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The Expat Influence (in PH property market)

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The Expat Influence (in PH property market)

THIS DATA comes from a stale article (xxxx)


Santos said more Japanese nationals are locating here due to the increase in manufacturing and industrial establishments.

Positive investment sentiment is high as the Philippines post over 7% economic growth rates, win investment grade from global rating firms, and as the stock market reach feverish highs.

CBRE data showed that the expatriate population residing in the Philippines are:

  • 49.31% are American
  • 14.10% from the UK
  • 7.11% from Japan

Of that, 42% are living in the Philippines on dual citizenship and 33% are immigrants by marriage.

Foreigners are not allowed to own land, but can buy condominium units.

OFWs, BPOs drive residential demand

Filipinos living or working overseas (typically called OFWs) as well as foreigners who opted to retire or pursue dual citizenship are also reaping the opportunities in the Philippine property market, said Santos.

Aside from this new market of foreign expats, OFWs and full time BPO employees have been sustaining the demand for horizontal residential projects, said Jan Custodio, senior director at CBRE.

. . .

“The high figure of American dwellers in the country is linked with multinationals and American BPO firms locating in the country,” Santos said. BPOs refer to the burgeoning business process outsourcing industry that tap English-speaking, young and technically savvy Filipino workers.

The local economy, which is traditionally consumption-driven, is also attracting long-term investments that create jobs.

Santos said more Japanese nationals are locating here due to the increase in manufacturing and industrial establishments.


> https://www.rappler.com/business/industries/175-real-estate/30695-foreign-expats-driving-high-end-res-growth

The numbers may have shifted, or likely are shifting, as more mainland Chinese investors enter the market and come to the country

MORE Real Estate articles :: http://money-summit.com/tag/real-estate/

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CHINA BUYERS (mainland) now dominate


- at least in Circuit, per this July 2017 post on SSC

" Hi guys, I am from overseas and new to this forum.

Went to Solstice showroom recently and was told Solstice Tower 1 and 2 have reached the 40% foreigner quota (apparently most foreign buyers are China nationals).

For Callisto, foreigner can still buy but the price including VAT is ~135k-140k/sqm.

A Chinese colleague's friend is now trying to transfer at cost his Solstice Tower 2 condo option (signed in Apr 2017). 30+ level, 128k/sqm, 2BR, downpayment 1m, 3m over 48 months, 6m at 2021 (if turnover in 2019 and want the keys, need to pay up everything to get the keys. If not in a hurry to get the keys, can wait until 2021 for the last payment.

How do you guys view the above deal in context of Solstice location and potential? "


> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1602029&page=9


One single Mainland China buyer was said to have bought 40% (all the foreign units) - in Avida Asten, tower 3

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