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Friendly Blogs : Dennis Velasco's Prosperna, etc

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Friendly Blogs : Dennis Velasco's Prosperna, etc



Meet-up organizer: https://www.meetup.com/Philippine-Real-Estate-Sales-Marketing/members/177116492/

Dennis Velasco has some productive ideas for those who want to increase their success in the field of Real Estate


This is a great thought to start with:



> More Posts on Prosperna: https://www.prosperna.com.ph/user/dvelasco/?profiletab=posts

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LANDING PAGES? (profiling the competencies of the Agent)


A great idea for Real Estate Pros



Feel free to post a LINK to your Landing Page here,

and tell us something interesting about yourself, and how you can help people reading MakatiPrime

BUY or SELL Property -- ie, what do you see as your Competitive Advantage? Your ISP?

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Top 10 ... of 41 Good ideas from Dennis V.


Check ‘em out…

  1. Bank Loan Mortgage Process: Learn, understand and be able to articulate what the steps are and what the required documents which are needed to evaluate a mortgage loan application.
  2. Bank Loan Mortgage Checklist: To achieve a bank loan mortgage closing sale fast and safe, ensure that your customers arrive at the bank with all the documents required to complete the loan application by providing them with a personal point of contact from the bank that you have a relationship with and a personalized checklist of what the bank requires.
  3. Cash Buyer Checklist: To achieve the closing of a cash buyer fast and safe, ensure that your customers understand and complete all the documents requirements to complete cash purchase transaction by sending them a personalized checklist of what the bank requires.
  4. Email Templates: Create email templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use for either bank loan or cash buyer transactions.
  5. Email Templates: Create email templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use for each step of the buyer journey (awareness, interest, conversion, qualification, product consideration and closing).
  6. SMS Text Message Templates: Create SMS text message templates ready for you to copy/paste and re-use to “nudge” them to the next stage of the buyer journey.
  7. Cloud Based Document Storage: Use a cloud-based document storage tool like Google Drive or Dropbox to manage all your documents, templates and checklists no matter where you are.
  8. Mobile Pictures & Videos: Use your phone to take videos and photos of properties as well as your satisfied customers and yourself to use for your blog, landing page galleries and testimonial sections of your website.
  9. Online Appointment Booking: Use booking appointment software and insert it on your email signature to eliminate the distraction and frustration of going back and forth via email or text just to schedule an appointment with you and your prospect and so you can eliminate duplicate entry into your online calendar.
  10. Augmented Reality: Improve the speed in the education and decision making process of prospective real estate buyers by providing augmented reality tours of your property listings. Augmented reality delivers virtual elements as an overlay on top of real world elements.


READ the Rest:

> https://www.prosperna.com.ph/41-ways-increase-real-estate-agent-productivity/

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Hey DrBubb, glad you found our suggestions useful. After starting to invest in real estate here in the Philippines going back just a mere 7 years ago, it quickly dawned on me how backwards the sales & marketing process is and how poor the acumen is here in the Philippines so I decided to help improve that...am I the only one?

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Enhancing agent knowledge & professionalism.


Hi Dennis, it is good to have you onboard here.

Yeah, there are some others who have spoken about this issue of enhancing agent knowledge & professionalism.

Now we have a thread here on Mak.Prime where people can discuss the issue.


One thing I think buyers and sellers would appreciate is greater LOCAL KNOWLEDGE

concerning a project that people might be buying or selling.


It would also be great to get a more comprehensive answer when a potential buyers asks:

"What Yield will I get if I buy a studio (1br / 2br or whatever) in that project?"

If the agent knows the area well, and/or has rented out several units nearby, they ought to be able to answer well.


At the moment, you might get an answer like: "You can expect to get P1,000 per sqm", since that is the answer they

think the buyer wants to hear.

I got an answer like that when I was looking to buy a 31 sqm unit. ("You should be able to get P30,000".)

When I did my own research on phase 1 of the project, I found the actual market was P700-750 per sqm.

(P22,000 - P24000)

I did not go ahead with the purchase, since that is a vast difference.

I invest to make an actual return, not to find myself disappointed in 2-3 years

(obviously - haha)

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Hi Dennis. Your project is brilliant. There is an urgent need of professional agents here in Philippines. I bought two units in Makati on secondary market but each time during my research I had bad experiences with property agents who cannot answer my questions professionally and waste time unnecessarily.

I believe many people limit their purchases to primary market due to the lack of professional property agents in the secondary market. Your expertise is really needed here, and property agents trained by you will probably multiply their income.

Good luck to you Dennis, and please keep us posted about your project.
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11.5% JUMP in Tourists (mostly from Mainland China?)

Maybe be related to the upwards pressure on Condo Prices

(From Dennis Velsaco)

It's me Dennis

I completed my review and summary of the Jones Lang Lasalle Philippine Property Market Monitor for December 2017 and their Asia Pacific Property Digest for Q2 of 2017

By knowing the recent historical trends, you can better identify future opportunities and how to position the Philippine Real Estate Market to your clients.

In addition, this type of knowledge will help you become a trusted advisor with your clients.

In today's summary, you'll learn about:
The Top 6 Philippines Real Estate Trends driving the industry.

Check out the research here.


  1. There are a couple of strong underlying economic forces that are driving the real estate industry:First, the average foreign exchange rate from November 2017 was PhP 51.04. This high rate can encourage USD earners to invest more in the Philippines.

    Second, tourist arrivals growth increased year-over-year by a whopping 11.5%. This should tell you that foreign prospects are more open to visiting the Philippines so continue to educate and encourage them on how to travel here.

  2. For the residential sector, “the residential market sustains stable growth due to strong demand for condominium units,” says Claro Cordero Jr., Head of Research for JLL Philippines. Based on data from the Real Estate Price Index of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), condominium prices continued to increase by 0,8% year-over-year.Most of the demand came from expat and multi-national executives, foreigners married to Filipinos and high-income Filipinos.
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