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Are Makati, BGC & Manila becoming "World Class"?

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Are Makati, BGC & Manila becoming truly "World Class"?

This phrase, "world class", is being tossed around more and more in Metro Manila.

But What does it really. take?

Is it just higher PRICES, or does it take more than that?

Global recognition? Design? Global brand Shopping & other amenities?

Whatever your definition, the essentials are now coming to parts of Greater Manila


Norman Foster & Partners building in Singapore.

In certain prime locations in Makati & BGC, world class architects like Foster are designing buildings

Locations- Cities : Per Sqm : Php x50 : Ratio to PH

## City / Country : Per Sqm : Php x50 : Ratio to PH
# 1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong $ 25,795 : P 1,290k : R 12 times
# 2. Singapore, Singapore $ 19,248 : P 962.4k : R 893. %
# 3. London, United Kingdom $ 17,884 : P 894.2k : R 830. %
# 4. Beijing, China $ 15,264 : P 763.2k : R 708. %
# 5. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel $ 15,010 :
# 6. Zurich, Switzerland $ 14,485 :
# 7. Tokyo, Japan $ 14,441 : P 722.1k : R 670. %
# 8. Shanghai, China $ 14,015 :
# 9. Geneva, Switzerland $ 13,388 :
#10. Shenzhen, China $ 12,840 :
#11. New York, NY, USA $ 12,542 :
#12. San Francisco, CA, USA $ 11,721 :
#13. Paris, France $ 11,719 :
178. Manila, Philippines $ 2,156 : P 107.8k : R 100. %

## (Other Asia)

#16. Sydney, Australia $ 11,233 : P 561.7k : R 521. %
#19. Taipei, Taiwan $ 10,566 : P 528.3k : R 490. %
#20. Seoul, South Korea $ 10,552 :
#32. Mumbai, India $ 7,250 : P 362.5k : R 336. %
#43. Melbourne, Australia $ 6,647 :
#88. Bangkok, Thailand $ 4,223 : P 211.2k : R 196. %
141. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $ 2,585 :
166. Pattaya, Thailand $ 2,297 :
178. Manila, Philippines $ 2,156 : P 107.8k : R 100. %
216. Bangalore, India $ 1,727 : P 86.35k : R 80.1%
218. Cebu, Philippines $ 1,719 : P 85.95k : R 79.7%
232. Chiang Mai, Thailand $ 1,599 : P 79.95k : R 74.2%

#11. New York, NY, USA $ 12,542 : P 627.1k : R 582. %
#12. San Francisco, CA, USA $ 11,721 : P 586.1k : R 544. %
123. Philadelphia, PA, USA $ 3,078 : P 153.9k : R 143. %
221. Fort Worth, TX, USA $ 1,698 : P 84.90k : R 78.8 %

> source: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_price_rankings?itemId=100


> Thread : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21438

> LINK to Here: https://tinyurl.com/MakatiWorldClass

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PRICE ALONE is not enough to make Makati and Manila "truly world class"


Discovery Primea Tower, PH's tallest residential building - but not for long

Also Important are:

+ A world class mass transit system, to eliminate or minimize the toxic traffic jams

+ A more transparent tax regime (and maybe lower tax rates for foreign investors)

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A world class project requires a world class location



Park Central Towers

Location Plan

Ayala Land Premier will be adding to Roxas Triangle Makati City with a new prime residential enclave the Park Central Towers.

Ayala Land Premier positions this distinctive, all-suite residential community within Roxas Triangle, an integrated, urban core anchoring Ayala Center with a collection of best-in-class residential, commercial, and lifestyle pursuits.




At the intersection of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, an iconic two-tower residence converging dimensions of city living - spaces uplifted by vast skyline views, a profusion of lifestyle options amidst refreshing patches of green, illuminating the exuberance of the Makati Central Business District. This vibrant lifestyle spectrum culminates in Makati Central Business District's landmark address, Roxas Triangle. A mixed-use development bringing together retail shops, an office building, and Park Central Towers, each destination's design elements complement the whole-a setting of iconic, timeless elegance.


