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MEME WARS: Join the Meme Warriors List

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Update on the "Daily Meme war" - Join the Meme Warriors List?



Weaponizing the Mem-makers

VOX is starting a subscriber list, to notify his friends and fans of a DAILY Meme messsage

(it will also be used to promote books from his publishing company).

Partly, it is insurance against being Blocked by Twitter.

It may also be a new tool to battle the reach of the "Main" stream media


> Learn more* : http://voxday.blogspot.com/2017/07/meme-of-day.html


VoxDay Darkstream 07.09.2017 Fighting the Meme Wars - Join the Meme Mailing List!


(my list of "three wars"):



1. Gamergate

2. Trump versus Hillary

3. Trump vs. CNN and the Lie Stream media


Vox has a different three Wars


1 . Rabid puppies win the battle of Science Fiction awards

2. Gamergate

3. Trump vs CNN, etc


I will stick with my own three wars, since I recall "Andrew Anglin's arm" who took on and beat the Hill Trolls,

and helped Trump to win the 2016 Election





I've been thinking about how it might be possible to increase the general awareness of Castalia's catalog while simultaneously expanding our collective meme war capabilities. Nearly 10,000 of you are on the New Release mailing list, but I'm not willing to use that for anything but announcing new ebook releases once or twice a month. We don't even email announcements of new print or audiobook editions, although we probably should.

But I was thinking that by putting out a Meme of the Day, which everyone on the MemeWar email list could then put up on their blog, Gab, or Twitter that day, we might be able to effectively set things trending on a regular basis. The Meme of the Day would be "sponsored" by one of our books, which might or might not be related.

Today's MOTD. Do feel free to spread the love.

We're reaching levels of #FakeNews that were not previously believed to even be possible. #CNNMemeWar #CNNBlackmail

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#52. Anonymous July 10, 2017 12:41 AM

Somebody DO THIS.
Go Buy the Domain name: MEMEWARRIORS.com *
And link it up to this action

Unfortunately, I cannot do it for various reasons.
But I wanted to let people know it was still available.
I am "charlie, the original Meme Warrior" - if I return



> https://voxday.blogspot.com/2017/07/meme-of-day.html?showComment=1499661682743#c8700742743464231999


*next day, Done!


This domain is registered at
This domain was recently registered at Namecheap. Please check back later!

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VoxDay Darkstream 07.10.2017 Daily Meme Wars 1200 Strong & Growing!

Published on Jul 11, 2017



Thanks for putting these up. Now that Vox is in Twitter jail there are no live stream notifications


if you download the periscope app you can follow him on there and you will get a notification from periscope
Vox Day is like a Meme General!


These darkstreams are great, however I wish these could have more reach. Good content is going unnoticed.
Vox probably gets it a lot, but would love to see production quality go up a notch (mic, camera quality, lighting, a bit of quick editing).
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