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TAG Cash & TagCoin : local PH Crypto with innovations

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TAG Coin : the PH-based Crypto for Rewards & other innovations


TagCoin – The World's First Rewards Coin – Release Today ...

" Tagcash aims to reinvent how people spend and receive money. "

> https://www.facebook.com/pg/tagcashrewards/reviews/

Oct 27, 2013 -

Very interesting new coin launching today: Tagbond is a startup trying to change a few things in the membership and rewards sector. As part of the TagBond idea, we wanted to create a universal rewards currency that could be used everywhere and by everyone, and is specifically created with the rewards market in mind. A coin that itself would earn rewards. So we have created TagCoin.

About Tagbond and TagCash

Tagbond itself is a mixture of ideas from Multiply, Google Adsense, Groupon and Paypal.

Anyone can create a community, and add marketing modules to promote on Tagbond itself, or via Facebook and other sites. These modules are called tagverts, which include coupons, prize draws, polls/surveys, mini shopping carts, loyalty cards, competitions and more. They can include rewards for the customer such as membership upgrades, points, real cash and crypto currency, and can include affiliate payments to anyone who wants to share them. RFID, NFC and QR codes are used throughout the system. Tagbond will help crypto to be used as a currency not just a commodity.

Alongside Tagbond.com we are creating TagCash.com which will be a payment platform offering fiat and crypto currency, featuring ewallets, currency conversion, merchant processing, micro payments and escrow.

Mobile applications are under development for all parts of the system, and there is a full API for anyone to integrate with mobile apps and websites.

Finally, we will be launching Tagcash.net which is a crypto exchange. We will be taking in most major currencies, and enable fiat/crypto trading pairs in most of them, including TagCoin. There will be no charges within the system – fees are $15 to deposit wire transfers and $25 to transfer out.

PAYMENTS & Rewards : http://tagcash.org/


Mark Vernon

He is both startup founder and angel investor and is ...

Mark Vernon, a veteran of internet business, who owns vtc.com (online software video training since 1996 and currently valued at around $15m USD), iplotz.com and eduslide.com. He is both startup founder and angel investor and is investing approximately $5m USD into the enterprise. The aim of the entire company is to be open and transparent, while also working with banks and central authorities to make this work.

Tagbond is registered with Fincen, and is working with the Bangko Sentral to become a licensed money issuer (which requires $2.5m paid up capital). Banking partners are Standard Chartered Bank and Union Bank. Tagbond and Tagcash will work with other partners as needed for licensing in Europe, USA and other countries.

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TagCoin (TAG) $0.345664 (1.40%) | CoinMarketCap : $2.1 million


Get price, charts, and other detailed metrics for TagCoin.


Market Cap : $2,099,509 : 923 BTC
Volume (24hr): $340,764 : 149.82 BTC
Circulating Supply: 5,596,094 TAG
Reports are circulating, that the TAG coin will split 100:1
Mark Vernon of Tagcash Ltd mark@tagcash.com since May, 2015.
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Meet the Founder - and his team


Mark Vernon has organized various meet-up & mixers to explain how the Tag coin works

HERE is a recent one


Come and join us at our TAG Mixer at The Shang Grand Tower Makati (5th Floor).

Mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs, discuss ideas, meet angel investors, learn about Fintech, Payments, Marketing and Loyalty. The Fintech PH group monthly meetup is now merging with the TAG Mixer, starting tonight. If you are interested in Hydroponics, Mark Vernon will be showing his indoor hydroponic setup and you’ll be able to eat the lettuce grown there as well. If you have a startup idea and want to pitch in an informal atmosphere, see you there. Free refreshments. Please wait for our confirmation email. Only those who have received a confirmation email, and those on the guest list, will be admitted. Please wear semi-formal or smart casual. Slippers and shorts are not allowed in the event,

> Link: http://phil-it.org.ph/calendar/tag-mixer-june-2017/

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Mark Vernon ponders an ICO - & is open to suggestions


"We are looking at the possibility of launching a new coin as a Token Sale and using the funds raised to invest in startups

that use apps which integrate the coin."


Launching an ICO (Token Sale)

- 03 July 2017 on Tagcash.com

I am writing this blogpost as a precursor to gather ideas for a whitepaper for the launch of new cryptocurrency.