Park Central Towers prime location in Makati City, the emerging business district of the Philippines, assures unparalleled access to world-class health and educational institutions, and top financial and commercial centers, thus providing utmost convenience for you and your family.

Park Central Towers is a few steps from the city's premier retail and entertainment hub and mall - giving residents an endless array of facilities and amenities for shopping.

Park Central Towers is centrally located within Makati Central Business District, just a few minutes away from BGC, Ortigas, and Manila. It is an ideal residential address for those looking to be near their places of work, business, education and home.


ALP website: http://www.parkcentraltowers.com/park-central-towers-location.html

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Foster's New Tower will be very tall and very expensive

270m high, and costing about P 5 Billion, 180 units ... it will be next to Discovery Primea Tower

On a valuable 3,500-square meter lot between Ritz Towers and Discovery Primea, the last open space on Apartment Ridge


Discovery Primea is a 68-storey residential tower and one of the tallest buildings in the Philippines located in Makati along Ayala Avenue...

Address : 6749 Ayala Avenue, Urdaneta

Owner‎ & Developer: ‎JTKC Land
Architect‎: ‎Kenzo Tange‎; Jorge Y. Ramos

Building---------- : Year : Height : Floors: m./fl.: Units: SqM : Architect:
Discovery Primea : 2014 : 250 m. : 68fl. : 3.68m : 231 : 4,087 : J.Y Ramos Ptrs., Tange Assoc.
"Foster, T.B.N."--- : 2022? 270 m. : 70? : 3.86m : 180 : 0,000? Foster & Partners
Discovery Primea's lobby., when completed in 2014 its was considered "the most premium residential building in the country"
A recent advert shows a 4BR, 4bath Flat for sale at P101 million / 408 sqm, or P247k per sqm
And a Grand Penthouse, 4BR, 5bath Flat for sale at : P250 million / 600 sqm, or P417k per sqm
+Historical - two listings: from Jan. 2014
4BR, 4ba : P 75.0 Million / 382sqm : P196k psm
4BR, 4ba : P 79.4 Million / 382sqm : P208k psm
There are a combination of serviced apartments, and large flats in Primea:
"As the flagship development of the Discovery Group, Discovery Primea has just 90 luxury residences available, each at least 400 square meters in size. The first floors will have very upscale, boutique, serviced apartments with 141 suites—ranging from junior suites to two-bedroom suites."
Pool at Primea
From the Hotel area at Discovery Primea
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Which building is the TALLEST?

This image is from a 2014 article


> source: http://www.lamudi.com.ph/journal/tallest-residential-condos-philippines/

These building could be added to update the list:

BUILDINGS in the Citygate Area (Makati height rank end 2016 - see post #18)
## Building------------ Height: Floors Year
?? The Rise------------- 210 m : 59 F : 2019/20?
?? Air Residences--- 195 m : 51 F : 2019/20?
?? AlphaMakatiPl.3  210 m : 55 F : 2016
13 One Central-------- 195 m : 50 F : 2013
?? AlphaMakati Pl.2 191 m : 50 f : 2016
?? Lerato Tower 3--- 183 m : 48 F : 2018
?? Alphaland Tower 180 m : 35 F : 2013
?? Kroma Tower------ 157 m : 52 F : 2017/18?

## NEARBY Bldgs--- Height: Floors Year
?? Trump Tower------ 280 m : 58 ? : 2017
?? "Foster" TBN------- 270 m : 70 ? : 2022?
?? Gr. Riviera Suites 230 m : 57 F : 2014 :


Discovery Primea was briefly the tallest residential building in Makati, tied with Gramercy Residences at Century City.

