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PH Challenge: Crypto > Cash & near Cash; how? cost?

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PH Challenge: Crypto > Cash & near Cash; how? cost?

"the vital last leg" in making Crypto a fully-viable currency

I will be investigating the mechanisms of converting Crypto into Cash & "near cash" on this thread.

This is a very important issue for anyone hold Crypto currencies, or receiving Crypto as a "remittance"

Also, holding PHP in a wallet is not sufficient.  The wallet owner will want to know he/she can spend the PHP,

or convert them into spend-able currency.  This may not be easy or cheap


*By near cash, I will including things like Cell phone LOAD, and maybe even Grab taxi rides

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Coins.PH is a Ripoff ! Esp. If you are selling them Bitcoin Cash.

They give you a poor spread.
And then their mid-price is below market
It is a double Ripoff. I need to expose it!
(This isn’t business, it is almost a criminal enterprise)

Coins.PH prices—— : (spread) mid.   / Spot :  Difference
BTC: 2799K - 2939k : 5.00% 2,869k / 2,875k*: -0.21%
BCH: 31,037-32,964 : 6.20% 32,000 / 32,534*: -1.65%
*Bitmex —- x PHP
Btc: 59.240 x 48.54 = P2,875k
Bch: 670.25 x 48.54 = P32,534
I have seen their BTC spread at 3%, so today may be wider
Than usual,  But their BCH buying price is insanely low. Avoid avoid avoid.
(In 5-10 minutes I could explain to these jerks how to offer
Better prices. Instead, after I let they rip me off, I want
To expose them.)

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