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Serenity - a crypto-token for FX traders

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Serenity - a crypto-token to be used by FX traders

$700k Raised - ICO launched today ! 50%+ Price rise scheduled into mid- March

Token: SRNT
Price : 1 SRNT = 0.0001 ETH
Bonus: Available
Platform:  Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Country:    Estonia


At the ICO stage the discount will be provided regardless of whether the minimum fundraising targets were achieved. 

Period------------ : Discount : Token price
01/25/18-01/31/18 : 40% : 0,000060 ETH : Today'd discounted price !
02/01/18 -02/07/18 : 35% : 0,000065 ETH
02/08/18 -02/14/18 : 30% : 0,000070 ETH
02/15/18 -02/21/18 : 25% : 0,000075 ETH
02/22/18 -02/28/18 : 20% : 0,000080 ETH
03/01/18 -03/07/18 : 10% : 0,000090 ETH : +50%
+ All unsold tokens will be destroyed.
+ After the end of ICO tokens will be freely traded on exchanges

SERENITY — a blockchain platform that protects the interests of traders and investors. The platform ensures the security of traders’ funds by placing them on SERENITY smart contracts. The contract is created and structured to ensure that funds transfer proceeds only by the mutual consent of the trader and the broker. If a conflict occurs, SERENITY can mediate in the transaction.

For the decision to be transparent and legitimate, SERENITY records digital signatures of broker-trader interactions in the blockchain. The technology reduces commonly associated financial risks for traders in any part of the world.

> https://financialcommission.org/serenity-financial/

> Website :: https://serenity-financial.io/en

+ FAQ's / Answers : https://serenity-financial.io/en/#faq

> Serenity, White Paper: https://serenity-financial.io/uploads/uploads/WP_SERENITY_ENG.pdf

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Serenity video


Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

Serenity is the first blockchain secured marketplace for currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading. Serenity aims to unite brokers and traders on a single platform that uses blockchain to ensure the never-seen-before level of protection of financial assets for all traders no matter the country of residence. Some of the key features of the platform include:

(1) All Trades Are Under Control: Serenity Financial is based on blockchain technology that allows us to create a unified, standardized system for recording and controlling trading and non-trading transactions while preventing forgery.

(2) Segregated accounts: Client funds are stored in the Serenity Financial depository. Smart contracts are used to secure funds, which prevents brokers from misusing the funds.

(3) Independent Dispute Arbitration: The Serenity Financial independent arbitration board settles disputes based on the data recorded in the blockchain.

(4) Guaranteed Profit Withdrawals: Serenity guarantees the withdrawal of profit because it uses its own liquidity pool.

(5) Only One Verification Process Required: Single verification for trading with hundreds of brokers. (6) Liquidity: Brokers are provided with liquidity, a bridge, and technology.

> ICO bench : https://icobench.com/ico/serenity

/ 2 /

How to present a project in 45 seconds? Easy, if CTO of Serenity Financial Vasily Alexeev is the one who’s doing it!

Vasily Alexeev presented Serenity Project at Blockchain Summit Amsterdam.


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From White Paper:

Project implementation stages
More than 30 people are already involved in the implementation of project. The
prototype version of the project and legal documents are developed.

Jan. 2017 — SERENITY is founded
May 2017 — Beta release of the Automated Trade Analysis System
Jun 2017  — Cryptocurrency Exchange MVP launch
Oct. 2017 — The first brokers are being connected to the system
Nov. 2017 — Pre-ICO round
Dec. 2017 — Closed round of sales

Jan.— Mar. 2018  — ICO NOW !!
March 2018
— Listing of SERENITY tokens on crypto exchanges; introduction of
independent mediators for client claims analysis.
April 2018 — Cold wallet system launch
June 2018 — Launch of Serenity cryptocurrency exchange; launch of the custom
blockchain for recording client transactions
Sep. 2018  — Release of the live version of Serenity platform
Nov. 2018  — Implementation of the Client Digital Signature for user identification
December 2018 : ??


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RATING: "Highly Attractive"

According to DigRate agency, Serenity project is highly attractive to investors.

At the conclusion of the audit, DigRate rating agency evaluated the Serenity prospects and possibilities and gave our project the highest rating. It means that investments in Serenity are associated low risks and the project has a high investment appeal.

The full review of Serenity project is available on the agency’s website. In particular, DigRate’s analysts highly estimated the project mission and the clear business model. They also noted that our team has a serious professional background.