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TRUMP Tower at Century City


Trump Tower at Century City

  • Address: Century City, Kalayaan Ave. corner Salamanca Streets, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
  • Developer: Century Properties
  • Property type: Residential condominium
  • Height: 61 stories
  • Unit sizes: One- to four-bedroom units, 57–425 sqm
  • Turnover: 2016
  • Price range: Starts at Php9 million / 57 : P 158k psm


If there’s one name that’s synonymous with a successful lifestyle, it’s Donald Trump. With regard to real estate, Trump-branded projects are known for their spectacular views, prime locations, luxurious amenities, and an elite rank of owners—including CEOs and celebrities. That’s why the Trump Tower at Century City carries a lot of prestige with its licensed brand.

From your entrance to its grand lobby to indulging yourself in its swimming pools, lounges, Jacuzzi, and spas, to keeping yourself fit at the fitness center or entertained at the video rooms and library, the Trump Tower with its 250 homes is set to introduce you to a truly elegant and privileged lifestyle. Likewise, residents have a chance of choosing from New York–themed suites like Park Avenue, Downtown Soho, and Fifth Avenue.




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LUXURY LIST - SUMMARY and 2014 Price Estimates


1. Discovery Primea

  • Address: 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
  • Unit sizes: Three- to four-bedroom units, 382–680 sqm
  • Turnover: 2014
  • Price range: Starts at Php50 million per unit / 382 = P 131k psm



A rendering of One and Two Roxas Triangle together

2. Two Roxas Triangle

  • Address: Paseo de Roxas corner Cruzada Street, Makati City
  • Developer: Roxas Land Corp. (JV : Ayala Land Inc., Hongkong Land, and the Bank of the Philippine Islands)
  • Property type: Residential condominium
  • Height: 52 stories
  • Unit sizes: Three- to four-bedroom units, 302–633 sqm
  • Turnover: 2019
  • Price range: Starts at Php47 million per unit / 302 : P 156k psm

It’s generally known that prestige has an address in Makati City. This is at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Cruzada Street because of its lucky “8” shape at the heart of the Makati business commercial district. But for the longest time, the only building that was privileged to stand there—One Roxas Triangle—was missing its twin tower.

That has now been remedied with the promised construction of the Two Roxas Triangle. Riding on the high standards of modern luxurious living set by the prestigious One Roxas Triangle, this development will offer an exclusive 182 premium units: an average of four standard units per floor, two units at the garden level, the sky units, and the penthouses.



A rendering of East Gallery Place.

3. East Gallery Place

  • Address: 28th Street corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Developer: Ayala Land Premier
  • Property type: Mixed-use residential condominium
  • Height: 50 stories
  • Unit sizes: One- to four-bedroom units, Flex units, Villas , 67–763 sqm
  • Turnover: 2019–2020
  • Price range: Starts at Php10 million per unit : P 149k psm

Ayala Land knows how to create iconic developments and East Gallery Place is another mark on the BGC landscape carrying their Ayala Land Premier brand. East Gallery Place will have 407 residences, high-end malls, world-class amenities, and the flexibility of choice where you can adapt your residence according to your lifestyle. This is because East Gallery Place will have six distinctive residential concepts. These range from the classic one- to four-bedroom units to the Flex formats (spaces free of interior partitions so they can be configured to studio or one- to two-bedroom units). They also have the limited edition units: the three-bedroom Skysuite (two units to a floor), the three-bedroom Skycove Aqua (with its private elevator and pool), the Skyrise penthouse units, and the two-level Villa residences.



Grand Hyatt Manila Residences concept

4. Grand Hyatt Manila Residences

  • Address: 8th Avenue, Veritown Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Developer: Federal Land Inc. and Orix Corp.
  • Property type: Mixed-use residential condominium and hotel
  • Height: 45 stories
  • Unit sizes: Two- to four-bedroom units, 103–407 sqm
  • Turnover: 2015
  • Price range: Starts at Php40 million per unit / 103 : P 388k psm

If you have a taste of Hyatt Hotel’s service and amenities, you can have these in your home courtesy of Grand Hyatt Manila Residences. A combination of 248 residential luxury units, luxurious hotel amenities, and high-end retail establishments, the Grand Hyatt Manila Residences will stand alongside the 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel. (with full hotel services available.)



