs, and corned beef (at P190 / P250 w/extras). But other people have different favorites.


The internet comes through Ayala mall, and I think it is limited to one hour. There was a different system several months ago, with passwords a no one hour limit. But that has been changed for some reason.

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Habitual Coffee on Chino Roces (across from Music 21 Plaza)




This is a new place for me.

I was walking along Chino Roces from WalterMart intending to visit the site of the Rise, and I decided to stop in.

Habitual is located inside one of the many old warehouses on Chino Roces.


They are said to be known for the quality of their coffee. For P 120, you can buy a "Long Black" coffee served in a smallish cup.

For me, it tasted smooth and strong, rich with a hint of chocolate. Very drinkable, and worth another visit - that was my first impression.


The WIFI internet here was easy to sign-into, and was quick & reliable during my time of use. There were only six of us sitting inside, and I was told I could use the internet as long as a like. The interior design is exposed concrete, black-painted steel frames, and big wndows looking towards the outside, and inro the warehouse. The warehouse space was shared with a gym, a swim lab, and a bicycle shop.


I get the idea that rents here must not be excessive, since the landlord has maintained the roof and frame of the old warehouse and not spent much on the internal decor. I expect i would find that they land is owned by one of the developers -or will one day be sold to one - and the future use of this place will be yet another condo along Chino Roces.



(another review - Excerpt);


Habitual Coffee at Don Chino Roces Avenue

I love the audacity of this coffee joint. I hope more bold entrepreneurs who take risks and go against the grain will sprout in the future.


Habitual Coffee recently opened at an obscure warehouse on Don Chino Roces Avenue or Pasong Tamo as we commonly refer to the busy street in Makati.


The warehouse also houses a crossfit center and a bicycle shop.

. . .

I've mentioned it several times that I'm a plebeian when it comes to Third Wave Coffee. From the Single Origin Cold Brew Section, I selected Ethiopia Konga Washed - White Cold Brew. Unsophisticated me thought that I would be getting hot coffee but instead, it was actually coffee with ice. I must add that this was a delicious and aromatic brew. Quite strong, too.


> more: http://walkandeat.blogspot.com/2015/09/habitual-coffee-at-don-chino-roces.html

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The Benefits of Lying - if no one holds you accountable, you get away with it





My view from Where I sat while writing this comment


This is a pleasant coffee shop in my neighborhood, on Aguirre St in Makati

I have been her before, and as far as I recall, the last time I got a decent WIFI connection,

but the previous time, it was very slow.


Consequently, BEFORE I ordered my drink for P160, I asked two questions:


Q : Is your Wifi working today

A : Yes, sir.

Q : Is it fast or slow today? I found it slow sometimes in the past

A : It is fast


I paid for my drink - which I really did not need, since I was there for the WIFI.

I got my password, and signed in. I then tried to visit some You Tube sites that I frequent.

After 10 minutes, I could not get a single second of streaming video.


I complained to the guard, who then went and got the manageress.

I explained the problem, and showed her the spinning wheel on the Youtube channel.

She said, "Oh, we cannot get Youtube here." (as if I had not asked the right question before I made my purchase.)


This type of casual Lying to customers is quite common in the PH, but it sometimes drive me mad.

I think that more than an apology, she should have offered to give me back my money, or at least half of it.

Had she made the offer, I would not have taken her up on it. I likely would have declined. But making

the offer would have been the right thing to do.


Since no offer was made, I feel obliged to inform people of this casual and minor act of petty theft.

And I wonder, how do Filipinos handle this? Maybe they need to be more aggressive in demanding honesty


> CP at starmall review: https://looloo.com/p/coffee-project-starmall-las-pinas


BTW, the Coffee chain with the most reliable WIFI seems to be Coffee Bea, God bless them.

They are not far away, but I wanted a change of scene, since I go there too often

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Ground Floor, 830 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), Makati City
Email: mothertreeventures@gmail.com
Telephone: +632 816-4772
Facebook: Hineleban Cafe
Instagram: @hinelebancafe
Website: http://hineleban.org/

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (7 am - 9 pm), Saturday - Sunday (9 am - 7 pm)

Related Blog Post: Philippine Artisan Trade (PH@): Secret Batala Bar, Bambike, & Art Gallery in Makati!

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