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Remote Viewing Cryptos : EOS / etc

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EOS / etc - Remote-Viewing a Crypto with 10-bagger potential

PURE MAGIC - it will seem - if this EOS prediction works out. If may be future-viewing or something else...

*there is some possibility it will be a self-fulling prophecy, if interest in RV by the Crypto community becomes strong enough.  Consider the re-emergence of excitement and aggressive investing in Cryptos. Here is some evidence of that interest - expensive new Conferences are being launched

Big Movers Meet-Cryptos Should Rise

"$150,000 to get a little booth at this conference"

"$1999 just to get in"


And here's a new Prediction & Promotional technique to go with the Newest Wave in Crypto-buying

Remote Viewing: EOS $250 By Sept?



$18.09 USD (+3.04%)
0.00193848 BTC (0.19%)  / 0.02376990 ETH (-2.23%)

BTC all data: 8yr: 3yr: 12mo: 6mo 1mo 10d10d 5d / SLV-lv



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Remote Viewing Data! Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?


"Not just one person!"

"loos like a Think Tank of 3-5 people"

"I think it is The People who Run the World switching us over to a new system"


Here is the actual remote viewing data from our team looking at "Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?"

Please sign up via Patreon, and donate so we can keep putting up projects like this. https://patreon.com/cryptoviewing

Follow Us: https://cryptoviewing.com https://twitter.com/cryptoviewing https://facebook.com/cryptoviewing


Crypto Briefings From The European Mystery Man

This video had the "ring of truth" for me



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The Big Picture:

Clif High was the uber-Guru of the last crypto run-up to (almost) $20,000

His webbots predicted a 10X+ gain, & we saw more than that.

(But Clif had a big miss in 2018, when he said Bitcoin would rise above $13,000 in February.)

START following Video at 10 minutes

Cilf High & Bix Weir Discuss Cryptos, Remote Viewing, C60 and MORE!

START at 10 minutes...

"I have been working a lot with my old buddy, Dick Algire..."

/ 2 /

Crypto Talk on the BEACH! (Bix Weir & Dick Allgire)


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Weir does not agree about the 10X potential in EOS, but he likes LTC... & the Grand Canyon

Gold, the Fed and the Grand Canyon! (Bix Weir) : "Billions of Oz. of Gold"?

/ 2 /

TRAILER: Remote Viewing Grand Canyon Mystery



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Dick Algire does NOT see the End of the World (as frauds like Ed Dames did)

Waiting For The World To End



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EOSIO Hong Kong Meetup Recap — 6 April 2018

  • EOSIO Dawn 3.0 Update Release
  • Block.one’s Developer Relations Runway
  • Global Hackathon Series Announced
  • US$200m Asia-Focused VC Partnership


EOSIO Dawn 3.0 Testnet Release Offers Enhanced Usability, Scalability, Stabilization

Block.one has released a feature-complete update to its EOSIO blockchain protocol as it prepares the ground for the platform’s scheduled official June 1 release.

EOSIO Dawn 3.0 — a developer-focused, single-node update — was released on April 5, following months of testing by the EOSIO developer relations team and the developer community, and brings the software closer to a state of completion. New features enhance the usability, scalability and stabilization of the platform.

The update supports brisk 500ms block times, enhanced security protocols that give users more control over their accounts and transactions, better handling of future upgrades to core features without the need for a hard fork, and improved protocols for handling CPU usage, memory and network bandwidth. Block.one plans to release a new testnet in the coming weeks and will reach out to the community for help in stress-testing it.

Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.one, said: “Usability, scalability and stabilization are essential to an operating system like a general purpose blockchain platform. Non-developers must be able to seamlessly interact with and use blockchain applications, while scalability is fundamental to the future growth of the blockchain ecosystem. The stabilization features we have introduced are key to ensuring resources can be utilized effectively across the network.”

Block.one Building Out Developer Relations Team for EOSIO Platform

As EOSIO nears publication, Block.one is ramping up its Developer Relations team to support the software’s adoption and the organic growth of an EOSIO developer community. Positions across Developer Relations, and a host of other functions, are posted on careers.block.one.

> https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-hong-kong-meetup-recap-6-april-2018-47434509ac9a

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Roota's Crypto Picks! (Bix Weir)


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