Some History
I created Tagcoin in 2013 as the world’s first Rewards cryptocurrency with an additional feature that allows the user to earn 5% interest per year on balances in their wallet. There are currently 5.8 million coins available with a further 120,000 coins added per month. It has traded for a long time, but in the last few months it has gained popularity in China resulting in an increase from about 2 cents to more than 80 cents in the last two months. Trading volume varies between USD$200,000 and USD$1m every 24 hours.

Aside from trading in China, Tagcoin has been used by the TAG Group to give rewards for actions (purchases, games, etc). Merchants can buy Tagcoin to give out rebate rewards for spending money with them. It is more effective than cash, can be done in tiny amounts, adds novelty for the user, and avoids many problems with regulations in different countries.

The TAG Blockchain is also being used for development of modules in Digital Identity, Giftcards, backing closed loop currency, logistics, digital notarization, and more.

I am now interested in creating a new cryptocurrency for use in a decentralized app store, raising funds to create or modify existing apps to include in the store and cut out the middleman for payments and advertising. This also involves the use of smart contracts for advertising. For example, you would look for contracts with Cost per Install, or Cost per Engagement and when the criteria is met, the payment is made automatically. In app purchases or purchases of the app would be made using the coins and the publisher receives 100% of the funds.

ICO explained
Over the last couple of years, sales of new coins (also known as Tokens) have been used as a method of raising capital. The better the use case of a coin, the more interest in it. Of course, buying the coins is speculative but it helps that the coin has some purpose. Usually these new coins are paid for using Bitcoin or Ethereum but cash can also be used.

Launching a new coin
We are looking at the possibility of launching a new coin as a Token Sale and using the funds raised to invest in startups that use apps which integrate the coin.

A foundation would be created in China, where most trading in Cryptocurrency happens. The Token sale would be promoted, and opened at a specific date. Something like 10 billion coins would be issued, at a face value of 1 US cent to give a market capitalization of USD$100 million.

The funds would be held in multisig wallets (needing 2 or more signatures for it to be valid and spent) controlled by foundation members here in Philippines and in China. New projects for startups would be submitted and discussed publicly on the a forum, and voted on for the funds to be released to the startup, and the money dispersed via Bitcoin. Voting would happen by sending coins to a burn address, either to vote an idea up or down - the more sent the higher the vote count.


> http://markvernon.org/launching-an-ico-token-sale/

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Message from Mark V. :

A Blockchain choice

Using Multichain blockchain software to run parts of TAG - 03 September 2017 on Tagcash.com

I have been researching for some time as to which blockchain technology I should choose to handle certain aspects of TAG, saving us time, money and allow us to expand. There are a few open source solutions out there, such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Openchain and so on, but eventually I chose Multichain (multichain.com) since it is fairly easy to install, uses standard Bitcoin libraries and is suitable for what we need. That is to handle multiple currencies, KYC, proof of existence, notarial and voting services etc..

I installed it on 3 servers that we have running already on Amazon AWS, although it could run on one machine using dockers.

I set up a practice chain using the Getting Started tutorials (https://www.multichain.com/gettingstarted/) and I am still using it to play around, getting things right before adding stuff to other chains.

Most of the default settings in the params.dat for each chain I have left, except I changed the number of empty blocks created after a transaction from 10 to 0, and for Voting I changed block times from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, as we may have a few more nodes acting as miners and this will allow for latency between them.

So far I have created a few chains, so here they are and what we will be using them for - I will be creating blog postings for each to cover a bit more detail.

KYC (Know your customer) Chain
Publishers (such as ourselves, banks and others that perform KYC for customers), do the KYC and store documents pertaining to each customer on their own systems. Once approved, they post a stream item to the chain where the Key is the hash of full name and email address and the Data is simply the text that shows status. We will probably use KYC, KYC1, KYC2 for individuals and KYCA, KYCB etc to show levels of KYC. We also publish the address of the publisher with their company name in Hex format. Other companies can now search for a user if they know the name and email, and can check status. If found, and happy with the status, they can decide if that is good enough and no need to do the KYC again.

Tagcash Fiat Chain
Multiple currencies are created as assets in this chain, and Tagcash uses the API to interact with them. Customers will have the option of creating their own private keys and managing their own balances or they can leave them with us. Tagcash acts as custodian for any Fiat money exchanged for the digital version, so at any time a customer can exchange back. Any partners that want to join the network can be added by Tagcash, and can then run their own nodes, with their own customer balances. Customers from different companies using the system can transfer funds to each other using their public address to send money. Having multiple currencies in one chain enables atomic foreign exchange conversion.

