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POPULATION and Demographics in PH

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POPULATION and Demographics in PH
The Philippines population is growing by about 2 million a year, and by the end of 2017 will number 105.7 million

Sixty-two years ago in 1955, the population was just 22.2 Million - here's the growth record
1955 : 22.17 mn
1965 : 30.91 mn
1975 : 41.29 mn
1985 : 54.32 mn
1995 : 69.83 mn
2005 : 86.14 mn
2015 : 100.69 mn
In january, President Duterte issued Executive Order No.12 -
It calls for the implrementation of the law, and the fundin of modern family planning for the poor
Many countries in the World already have birthrates below the 2.1 births per woman "replacement rate"
+ Germany's rate has bounced from 1.47 in 2014, to 1.50 in 2015, thanks to immigration, but is expected to decline again
+ France had the highest birthrate in Europe at 2.01 in 2014, but it is now declinin
+ Taiwan had one of the lowest birthrates at 0.9, but as proffered various incentives to get it up
+ China had a one child policy for years, but has now moved away from that

PH higher birth rate may help it take a "more important place in the world of nations"

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