Serenity’s advantages according to the analysts:

  • Blockchain technology is the core function of the project
  • A high-quality business model
  • The issuance of tokens is limited
  • The founders and leaders of the project are recognized professionals in the Forex and the blockchain industries.
  • The project team has extensive experience and a strong track record
  • The project founders have experience implementing a successful business in the project field
  • The team has a working product

What is Digrate

DigRate is a group of independent experts who provide evaluations of ICO projects, digital assets and cryptocurrencies. DigRate helps investors sift out risky ventures and focus on high-quality projects.

> https://medium.com/@Serenity_financial/serenity-gets-the-high-quality-rating-from-digrate-c299082619e8

/ 2 /

Serenity Financial (SERENITY) - ICO Overview and Rating | ICOmarks

https://icomarks.com › ICOs › Serenity Financial
Rating: 6.8/10 - ‎1 vote

Nov 30, 2017 - Serenity Financial is a secure and transparent marketplace for traders and brokers to meet. The platform itself acts as an intermediary which uses blockchain technology to regulate those dealings and provide a convenient, secure venue for purchases and sales. However, aside from being a platform for ...

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Serenity Prepares for ICO on 25 January - Bitcoinist.com // That is TODAY! 40% discount for first week


20 hours ago - Vasily Alexeev, CTO Serenity: At the Pre-ICO stage we received valuable feedback from our investors and thank all for the constructive criticism. After the Pre-ICO, we worked on improving the website and positioning the project, making it more understandable for all market participants. I think we managed ...

Serenity blockchain platform announces the start of the main ICO period, which will start on 25 January 2018 and will last for a total of six weeks, ending on 7 March. The main ICO period offers a unique opportunity for investors to purchase Serenity tokens with a 40% discount.

The pre-sale round (Pre-ICO period) that previously took place, resulted in $524,790 being raised.  (now $748k, per website)

The idea is based on the practice of segregated accounts, that is, keeping deposits separate from the funds used for trading, which is required by the FCA (the British financial regulator), and is translated into the language of the blockchain. The idea of recording transactions in the blockchain has also emerged under the influence of traditional regulations, such as financial legislation in the EU (MiFID II and EMIR). These regulations have always demanded reports on all trade operations, but have had no way of storing them efficiently and reliably.

In addition, the project’s scope will include the creation of a proprietary trading exchange for quick entry into the Serenity system and cryptocurrency purchases.

The company plans to raise $19 million to develop the platform. The project will be launched in separate stages, with the exchange’s launch being promised for May 2018. The prototype has already been published on the website.

The ICO will be held in one stage, from 25 January to 7 March. The opening price of a token is 0.0001 ETH. The token name is Serenity. The stock ticker is SRNT. Meanwhile, the token’s release on stock exchanges is planned for immediately after the completion of the ICO, i.e. just after 7 March.

At the time of writing this press release, the SRNT token has been listed by the largest Russian exchange, Yobit. Talks with several more exchanges are currently underway.

The project has been supported by major brokers from the Forex and binary option industries, including IQoption, Liteforex, NordFX, as well as Alexey Kutsenko (Founder of Tools for Brokers), Yagub Rahimov (adviser of the ICO project nagaico.com and founder of AtoZForex), and many others.

During the ICO, tokens will be sold at a discount of up to 40%. (that, during the first week of the launch.)

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I get that.  I am studying this because it looks plausible, and there is a nice ramp-up in value (by 50%) over a short time.

There may be a quicker way to get some basic Facts:

> FAQ"s: https://serenity-financial.io/en/#faq

(They do not want US or Singapore citizens so that may be a problem for some.)

BTW, have you participated with ICO's for tokens yet?  How did it work out for you?

I think we will see more of these, so i am trying to get a sense for what makes a good ICO

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I'm not a big ICO investor only invested in a couple in July. Flipped one of them for 60% and still holding the other (it's up over 200% now but at the time it never went above ICO price while Ethereum was still crashing). That experience really put me off investing in ICOs and so far I haven't regretted that decision.

From a cursory look at this website it simply looks like a poor investment. I wouldn't bother playing greater fool theory with these.


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" From a cursory look at this website it simply looks like a poor investment. "

Yeah?  Any specific thing(s) that you do not like about SRNT?