A rendering of the Shangri-La at the Fort Residences

5. Shangri-La at The Fort – Residences

  • Address: Fifth Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Developer: Shang Properties, Shangri-La Asia Ltd, Alphaland Corp.
  • Property type: Mixed-use residential condominium and hotel
  • Height: 60 stories
  • Unit sizes: Three-bedroom units, 90 to 240 sqm
  • Turnover: 2015
  • Price range: Starts at Php30 million per unit (tentative) / 90 : P 333k psm

Another combination of residential condominium and hotel, The Shangri-La at the Fort is—obviously—your home done in the style of the Shangri-La aesthetics and offering its world-famed service and amenities. Sharing space with the hotel’s 576 guestrooms, the condominium will offer 97 hotel residences and 96 exclusive Horizon Homes. (with world-class hotel features a wide range of dining choices, and a sports club, swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, and children’s play area.)



Another rendering of the Trump Tower Manila

6. Trump Tower at Century City

  • Address: Century City, Kalayaan Ave. corner Salamanca Streets, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
  • Height: 61 stories
  • Unit sizes: One- to four-bedroom units, 57–425 sqm
  • Turnover: 2016
  • Price range: Starts at Php9 million / 57 : P 158k psm

The Trump Tower with its 250 homes is set to introduce you to a truly elegant and privileged lifestyle.



A rendering of The Proscenium

7. The Proscenium

  • Address: Rockwell Center, Makati City
  • Developer: Rockwell Land Corp.
  • Property type: Residential condominium
  • Height: Kirov (55 stories), Sakura (51 stories), Lincoln (47 stories), and two other towers still unnamed
  • Unit sizes: One- to three-bedroom units, 31–332 sqm
  • Turnover: 2018
  • Price range: Starts at Php6 million / 31 : P 194k psm

Last but not least, Rockwell Land is adding another jewel to its crown at the Rockwell area with The Proscenium—a five-tower residential community designed by the world-renowned Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott. “Proscenium” means “in front of the scenery,” which is why the development’s hosting of a 600-seat theater for cultural performances is certain to raise the Rockwell lifestyle to a whole different level.

The first tower, Kirov, will have 203 units and each floor will only hold three to four units. This will be composed of 188 three-bedroom units and 15 penthouses that are also three-bedroom units but with a spacious den. The second tower, Sakura, will only have five units per floor and will have a total of 492 units that are composed of 82 studio units, 246 one-bedroom units, and 164 two-bedroom units. The third tower, Lincoln, will have 492 units (82 studios units, 246 one-bedroom units, and 164 two-bedroom units).

So the next time you step into a condo lobby, think about what makes prestige and exclusivity. After all, everyone wants a luxury lifestyle but only the very few can actually live it.


> More: http://www.zipmatch.com/blog/7-luxurious-residential-developments/

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Foster's Building to be "most beautiful"... most expensive too?


Norman Foster ... and partners


Henry Sy Jr

Sy had announced in a press briefing after the stockholders’ meeting that SM Prime—now one of the largest property developers in Southeast Asia—would enter the upscale residential property development business this year.

The “best architect in the world,” referring to famous British architect Norman Foster, has been hired to do the project, Sy said. “He normally makes one or two buildings per city but no more than that,” he added.

. . .“We are very, very excited because it brings Metro Manila into the [global] map,” Federal Land president Pascual Garcia II said in a separate interview. “It’s sort of a coming out for the Philippines.”

