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Racism & Politics in Philadelphia

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"Being White In Philly"

Magazine article caused an uproar almost 5 years ago


"White people are afraid to say what they think... for fear of being branded as Racists"


"White In Philly" Writer Under Fire - Race & Free Speech - Megyn Kelly


Then-mayor Nutter was a black man, and he did not like the article


So is "Being White In Philly" like being an oppressed minority?

Published on 17 Mar 2013

The current issue of Philadelphia Magazine, with the headline, "Being White in Philly."
The article asserts that quote: "In a city that is largely poor and segregated, white people have become afraid to say anything at all about race," for fear of backlash."

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/215...


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