Tagcash Crypto Chain
Similar to the Fiat chain this will be used for our Trading apps, or for offchain transactions (on chain with us, but off the public chain). This is especially useful for microtransactions where the transaction fees are of consideration.

> http://markvernon.org/using-multichain-blockchain-software-to-run-parts-of-tag/

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Update : CoinMktCap

TagCoin :$0.076518 USD (-11.63%)

0.00000900 BTC (-14.70%)
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Details : Hosted by Thomas Laughlin

Come visit and chat with other members of the FinTech PH community about innovation in money, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, lending and much more. Food and drinks supplied by Tagcash. You can get your free pass here:...

Learn more

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TAGCASH > https://www.tagcash.com/

Helping the Philippines and the world to go cashless

Tagcash enables users and merchants to deposit, spend, charge, transfer and withdraw Fiat currencies using web and mobile app wallets. There are no transaction fees for user to user, merchant to merchant or merchant to user transfers.


  • Pay by Tagcash (email and PIN) (2% or less, Fee Capped at 20 PHP)
  • Pay by Voucher (2% or less, Fee Capped at 20 PHP)
  • Pay via Bills Payment (2% or less, Fee Capped at 20 PHP)
  • Pay by 7-Eleven (3% no cap)
  • Pay by Agent (2% with 20 PHP cap)
  • Pay by Bank (20 PHP Flat fee)
  • Pay by Cryptocurrency (converted at coinmarketcap rate) (2% fee, no cap)

. . . Tagcash Wallet includes various services for crowdfunding, crowdlending, Bill Payments, Load / Airtime purchases, loyalty services and more. Merchants can also develop their own mini apps that can be used by customers and staff incorporating all the above payment methods.

Tagcash integrates with Stellar Blockchain for easy transfer or conversion of Fiat and other assets to and from the Tagcash Wallet, mainly for international remittances to the Tagcash Wallet. You can read about this here.

If you would like to lean more about how Tagcash operates a permissioned blockchain for Pesos, or as a merchant or fintech company you want to use the Tagcash Blockchain, please read the Pesos on the Blockchain article.

> https://www.tagcash.com/fiatwallets.php

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This Startup Wants To Build A Cashless Economy In The Philippines

Feb 27, 2017 - The combination creates an interesting opportunity for fintech entrepreneurs, and Mark Vernon has taken advantage of it. ... The platform, which bills itself as “building a digital economy through cashless transactions,” serves as a hub for payments, loyalty programs and social ...


Money transfer platform Coins.ph, and digital wallet company Tagcash are racing to launch a live “first Philippine-based” order-book exchange for cryptocurrency.

The goal is to allow people to directly place orders to buy and sell digital currency at real-time market prices, just like investing in the traditional stock exchange.

mark vernon tagcash

Mark vernon

“There are no order book exchanges based in the Philippines,”

said Tagcash Ltd founder Mark Vernon, during an interaction with Fintechnews.sg.

Vernon however, said there are 15 applications waiting, which will probably go through the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralised Industries (PADCDI) led by Mary Rose Magsaysay. It is a recently created body for self regulation with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“PADCDI is the self regulating body, non profit, that other exchanges will be going through for certification. Also for anything to do with securities, crowdfunding ICOs, or anything involving digital currencies,”

Vernon said.

PADCDI’s other task, he said, is to talk to a lot of companies considering to move to the Philippines, to encourage them that their needs can be met regulation wise. Vernon is one of its board members.

Coins.ph disclosed a few weeks ago of its plan to launch an order-book exchange called CX (Coins Exchange), and is currently in private beta for a small group of Coins.ph customers. The move is a response to requests for lower bitcoin conversion fees, higher limits, and the ability to trade other digital currencies.

> more: http://fintechnews.sg/18434/philippines/coins-tagcash-racing-to-launch-first-crypto-order-book-exchange-in-ph/

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TAG Remittances  - Use the Stellar network

Through the use of "Anchors", money enters the system in different countries and can be sent to tagcash account holders within 3 to 5 seconds. This means for example, someone in Europe can send Euros to a Tagcash user and it will appear as Pesos in their wallet. Or the same user can have both EUR and PHP wallets with Tagcash and do the conversion themselves and then send or use the Pesos as they need. Anchors are usually government regulated and licensed entities that guarantee the conversion of Stellar assets to its real world equivalent. Tagcash is an anchor for PHP - as an Electronic Money Issuer, Tagcash must hold equivalent stores of Fiat in financial institutions to that held on the Blockchain.