One of our members has run some numbers regarding the possible cost of apartments at "Foster's" Tower:
On 5/3/2017 at 2:58 PM, stagflation said:

Back of the envelope calculations
270m (4.5m per floor for high ceilings) = 60 floors
180 flats = 3 flats per floor

5,000,000,000 for 180 flats = 27,000,000 pesos per flat

3500 sqm lot *33% building floor plate = 1166 sqm
In other words 350-400sqm units gross area per unit for 27,000,000 construction cost.

The construction costs seems a bit too cheap for a very high end luxury project. I can't imagine a project like this being sold for anything below 300,000php per sqm I.e 100,000,000mn + ticket size

I wonder what the price tag on the land area is and whether 5bn pesos really is a true reflection of the building costs.

If they are, time to pile into the developers stocks


My numbers come out slightly lower:

Land Value- : P3.5 Billion for 3,500 sqm, assume P1,000 per sqm
Construction: P5.0 Billion for 180 flats = 27.0 million pesos per flat
Fin'l, Mkting : P2.0 Billion (15% of total costs)
Est. Profit--- : P3.0 Billion (22%)
Est. Sales : P13.5 Billion / 180 units = P75 Million per unit

If 350 sqm average size, Average Selling price: P75 million / 350 = P214k psm

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Around the world in 10 Trump Towers
Dezeen-2 Nov 2016

Here are 10 skyscrapers developed by and bearing the name of the man who might be elected president of the United States next week.

Before joining the race for the White House, Donald Trump was a prolific real-estate developer.

The American businessman took over his father's company in 1971, and has since amassed a property empire that began in New York and spread across globe.

Trump's most recognisable developments are his residential and hotel towers, ten of which are listed below:


> https://www.dezeen.com/2016/11/02/donald-trump-towers-skyscrapers-around-the-world/

(Manila was considered one of the "surprises"):
Oct 23, 2016 -

Status: Under construction, expected completion December 2016

Set to be one of the city’s tallest structures, Trump Tower Century City is entirely clad in what the company calls a “glass curtain”. The building will have 220 apartments.
According to The Trump Organization’s own website it will include Hermes furnishings in the common areas, a library, a ”sky garden” on the 30th floor with lap pool and jacuzzi, a sun deck that has ”breathtaking” views of Makati, and a ”stylish juice bar”.
Trump Tower Century City


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Trying to make a story where there isn't one


While in White House, Trumps remained selling points for Philippines project


May 02, 2017 -

Drew Harwell and Matea Gold, The Washington Post.

Investors looking to buy a condo at Trump Tower in the Philippines would have found, until this week, some high-powered video testimonials on the project’s official website.

There was Donald Trump, in a message filmed several years before he was elected president of the United States, declaring that the skyscraper bearing his name near the Philippine capital would be “something very, very special, like nobody’s seen before.” Then there was his daughter Ivanka Trump, now a senior White House adviser, lavishing praise on the project as a “milestone in Philippine real estate history.”


Four months into President Trump’s tenure, his business relationship with a developer who is one of the Philippines’ richest and most powerful men has emerged as a prime example of the collision between the private interests of a businessman in the White House and his public responsibility to shape U.S. foreign policy.


The potential conflict first came into focus shortly before Trump was elected, when the Philippines’ iron-fisted president, Rodrigo Duterte, named the Trump Organization’s partner on the Manila real estate venture his top trade envoy.

The connection burst back into public view this week, after Trump stunned human rights advocates by extending a White House invitation to Duterte, known for endorsing hundreds of extrajudicial killings of drug users, following what aides described as a “very friendly” phone call. Trump aides have said the outreach to Duterte is part of a broader effort to isolate North Korea.

Although the promotional videos were posted online in 2013, the continued presence of Trump and his daughter in marketing materials for the Manila tower reflects the extent to which they remain key selling points even as they have vowed to distance themselves from their global real estate and branding businesses.


