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Parklinks, Pasig, & new transport links from Queson City

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Parklinks, Pasig, & new transport links from Queson City





Parklinks will be accessible via C5, Amang Rodriguez Avenue and Ortigas Avenue.


There will be a new Bridge designed to link Quezon City and Pasig over the Marikina river


Ayala-Tan joint venture to build ‘greenest’ CBD


The Ayala and Lucio Tan groups have teamed up to jointly invest some P53 billion in transforming a 35-hectare waterfront former industrial estate, the largest along the C5 corridor spanning Pasig and Quezon City, into what is envisioned to be Metro Manila’s “greenest” central business district.
“With 50 percent of the 35 hectares devoted to open space, Parklinks will provide what is sorely missing along the busy C5 corridor—an abundance of open space,” ALI senior vice president and strategic landbank management group head Meean Dy said.
“Parklinks, an exemplary urban design expression, is a living testament to Eton LT group and ALI’s shared vision and commitment in providing sustainable excellent communities in urban centers to its valuable customers,” Eton chief operating officer Jess Lucas said.

(MORE below / LINK): http://business.inquirer.net/244398/tan-ayala-joint-venture-build-greenest-cbd

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This is deemed as the “greenest” urban master plan to date, encompassing a three-hectare central park, an esplanade, river park terraces, running and bike trails and riparian gardens designed to highlight the natural topography of the land. The developers also seek to encourage the community to “engage and appreciate the river system surrounding the development.” A “well-designed” and “managed” walkway system will also be installed.

A 110-meter long and 25-meter wide steel bridge—pitched to be an “iconic” structure deemed suitable for “selfies” once completed by 2019—is designed to link Quezon City and Pasig over the Marikina river. This is seen to open a new route that will help ease vehicular traffic in northeast and east of Metro Manila. The bridge will have dedicated lanes for bikers and pedestrians, allowing a safe and convenient commute within and around the development.


An artist’s rendition of the steel bridge that will cross Marikina River

The P53-billion capital outlays for the next 10 years will cover the initial 16 hectares of the entire estate (first phase), creating 677,000 square meters of gross floor area in the form of new residential, office space, shopping mall and other estate development.

About 75 percent of the project will be in the form of high-rise residential projects under Ayala Land Premier and Alveo Land which will develop five towers each. Alveo will offer an initial 3,700 units while ALP, the first upscale residential brand to build on this side of the metropolis, will offer 1,688 residential units.

About 17 percent of the initial development will be for the leasing business, while the remaining 8 percent will be for other estate development.

The estate will be anchored by a 58,000-sqm regional mall which will rise along the C5 frontage and open to the public by 2021. On top of the mall will be a 3,500-sqm sports complex that will house a basketball court, volleyball court, badminton courts, fitness gym and dance studio to support the needs of people with active lifestyle.

The mall is seen to “perfectly balance nature” with its retail, dining and entertainment offerings.

Parklinks will be accessible via C5, Amang Rodriguez Avenue and Ortigas Avenue. Plans also include additional linkages to the estate’s neighboring communities like Circulo Verde and Metropoli.

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Circulo Verde, a project by Ortigas is nearby



"Circulo Verde" - A 10-hectare master planned residential community

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Ayala and Eton Team Up to Build Bridge Linking QC and Pasig

A bridge that is being built over the Marikina River is part of this P53 billion development
By Real Living Team for RealLiving.com.ph |

We all know how difficult it is to get from point A to point B in Metro Manila these days. Commuting from Ortigas Center in Pasig City to Katipunan in Quezon City (approximately 8.1km) for example, would take 45 minutes at best, and two hours—or more—at the worst.

But there are hopes that the travel time will be cut soon, as a 110-meter-long, 25-meter-wide bridge is currently being built over the Marikina River, linking Quezon City and Pasig City via C-5, according to this announcement from the Ayala Land website. The bridge, with its bike and pedestrian lanes, will create a new route to ease vehicular traffic in the Northeast and Eastern parts of Metro Manila.

This bridge is part of the project of property developers Ayala Land, Inc. and Eton Properties, Philippines, Inc., who late last week launched their newest joint project, Parklinks, which is a P53-billion, 35-hectare mixed-use estate.


Get ready for green areas, such as an esplanade and activity trails

Part of the Parklinks estate is the development of open green areas (an aspect that is sorely lacking in our urban centers) including a three-hectare central park located in the middle of its business district. Other public-friendly areas include an esplanade, river park terraces, running and bike trails, and riparian (meaning: located close to the river banks) gardens, all creating a living environment that is conducive to walking and wellness.

Malls, business hubs to open

Aside from the development’s five residential towers, part of Parklinks’s mixed-use estate will also include a mall, a 3,500sqm sports complex (also located within the mall), and a business mall that is easily accessible to residents via a walkway system.

> more: https://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/run-and-grow/bridge-linking-qc-and-pasig-to-be-built-by-real-estate-develope-sa00043-20180125-src-rl?ref=home_feed_2

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