Tagcash is working with partners who want to remit money to the Philippines - either for Fiat Credits on Stellar that can be used in Stellar or cashed out conventionally, or by pre purchasing Stellar PHP Credit beforehand and transferring as needed.

> https://tagcash.com/stellar.php

(EXCERPT - on How it Works )

How Stellar can provide services for the unbanked through the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX)

On a technological level, cryptocurrency in itself is an amazing breakthrough that has allowed for the decentralization of currency. Previously, there was a major problem when it came to sending money digitally to someone else without having a central ‘trusted’ authority such as a bank or middleman.

The reason you need a centralized trusted authority is to essentially verify that you are giving someone $10 (so $10 gets deducted from your account) and the person you send it to gets $10 credited to their account (minus fees when applicable). Without this central authority, people can game the system.

And it uses Consensus protocol & a "trusted network" to confirm transactions

. . . All of the consensus has to be done accurately in a matter of seconds, otherwise you will have a scaling problem. The SCP utilizes what they call a Federation in order to fulfill fast consensus. A Federation is just a group of trusted nodes that can decide to trust other nodes and thereby add to consensus. Any entity can set up and run a server, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to trust that entity.

Each node communicates with one another and accepts verification and reaches consensus every 2–5 seconds with other trusted peers. Eventually you have an entire network of peers that trust each other mutually through other trusted peers. This is how the SCP forms consensus about who can actually form consensus in the first place without creating a central body that owns it all. Your end result is completely synced ledger every 2–5 seconds.

. . . Could trusted entities potentially launch wide-scale fraudulent transactions that get verified on the public ledger? The answer is possibly… but it would be extremely difficult for low rewards. Realistically, to pull this off, a major bank or trusted organization would have to gain control of 51% of trusted nodes.

Jed McCaleb previously mentioned that, essentially, if your trusted bank or organization is going to steal your funds, they’ll probably do it either way, with or without the Stellar network. By trying to take over the Stellar network, in the end, it would be a massive feat that would be easy to trace and not worth the time and effort.

An oversimplification of the entire SCP would be: “Numerous nodes across the network vote in order to create consensus, and the voting gives more bias towards trusted nodes.

. . . The Stellar network uses lumens. A lumen is a native asset on the Stellar network. This is another way of saying it is a unit that has some sort of value built directly on the Stellar network. Lumens can be used as a bridge currency if there aren’t any buy/sell offers on the exchange for the selected currencies.

Think of lumens as an intermediate currency that is trusted by both parties to transfer value from one asset to another.

It would look something like this if I wanted to send USD from Chase Bank to my friend’s bank, Bank of China, in his local currency.

Option A: Chase Bank / USD <is there a trade offer for USD/CNY, and is it at a better rate than option B?> Bank of China / CNY

Option B: Chase Bank / USD -> XLM ; XLM -> Bank of China / CNY.

Therefore, lumens have the ability to act as a bridge currency between two different currency pairs.

Another cool feature of the SDEX is that you can technically trade much more than just different currencies. You can trade anything. In fact, someone recently was selling shares of his goat farm in the Dominican Republic on the SDEX.

There’s a secondary usage to lumens as well — they serve as an anti-spam mechanism because each transaction on the lumen network has a minor fee. This helps to mitigate DoS (Denial of Service) attacks by limiting the volume of fake transactions that try to flood the system.

Finally, with enough adoption, the lumen will likely be able to function as a digital currency itself. It would be able to move funds directly to other users across the network.

. . . Finally, there have to be enough incentives for banks and other companies to utilize the Stellar network. Right now, in my understanding, one of the key incentives would be to help speed up how quickly payments can be completed in cross-border transactions in different currencies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that as the end user, consumers would reap the all benefits because banks ultimately are for-profit entities and I cannot imagine Western Union would intentionally reduce their profit margin for the sake of consumers. However, it’s likely that due to the increased speed and lower costs, some of these benefits would pass on to end users.

. . . Other mainstream adoptions of the Stellar network include FairX, a fiat for crypto-based exchange set to rival Coinbase in the next few months. FairX would allow you to use cash (fiat currency) to buy digital token assets like Bitcoin, Lumens and more.