> more: http://www.standard.net/Business/2017/05/03/While-in-White-House-Trumps-remained-selling-points-for-Philippines-project-1.html


More "Fake" News? That's typical for the Washington ComPost

The reporter is trying to make the Trumps look bad, and "compromised" in this story


The reality is likely to be that the building is at least 80-90% Sold already,

and so the profit potential is largely "fixed" already on this project

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"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"


In PH, an agent who sold you a property might tell you something like this:


"Up to 10% recent price increase on all ALP projects. This is great news for existing owners and investors."



When I first heard this type of statement, my reaction was:

Me : Why is this good news?

Agent : Because it means you property is worth more


But, is it really worth more?
+ I haven't sold my property yet. Will the developer buy it back from me at this new price?

Well. no.

+ Will this price rise mean my property will rent for more?

Actually, no. Your property will be competing again properties that others paid more for, so you have an advantage.

(Yet, rents are actually drifting lower, as all these new properties are completed and flood into the market.)

+ With the price rise, will the developer add something extra to the property, to make it better?

No. Prices rises were planned, but we do not know how much they will be until they are announced.

Your property will be just the same as the one you bought at a lower price.


The real question is: how will a PRICE rise influence the actual VALUE of a flat I may own.

The answer is: there is no change in value, unless the price rise sticks, and the secondary market price goes up too.

We will not know whether this price is achievable until the property is sold. And "discounts" to developer's prices seem to be getting wider, though the info on secondary market prices is sketchy and not readily available.


The reality is: secondary market prices seem to be always lower than New Property prices asked by the developer.

Developer sales are supported by a huge marketing machine which will not be there to help me sell my property in the secondary market.


Articles like this can be found in the news now:

Get it for: An average of P300,000/sqm:

"Inside Ayala Land's Priciest and Most Luxurious Residences"

The content may still be available on the web in a few years, when you are ready to sell your property,

but the comments will seem stale then, and the potential buyers will be told that something else is more luxurious by then.

And no one will be promoting your property with intensity, except for you and possibly your agent.

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Captured on the DATA thread in Nov. 2015

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=18811&page=11


Ayala Triangle Gardens





Making it Green


The 126,500-square-meter Ayala Triangle Gardens – North development will generate a new center of cultural gravity in Manila’s established Makati district. The project consists of a 40-story office tower and a 23-story luxury hotel tower set atop a three-story, mixed-use podium. The podium’s unique design connects the development to the district’s bustling activity. With sloped facades that double as green lawns, grand public stairs, cutaway voids that create plaza space, and multiple access points on different levels, the project will serve as an architectural node that enlivens the Ayala Triangle.

The ground plane at Ayala Triangle Gardens creates a welcoming extension of the public realm. The podium contains four levels of retail, office, hotel, dining, and amenity spaces that maximize both indoor and outdoor environs. Its exterior is expressed in two different ways to correspond with the varied nature of its surroundings. On Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, the facade is a glass and metal design that peels away from the podium and integrates with the towers, complementing the urban context. On the other side, the facade—partly covered in grass—slopes down to the ground to provide public space that connects with the natural landscape. Water, trees, a sunken amphitheater, and sweeping stairs are woven into this area of the podium, allowing the development to integrate with the Makati district.

Atop the podium sits the two towers—an office building and a hotel. Their slender and gently curved split-bar forms respond to the site’s unique geometry, while rounded corners and high-performance glass facades maximize views out over the district and to Manila beyond.

This project is expected to achieve an LEED® Gold certification. Its design reduces material redundancies through an efficient integration of architecture and structure, while containing a suite of high-performance features that help to reduce its water and energy use as well as waste.

Ayala Triangle Facts
Location: Makati City, Philippines
Anticipated Completion: 2020
Site Area: 2,400 m2
Project Area: 126,500 m2
Number of Stories: 40
Building Height: 194.60 m
Market: Commercial + Office, Hospitality, Mixed Use

> http://www.som.com/projects/ayala_triangle_gardens__north


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NOT ALL called "world class" live up to their claims


Experts doubt Makati building is world-class

Philippine Daily Inquirer / September 02, 2014
Called "the most expensive building" : source

MANILA, Philippines–The 11-story Makati City Hall Parking Building at the center of overpricing allegations is not world-class as it has gypsum boards for most of its internal walls and office floors covered with rolling vinyl, which is similar to linoleum, according to experts tapped by the Senate blue ribbon committee to evaluate the edifice.

