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Top Prime Office Space For Rent or Sale: Makati & BGC

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Prime Office & Commercial Space for Rent or Sale: Makati & BGC


Starting out with this: Prime Office Space in a Prime BGC Location


Makati is to the Left. BGC (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) is to the right.

A journey from one to the other can take 1 hour or more at rush hour

Commercial space seems to be very tight in Makati now

& there is a growing demand in BGC, where supply is expanding.

Friends of this website may have Office space to sell from time to time -

Or they may be looking to buy. So I have agreed to offer some ad space

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High Street South Corporate Plaza,  Tower 2
Location: BGC, next to Serendra
Size: 307 sqm / potentially split as one of 180 sqm+ and one of 120 sqm+
Asking Price: 270,000 pesos per sqm >  in edit: No Longer for sale
Carparks: 3 (@1,500,000 pesos each)
Current asking rentals: about 1400 pesos per SQM per month (depending on which offices), 5000 pesos for each carpark.
10% annual escalation in rent after 2nd year of lease. 
Remarks: This is a corner unit on one of the highest floors of the building.
Tower 1 is around 32 floors, this is in the (taller) Tower 2 & on the 33rd floor (top floor is the 40th).
So it will have unobstructed sea view. 
In addition, this might actually be of significant interest to possible buyers/ brokers. The seller has spent the past 2 years researching and finally engaging a top accounting firm to setup a HK Limited company with a Philippine Branch. The process has been tedious, and costly (big fees to the accting firms & an "Inward remittance" to PH of significant size.)
I have set this up to avoid estate-duties, transfer taxes, sales taxes etc in Philippines but this could be a valuable opportunity for the right buyer since these companies are generally not available for off the shelf purchase.
(various things like bank accounts are set-up and in place, and that may make this a unique opportunity to buy, own, and hold a prime office space in BGC.)
The Seller's intention has been to transfer the commercial space to the philippines branch. However,  the Seller may also considering selling the office space now if the price is right.  He/she would sell the commercial space on its own.
But if the buyer was also interested in a registered philippines branch and a HK holding company the Seller might discuss a sale of that too, saving a Buyer much time and money.
The Mega-Manila subway station is expected to be the other side of Serendra Two, at Market Market.  (I am checking to see if the red arrow is in the right place.)
Some interesting info for your reference:
1) Possible extension of airport expressway directly to BGC
2) Subway system 5 years away from setting up in BGC, this building is likely to be the shortest walk for a commercial bldg to the new subway
3) Philippine Stock Exchange just relocated to BGC this year
4) Google, Facebook, Uber etc have chosen BGC to be their Philippine Headquarters.
5) Lots of jobs to be created here and a lot of housing available in BGC making it attractive for companies to set-up and hire staff.
Refer to some of the pics and attachment and let me know if this is of any interest.
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Key was turned over, and I visited the space.


Great corner unit, with stunning views


Looks past a (not-yet-completed) Ayala Premier building, and over the iconic Serendra complex


A stunning View and an beautiful new ALVEO Office building, designed to make a good company proud

If you want more information on the unit(s) and pricing,
+ You may send an SMS message to  : +63 (0) 99 5298 5718

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