Beyond this, the Stellar Foundation’s original goal was to make cross-border transactions as painless as possible and they’ve chosen to start this not-for-profit mission in areas of the world that are unbanked and disconnected from the world’s economic network. By first acquiring adoption in niche regions, I believe Stellar has a good chance to make a wider impact after initial proof of concept and adoption.

> https://medium.com/coinmonks/a-comprehensive-introduction-on-how-stellar-xlm-works-for-non-techies-7060595af749

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Cashless transactions for Gen-Z market

The Manila Times-8 hours ago
The move is a smart investment as the Gen-Z'ers or Zentennials, as they are called, will number 2 billion globally in two years' time ...

The financial tech or fintech startup Tagcash may just be over two years old, but its goal might turn out to be more far-reaching than its competitors’. While many freelancers and entrepreneurs still resort to remittance stalwarts like Paypal and Payoneer, Tagcash, without eliminating that market, is also setting its sights on a much younger consumer base: the Gen-Z customers.

This particular demographic is said to be more tech-savvy and yet more business-minded than their older millennial siblings. The oldest in that age group are in their early 20s, while the kids at the far end of the spectrum are still in grade school.

Still, Tagcash CEO Ayse dela Rosa points out that the customer base “who are now 10 years old to 25 have buying power. They like online buying and they use their smartphones.”

The move is a smart investment as the Gen-Z’ers or Zentennials, as they are called, will number 2 billion globally in two years’ time. A huge number of them will be entering the workforce. Those who still have not, though, are growing up navigating their way through e-commerce portals, and would rather buy their choice items online instead of braving the crowds in actual malls, department stores, and markets. Gen-Z’ers already make up 30 percent of the Philippine population.

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TAG Coin is down to 3 cents > just under $200K Total MarketCap


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Tag Cash uses Stellar for its remittance  business ... update: Last: $0.113


Tag Coin is down to $0.0266 -so takes about 4.25X TagCoins now to get 1 Stellar Lumen coin

The  entire MktCap of 6.434 million Tag Coins is just $171,224 USD,or 32 BTC

TagCoin is a Payment Token, created as a cryptocurrency, to support microtransaction solutions, as well as used as a micropayment itself. Tagcash (an authorised central bank regulated E-Money Issuer in Philippines) is one of the first customers to use it, as a payment method for the various services within Tagcash applications, including Tagcash Wallet, Tagwild Gamified Loyalty and Tagbond Supply Chain Tracking. It is also used as an advertising and consumption micropayment currency within VTC.COM IT Elearning site. Other partners are welcome to join, taking TagCoin directly as micropayments, or as a method of payment to manage their own currencies used within Tagcash.

Tagcash integrates its wallet with the Stellar Blockchain for transfer and usage of many Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money. TagCoin was created as a cryptocurrency within Stellar to pay for services in Tagcash Wallets. When used in Tagcash Wallet apps, TagCoin can be sent to any users with an account or to any external Stellar wallets, with no transaction fees. It can be bought, sold and traded via various decentralized exchanges for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Check Stellar.org for details of external wallets and exchanges.

Website > https://tagcoin.org/

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February 10, 2019, 03:42:10 AM

Ok there was 100 million  TAG on the Tag blockchain then they were converted 10 billion new TAGS which are currently on the Stellar Network.
Thats 100 times more coins yet Tagcash is only offering 10/1,  you would have to be very very foolish to exchange your coins at that price.
I don't think its is illegal for them to offer such a ridiculous exchange rate, or is it ? 

Old Tagcoin doesn't have any real life purpose, while new TagCoin on Stellar is being used for fast and free micropayments within several mobile apps already.
Latest being an E-learning app, called Tag Learn, where 1 TagCoin can be used to watch 1 lesson. Great if you don't like monthly subscriptions.

Alyssa, you know that Tagcash has no use for the old TagCoin, sold through Yobit anymore since quite some time already?
They have moved on to a new TagCoin on Stellar network with more advantages.

Just reminding you that the new TagCoin thread can be found on https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2669793.msg27243282#msg27243282
But best to keep track on Tagcash' developments through Twitter and Facebook.

If you were just hoping that old TagCoin will increase in price naturally without any products or services being build around the token, please be careful.
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( There is a new thread, taking over from Tagcoin main thread.)

Tagcash is based out of Philippines and Singapore, building and operating permissioned blockchain based digital wallets, token issuance and sales, crowdfunding, loyalty services, peer to peer lending and other services, using Bitcoin Core Multichain (multichain.com) and Stellar. Tagcash has 20 staff in Philippines (admin and support mainly) and another 20 in India (developers).