Senators Aquilino

Pimentel III and Antonio Trillanes IV were the only lawmakers who attended the inspection of the building’s features on Monday. They were joined by engineers, an architect and a quantity surveyor.

The inspection was intended to help the committee determine whether big amounts of public funds were spent for its construction.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay earlier explained the P2.3-billion cost of the structure by saying that it was world-class and Makati’s version of a green building.

The mayor added that the building had to be given a strong foundation because it was built on soft ground.

He and his father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, who was the mayor when the construction of the parking building began in 2007, also denied allegations that the structure was overpriced. Both father and son are facing a plunder complaint over the issue.

Unoccupied office spaces

The building, constructed from 2007 to 2012, has a roof deck with a garden, five floors of office and storage space, though many have yet to be occupied, and six parking levels.

The Senate resource persons—quantity surveyor Greg Jackson and architect Danilo Alano—took note of the vinyl flooring and the drywalls in the offices, and the finishes of the building, among other features.


But the experts could not as yet make a categorical statement on the cost of the building’s construction because they still had to study the actual plans.


Jackson told the senators that the building’s finishes and materials appeared to be quite standard and that he saw nothing unusual in the finishes, materials and design details.

“It’s an average, standard office building,” Jackson later told reporters. “I’d say it’s a modern building of average standard, but I wouldn’t consider it to be world-class standard.”

Alano also said he found the building to be average.

Asked later if he considered it world-class, Alano told reporters that he would apply the phrase to something comparable to a five-star hotel or a five-star condominium.

What he saw in the inspection was an average building and one that was not so exceptional, he added.

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MOST EXPENSIVE Condo in PH from SM / Federal Land?


Super-talls are super-expensive in NYC... maybe in PH too?


Some are speculating that is what the new JV project on Ayala Avenue will be PH's most expensive:


" the super-slim trend in New York City is now coming to Manila."

" Primea and Trump Tower being the first ones to bring it here."


IMAGES /comments follow

Quote on SSC
Originally Posted by t-----q----- viewpost.gif
You are referring to 111 West 57th St.'s Steinway Tower, which not to far from 432 Park Avenue. There are 5 other super slender condos that are being constructed in that area. Just so folks here can get an idea of what's the scene in that area:
From left to right: 432 Park Ave., 111 West 57th St., 53 53rd St., One57, and Nordstrom Tower.

Penthouse unit at 432 Park cost $95 million (4.8 billion pesos), I will not be surprised if Federal Land/SMDC will market their new tower as the most expensive condo in the Phils.
Stats-wise, I think STRC is comparable to the proposed 520 Fifth Avenue with 3,745 sqm parcel of land, 71 floors, 280m. STRC: 3,500 sqm parcel, 70 floors (????), 270m. smile.gif
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Short documentary about how Manila is Transforming


In the following documentary ,you will see the incredible
transformation of Manila and get a glimpse its future.

Do you want the masterpieces of modern architecture there?
Do you want to see how futuristic is the city ?
Do you wan to see all the future mega project of the city?
So please enjoy this documentary.
As architecture lovers,you can't miss this documentary.
Manila will shine like never before.

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Nice, eh? Or just Tall?

Is it just a silly competitive example of One-Upmanship?

(More Expensive? Certainly)



pBXP3j2.jpg : w/o Label :

The STRC Apartment Ridge,

....a joint design collaboration of international award-winning architect, Sir Norman Foster+Architects and PIA Gold Medal of Merit awardee, William Coscolluela, FPIA, along Ayala Ave, Makati City, designed to be the tallest building in the country.