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One question that is not addressed is how exactly will funds be escrowed? Unless you are using a stablecoin, the value of the funds will fluctuate. Now there are various stablecoins such as Tether and Dai, but no mention is made of them. Also, proof of concepts of these systems do not even exist and why haven't such systems caught on yet since 2014? Ethereum doesn't really make anything new possible apart from giving the cunning the ability to scam people with an ICO smart contract.

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" One question that is not addressed is how exactly will funds be escrowed?

Unless you are using a stablecoin, the value of the funds will fluctuate "

I agree.

I spoke to the CTO about this yesterday, and he admitted that this could be an issue.

He said that they were hoping the ETH price (as funds are stored) would become more stable in the future.

That's possible, but no real sign of that yet

" proof of concepts of these systems do not even exist and why haven't such systems caught on yet "

Several FX traders, including sister company, UpTrader, are already signed up to use it.

There was also a company at the conference: TheFinancialCommission.org (TFC)

That does arbitration, so this concept is accepted, and has been deployed.

The guy at the TFC booth agreed with my comment that "80%+ of the disputes are about price levels --

ie Did it really hit THAT price"

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' The pre-sale round (Pre-ICO period) that previously took place, resulted in $524,790 being raised.  (now $748k, per website)

now: $1.079 Million, on the way to $2 million first success target

> https://serenity-financial.io/?utm_source=adwords.google.com&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=re&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzJyrnf_z2AIVSzCWCh3FeAQeEAEYASAAEgIvuPD_BwE


01/28 : $0,748k (40%)
02/03 : $1,755,147.55 (35% Discount)
02/07 : $1,829,359,81 (35%) : +$74,212 /4= $18,553/d ... 9 d's = 02/16 target for $2M


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  • 3 weeks later...

02/07 : $1,829,359.81 (35%) : +$074,212 /4= $18,553/d ... 9 d's   = 02/16 target for $2M
02/12 : $1,934,856.19 (30%) : +$105,496 /5= $21,099/d ... 3.1d's = 02/15 target

> https://serenity-financial.io/?utm_source=adwords.google.com&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=re&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzJyrnf_z2AIVSzCWCh3FeAQeEAEYASAAEgIvuPD_BwE

Telegram Highlights

Serenity Financial
3 633 members
1️ More than half a million raised
2️ "Highly attractive to investors" rating
3️ Blockchain technology is a core function of the project
4️ A high-quality business model

> Group Chat:




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ICO Analysis : Serenity (SRNT)

The Token

The SRNT token, the native currency of the Serenity financial platform, will be used to purchase, sell, exchange and withdraw digital assets within the platform that will consist of a pool of brokers. After the token sale, the user is free to transfer their SRNT into external exchanges in order to trade them for possible pairs of digital assets which the platform might not support at the moment.

At the pre-ICO, the SRNT token will have a 50% discount and then a 40% to 10% discount during the public sale that will run until March 7.

According to a spokesman for the company, the total token supply will be 400,000,000 SRNT. Anything that will be left behind after the prementioned deadline will be burned. As for the circulating supply, it is not yet fixed and it will be composed after the token sale.

The spokesman tells us that 3% of the funding will be used for bounty rewards and 12% is reserved for the team. As for the rest, we must wait for further official announcements that will take place after the token sale.


At first glance, we can already see a professional team with years of experience in the field. In  words, Serenity is not just another cryptocurrency platform made by GitHub coders.

Project co-founder Stanislav Vaneev is the CEO and founder of Grand Capital, an international level financial services company that has a monthly turnover of $6 billion USD and serves over 300,000 clients worldwide. Anton Vasin (co-founder & COO), has more than a decade of experience in the forex sphere and is also the head of risk hedging department. Denis Kulagin (CEO) is a marketing expert for multiple forex companies in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. Vasiliy Alexeev (CTO) is the man behind UpTrader, a global provider of software for brokers. His ten years of experience are also focused on marketing and product development for various Forex companies.

The list goes on and from what we can see here, Serenity has a legit team with solid financial background and not just a ‘collage‘ of individuals that want to enter the blockchain game.


In general, more than 6,000 brokers provide online exchange services using MetaTrader platforms. According to industry statistics, around 4 million traders use their platforms on a daily basis. As mentioned before, only a small percent of these companies are actually regulated and can guarantee a risk-free relationship.

Serenity is the first cryptocurrency focused exchange market that will be regulated and at the same time provide traders the ability to invest in broader options such as CFDs and futures.

> https://hacked.com/ico-analysis-serenity/


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