Tagcash is an authorised Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) (https://tagcash.com/emi.pdf) regulated under the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP). We are authorised to issue and operate Philippines Pesos on Permissioned Blockchains.

TagCoin (TAG) was issued on Stellar Blockchain (details of the stellar.toml is at https://tagcash.com/.well-known/stellar.toml) and is used to pay for services in the system, and any products built on the Tagcash Blockchain. There were 10 Billion Tokens issued. Balances on Tagcash were automatically multiplied by 100. Any old currency from the original TagCoin created in 2013, can be burned for 100 to 1 conversion rate to the new Stellar based TagCoins. Burn address is TRCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXX6gvik - send info to mark at tagcash dot com with the burn transaction ID and either the Tagcash ID number or your Stellar address.

Just in case you need it, the issuer address for Tagcoin on Stellar is:


We are integrating Tagcash Wallet and services with Stellar, which means it will be easy to transfer Fiat currencies to and from the wallet and to trade TagCoin as needed. We are an anchor for Philippine Pesos, and will shortly be an anchor for Bitcoin and Ethereum as well. Integrating with other currencies means Tagcash can offer its services worldwide.

More details on http://tagcash.com

Users can login to the webwallet from the main - there is also a demo version (demo.tagcash.com) to play with, with it's own demo multichain etc. Good for developers to play with. Developers can also access the REST API, at developer.tagcash.com

We have a public forum running on Ryver, and communication via chat on website, telegram (http://t.me/tagcashwallet), facebook page and chat http://facebook.com/tagcashrewards), and twitter (http://twitter.com/tagcashwallet)

NEW CHAT >  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2669793.msg27243282#msg27243282

(note : this thread will continue on  Makati Prime .GEI )


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SIZE OF TEAM - at end of 2017

December 31, 2017, 08:00:53 AM

@roncar - the team is as it has been for the last few years - our office in Philippines, which is about 20 staff, and my office in India, about 12 developers, and have added another 5 freelancer developers for certain sections of the wallet (eg: HD wallets is quite specialized)...adding more to get the services modules done. There is a lot done, but a lot more to do.

@mPUTZ - 10 Billion TagCoin were issued on Stellar
December 31, 2017, 08:32:47 AM

I went to the website and found out that pre-sale will end this December but I can't find how I will join this pre-sale. Also bitcoin address for deposit cant be viewed. just a small icon. I am interested in this project because I am a Filipino and wanted to have another way of converting BTC to PHP as other company have very high fees.
I've sent my old tagcoins to the burn address and provided my user id and transaction number. When will you be depositing the new Tagcash Tokens at the 3:1 ratio?
. . .
Tagcoin will no longer be used as they are being burned for the new upcoming Tagcash Token
. They are currently conducting an ICO exclusively to the Philippines to my understanding.  Make sure you follow these steps if you haven't already:

1. Burn your tagcoin by sending to TRCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXX6gvik
2. Send the transaction ID of the burned coins, to burn@tagcash.com along with your Tagcash ID/email in the Tagcash Wallet

3. Until December 2017, we will swap 3 new TAG for 1 old tagcoin
4. From Jan 1 Jan 31, we will swap 2 new TAG for 1 old tagcoin
5. During ICO public sale, February and March, we will swap 1 for 1

At the end of the ICO, we will not be doing any more exchanges.
March 05, 2019, 04:30:06 PM

the sale orders at nova exchange  are impressing buy the buy orders are paining, we should get actively involved even in this bad market to hold and not dump so low like this current buy price.

Sure! But I was talking about actual TagCash on Stellar DEX not about the old one...)

April 06, 2019, 02:57:07 PM

the sale orders at nova exchange  are impressing buy the buy orders are paining, we should get actively involved even in this bad market to hold and not dump so low like this current buy price.

Sure! But I was talking about actual TagCash on Stellar DEX not about the old one...)

The only TAG traded on NovaExchange is the Scrypt based TAGcoin (as XTAG).  Information on TAG Original (including windows/mac/ubuntu wallets) moving forward from here can be found at:

[ANN][TAG][XTAG][PoW/PoS Hybrid] - TAG Original 2019 Update (not a token!) - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5128798.0

Please share with your circle of contacts.
(wow.  I am confused ! )
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