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China's growing carbon "Footprint" & its impact

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An interesting dis-connect in this discussion between Al Korelin & John Kaiser

podcast : http://www.kereport.com/DailyRadio/Daily071307.mp3




Al Korelin just does not get it!

He keeps trying to get John Kaiser to talk about how China is going to go on buying commodities,

and John K. is trying to get Al to understand that there is another more important trend:

America will have to change to make way for China.


I think most Americans are rather clueless about how their lifestyle will get shrunk by:


+ A falling dollar

+ Rising energy prices

+ Rising prices of imported goods


Today's easy times of Americans spending their enormous free time watching videos and playing around with YouTube, will give way to a world where everything they buy will be more expensive and they will have to do real work to survive


At the end, Al K. puts words in John Kaiser's mouth, and then finishes saying,:

"I couldnt agree with you more."



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Impact of China inflation spurs concern

By Richard "Jock" McGregor / July 16 2007


Like tens of millions of shoppers across China, Zhou Benqi has had to change her buying habits to cope with sharply rising prices of pork and eggs, staple foods for any Chinese family..../


The spike in food prices, about a third of China’s consumer price index basket, pushed inflation to a 27-month high in May of 3.4 per cent. Many China economists expect the rate to hit 4 to 5 per cent soon and will be closely watching the expected release on Thursday of June CPI data alongside second-quarter gross domestic product figures.

. . .

Jing Ulrich, of JPMorgan in Hong Kong, believes higher farm prices in China have become “structural” rather than cyclical because of declining stocks of arable land and water problems.


On top of that, local manufacturers, who have long struggled to pass on the cost of higher wages and raw materials, are gaining pricing power. “China’s days of exporting deflation are coming to an end,” she says..../

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