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Acore Discernment - v.2019

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Acore Discernment - v.2019

REALITY IS OPTIONAL?  for Lefties... Leftist Leaders choose their own version of the Facts

They Lie to you. They lie to themselves... Pushing PC Delusions

Democrat Leader Pelosi to Homeland Security Head Kirstjen Nielsen During Border-Security Meeting: ‘I Reject Your Facts’

“I reject your facts,” Pelosi told Nielsen

“These aren’t my facts," Nielsen shot back. "These are the facts.”

Following the episode, Nielsen went to social media to criticize Pelosi and the Democrats for not wanting to hear about the issue of illegal immigration.

“I am disappointed that Dems did not want to hear from @DHSgov about the security & humanitarian crisis we are facing at the border,” Nielsen wrote. “They didn’t want to hear about criminal aliens, drug smugglers, smuggled & abused children or violent caravans trying to breach the border wall.”

“The crisis is not going away-it is getting worse. The status quo in funding & authorities for #DHS is irresponsible & makes our country less secure,” she continued. “Kicking the can down the road is not the answer. I look forward to engaging w Members who want to.”

(No wonder Dem run cities are falling apart - Reality is never faced.)


(They can choose a different race, if that might benefit them... financially):


Judge Sets Trial Date for Rachel Dolezal Welfare Fraud Case

Dolezal, who switched her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, is accused of collecting nearly $9,000 in welfare money from the state between August 2015 and November 2017.

Investigators said Dolezal falsified income reports for several years to qualify for government assistance and claimed she only received a few hundred dollars per month from friends.

But when state investigators looked into her finances, they found she deposited more than $80,000 while she had been receiving public assistance.

The state investigator learned that Dolezal— who had published a book called In Full Color— received income from book sales, speaking gigs, and sales of her arts and crafts.

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/05/judge-sets-trial-date-rachel-dolezal-welfare-fraud-case/

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Marxist ‘Intersectionality’ Narrative Fails, Causing Feminazi March to Implode, Falsely Claims ‘Not All Women Have Female Reproductive Parts’


> Leftism, the New Religion- : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/topic/22231-leftism-is-like-a-religion-faith-based-not-logical/

> Feminine Wisdom Needed : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/topic/22274-feminine-wisdom-needed-not-whining-virtue-signaling-vanity/

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Strong Women? = Hairy Legs, But NOT maturity, personal responsibility, or accuracy?

Digusting ‘JanuHAIRY’: New Campaign Encourages Women to Stop Shaving Their Legs and Underarms

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Hottest Take: WaPo Asks, ‘What’s So Wrong with Motherf—ker?’

Members of Fashionable "oppressed groups" think they have a license to misbehave.

They are so entitled, they think


New Civility: No-Joy Behar Defends Muslim Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Calling President Trump ‘Motherf*cker’


I am waiting for Wise Women to end this madness.

As Jordan Peterson has stated, "Men do not know how to cope with Crazy Women"


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SECOND CLASS Citizenship in the Country they built

PCR is a guy read by a mainstream


The Demise of the West: Part I --Do White People Have A Future? ...

"an ideology of hatred preached against people whose skin is white"

3 days ago - The Demise of the West: Part I Do White People Have A Future? Paul Craig Roberts
Identity Politics is now the defining characteristic of the liberal/progressive/left and the political ideology of the Democratic Party.

It is an ideology of hatred preached against people whose skin is white. Identity Politics is completely inconsistent with a multicultural society, writes political economist, Dr. Paul C. Roberts.

The West used economic pressure to force South Africa to turn over the government to blacks.

The situation remained more or less stable as long as there was only one black political party. However, the appearance of a second black political party resulted in a contest for power based on a competition as to which party hated white South Africans the most.

The remaining white majority populations in the US and Europe are already being moved into second class citizenship. Only white people can be guilty of hate speech and hate crimes, and only minorities can be “offended.” As white people, despite still a majority in Western countries, have already lost free speech and other rights, what prospects do they have when they become a minority?

Have the corrupt and traitorous politicians in Europe and North America who multiculturalized the Western countries set the stage for the genocide of whites?

Time will tell.

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