(some people over on SSC don't like the design):

F-Ugly design for the title of tallest building in ayala avenue..

... But at least they are starting to break the 250 meter barrier limit.

... if only they made it be like 400 meter now we are talking..
If Only these billionaires decided to build a real Center Piece Tower, like these two:


> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1928231&page=8



> LINK to this thread: TinyUrl.com/MakatiWorldClass

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Stratford Tower, The unfinished landmark at Century City (very near Trump Tower)


The Stratford Residences is an unfinished high-rise residential and commercial building that will rise in Makati, Philippines. It is being developed by Picar Development, Inc., the development arm and real estate subsidiary of the AMA Group of Companies owned by Ambassador Amable R. Aguiluz V.[2]

In 2009, BCI Asia, an expert in construction market information, named The Stratford Residences as one of the best designs for its distinct curvilinear and accordion-like design.[2][3] The Stratford Residences was also in an exhibit at the viewing deck of the Eiffel Tower as a proud Philippine icon.[4] The building will have 74 storeys and will become the tallest residential building in the Philippines when completed.[7]



On 15 June 2011, Picar Development announced its construction of a 74-storey residential condominium that will rise along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati Poblacion.[3] According to its website, the condominium will have 1,136 fully furnished residential studio, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and penthouse units.[8] The Stratford Residences takes inspiration from skyscrapers such as the Hearst Tower and Bank of America Tower (Manhattan), both in New York City.[3][2] It was later on announced that Tower 3 will house the Swiss-operated Movenpick Hotel.[4]

The Stratford Residences will serve as the "anchor structure to the mixed-use complex," The Picar Place. It will have retail stores and other commercial structures, such as Buddha Bar which opened in 2012.[2] The condominium is located near the Ateneo Professional Schools and Power Plant Mall

> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stratford_Residences#/media/File:Stratford_design.jpg

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At 270 meters, The Estate Makati will be the tallest building in the area

Biz Buzz: Tycoon-fit residence /
Philippine Daily Inquirer 27 Dec 2017—DAXIM L. LUCAS

SMPrime Holdings and Federal Land Inc.’s muchawaited residential offering along Ayala Avenue’s upscale Apartment Ridge— touted to be the Philippines’ “most beautiful” skyscraper that will stand as a legacy of their respective founders, Hen

ry Sy Jr. and George Ty— has yet to be launched, but the buzz is its pricing will break all records.

To be called “The Estate Makati,” the P5-billion residential address will offer only 188 units at a price that will likely cost much more than buying land (if a buyer can find any) in the most upscale gated villages in the metropolis. Sources privy to the project noted that The Estate, slated to be launched in the second quarter of 2018, may be offered at a price of P400,000 to P450,000 a square meter and the minimum cut ( a two-bedroom unit) isn’t likely to be puny.

This, of course, will set a new record for any condominium offering in the country. It’s even more expensive than buying land in Forbes Park (P250,000 to P320,000 depending on size) and Dasmariñas (testing P400,000 for small cuts). Thus, it’s a residential tower that befits a tycoon.

The project commands a premium because the proponents have enlisted world-famous British architect Norman

Foster to do the project. He’s the same architect behind the redevelopment of Berlin’s Reichstag alongside other iconic structures around the world like New York City’s Hearst Tower, London’s City Hall and Millennium Bridge and Hong Kong International Airport.

The Estate Makati will rise on a valuable 3,500-square meter lot between Ritz Towers and Discovery Primea, the very last parcel of land available for development in this upscale Apartment Ridge. The long idle but now much more valuable lot was a residue of the Ritz Tower venture between the two tycoons outside of the property firms we now know as SM Prime and Federal Land.

Expected to rise at around 270 meters, The Estate Makati will be the tallest building in the area, even towering above Discovery Primea, which dominates the Makati skyline for now. —DORIS DUMLAO-ABADILLA

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