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Golden Crosses : 50d vs 200d MA's

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Golden Crosses : 50d vs 200d MA's

1/ Starting with the Gold Share market, & some favorite shares

Golden Cross... for GCM coming?  maybe.

Not yet for others... GDXJ. GG, MUX will take time

GDXJ ... 3-years : 5yr : 1yr :


GDX is similar : 3-yrs :  But it made a failed Golden Cross back in ... sep-oct.2017

GCM.t / Gran Columbian Gold ... 3-years : 5yr : 1yr :


 GCM has shown two REVERSALS after Major MA Crosses
+ A Golden Cross came back in mid-2016.  But it came AFTER a Peak was already in place, with a high near C$2.40.
And the market was already fall (basis 21d MA, I believe) when the Golden MA Cross occured
+ A Death Cross earlier this year looks like it will be reversed too.  Once again, shorter Term MA's were headed higher
when the Death Cross signal was put in place by a Cross of 50d.MA below the 200d.MA

GG / Goldcorp ... 3-years : 5yr : 1yr : GGvsMUX :


Goldcorp had one Reversal of a Cross in early 2018. Once again ST MA's were falling

MUX.t / McEwen Mining ... 3-years : 5yr : 1yr : GGvsMUX :


The Golden Cross reversals in MUX did not have the same timing clues as other reversal

: GGvsMUX :




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IWM / etf for Russell 2000 ... IWM :


What the Russell Death Cross means to Gold

A storm is coming in the equities markets and the first sign of a equity rain cloud is the death cross that is hanging over the Russell 2000. This occurs when the 50-day moving average (DMA) crosses below the 200 DMA to the downside (see chart below). I believe a break in the equities could be the catalyst that pushes gold through $1246/oz and powers it up to the 200 DMA at $1276/oz. Now recently several Fed officials have changed their tone to a more dovish stance. This is a result of the softening housing data from their over tightening in interest rates. While I expect the Fed to raise rates in December, this should lead them to disappoint in 2019.   

Now it’s important to be able to identify these types of events and be able to come up with a strategy ahead of time. I always keep a commodity calendar and monitor RJO’s Market insights to stay on top of important global events. If you haven’t ordered a complimentary 2019 Hightower Commodity Trading Guide & Calendar, we will have some of these available to send out soon. This is your “go-to” resource for Government & Industry Report Dates, Futures and Options Expiration Dates and more than 350 charts and graphs. *Available to U.S. residents only.

GLD / etf for Gold ... GLD :  Last Cross was Down, from about $124


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URANIUM's Top Producer, Cameco Corp

CCJ / Cameco ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr :


: 5yr : A Nice Golden Cross is in place



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Silver Shares could show future Gold Cross (in 2019?)

SIL / Silver Share etf ... All-data : 10yr : 5yr :


AG / First Majestic Silver ... All-data : 10yr : 5yr :


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