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Glen Neely's Neowave Fund

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Glen Neely's Neowave Fund
We invite you to learn more about the NEoWave Equity Fund by contacting:
Email: Chris@Financial-Solution.net
Phone: 1-800-636-9283, Ext. 4 (USA residents)   or   949-484-7085 (Non-USA residents)



> https://www.neowave.com/fund.asp

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Glenn Neely launched the NEoWave Equity Fund in June 2009. This is the first and only portfolio based on Mr. Neely's proprietary Neely River Trading Technologies and NEoWave Theory. The creation of this investment fund is the culmination of Mr. Neely's successful 30-year career in technical innovation, trading, and forecasting.

With market professionals and successful traders already invested, the Fund continues to build a unique group of investors who value the knowledge and trading skills of a internationally recognized organization. This powerful and successful combination is not available from any other source or investment fund.

To comply with U.S. laws, we are permitted to share Fund performance and details only with qualified investors who specifically request this information.

For preliminary fund information or customer service, contact:
Magelan Ferreira
800-636-9283, Ext. 2 (USA residents), 949-480-7406 (Non-USA residents)

For performance data, administration, additions and withdrawals, contact:
Christine O'Neill
508-888-2752, Ext. 4

For fund trading tactics, contact:
Glenn Neely

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LETTER / NEoWave FUND UP 23.93% for 2019...
OutPerforms S&P 500 by 5.39%...now is the time to become a member!

Dear Client,

Nearly 3 years ago, I realized trading only 4 ETFs (i.e., the SPY, TLT, GLD and FXE) would never get my Fund where I wanted it to go. The opportunities were not plentiful enough to produce interesting results. Even worse, 3 of the 4 ETFs I was following had drifted for 3 years - so no trends to take advantage of.

In late 2016, I had had enough; so, I began to work on systems to expand my ability to cover 1000's of US equity markets and ETFs. In addition, I studied advanced options strategies to enable us to make money even when markets went nowhere. In March of 2018, I implemented this new approach and started slowly adding positions each month until I had dozens of carefully selected investments. 

In late 2018, I discovered Tradestation allowed the downloading of portfolio data, which could be manipulated to produce detailed, trade-specific performance data. That would not only allow me to manage an almost unlimited number of positions (currently, the Fund is holding 57 positions) but would force strict risk management strategies to cut our losses quickly and let of profits run. 

As a result, starting January of 2019, the Fund began with the most sophisticated arsenal of trading tools I'd ever devised in my 36 year career (my MOAT Index to determine market trend across all markets, Neely River Trading technology to identify objective, low-risk entry points and my new Excel Money Management Macros [to track and analyze every position from a multitude of financial perspectives])!

IMPACT - our expansion into ALL U.S. markets (i.e., 1000's of U.S. stocks and ETFs), the automation of Neely River Trading technology into Tradestation AND the addition of advanced money mananagement macros

the NEoWave Equity Fund was up 23.93% for 2019, which means it out-performed the S&P 500 by 5.39%!  

Consequently, this is the BEST TIME EVER to invest in the NEoWave Equity Fund.

What makes us unusual?
1. NO entry Fees
2. NO exit Fess
3. NO performance fees (for at least 1 year)
4. NO long holding periods (quickly get your money in and out)
4. Only a 1% yearly money management fee
5. Finally, investments can start as low as $25,000

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Return Since Change in strategy

MONTH Current : Monthly : YTD %: 12 month trailing%
Jan-18: 100.00 : + 0.00%, +0.00%
Feb-18: 100.00 : + 0.00%, +0.00%
Mar-18: $91.38 : - 8.62%, - 8.62%
Apr-18: $88.99 : - 2.51%, -10.91%
May-18: $97.08 : + 9.09%, - 2.82%
Jun.-18: $93.53 : - 3.66%, - 6.38%
July-18: $95.50 : + 2.11%, - 4.40%, + 2.11%
Aug-18: 106.33 : +11.34%, +6.43%, +13.68%
Sep-18: 106.01 : - 0.30%, +6.11%, +13.34%
Oct-18: $91.35 : -13.83%, - 8.57%, - 2.34%
Nov-18: $89.29 : - 2.26%, -10.63%, - 4.54%
Dec-18: $69.26 : -22.43%, -30.67%, -25.95%
Jan-19: $81.57 : +17.78%, -18.35%, +17.78%, -12.78%
Feb-19: $89.76 : +10.04%, -10.15%, +29.60%, - 4.03%
Mar-19: $89.42 : - 0.38%, -10.49%, +29.12%, - 4.39%
Apr-19: $92.24 : +3.15%, - 7.67%, +33.18%, - 1.38%
May-19: $78.39 : -15.01%, -21.53%, +13.19%, -16.18%
Jun.-19: $85.83 : +9.49%, -14.09%, +23.93%, - 8.23%

14% below the level of Jan. 2018



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NEoWave Equity Fund LLC

Subscription Instructions
This document summarizes the documents which must be executed and returned if you wish to invest in NEoWave Equity Fund LLC (the “Fund”). You should consult with an attorney, accountant, investment advisor or other advisor regarding an investment in the Fund and its suitability for you. All Subscription Documents must be completed correctly and thoroughly or they will not be accepted.
If you wish to invest, please complete, sign and return this Subscription Agreement and retain the Confidential Private Offering Memorandum.
If you have any questions concerning these Subscription Documents or would like assistance completing them, please contact: Financial Solutions, Christine O’Neill chris@financial-solution.net508-888-2752 x4 (Eastern Standard time).

Instructions for Individuals
1.1.Please read and sign the Arbitration Agreement on page 10 and complete the form on Page 11.
2. Answer the Investor Suitability Questionnaire. a separately provided document (ISQ) if required. Note: By executing page(s) 10 and 11, the investor thereby grants the Power of Attorney contained in the Subscription Agreement under Section 1(c).
3. Return this Subscription Agreement to the Fund at the address listed on the next page under the Administrator Address.
5. Follow the instructions listed below under the Payment of Capital Contributionsection on the next page.

Instructions for Entities Other Than Individuals
1. Please read and sign the Arbitration Agreement on page 10.
2. Answer the Investor Suitability Questionnaire (ISQ) if required
3. Fill out and sign page 11. Note: By executing pages 10 and 11, the investor thereby grants the Power of Attorneycontained in the Subscription Agreement under Section 1(c).
4. Return this booklet to the Fund at the address listed below under the Administrator Address.
5. Follow the instructions listed below under the Payment of Capital Contribution section.

Payment of Capital Contribution(For Wire Deposits)
Payments may be made by wire.
Please carefully follow the instructions listed below to ensure proper payment.
Wire Instructions:
Bank Address: 26831 ALISO CREEK ROAD, ALISO VIEJO, CA 92656, United States of America.
Account Number: 3250 2476 3794
Routing Code: 026 009 593 (Usually US only)
SWIFT CODE: BOFAUS3N (Usually International only)
Beneficiary Address: NEoWave Equity Fund LLC, 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, United States of America
Please note:
1. Some wire instructions contain a section for ‘onward transmission’. This is not applicable to NEoWave Equity Fund wire transfers.
2. The ABA code is not usually required for international transfers. This is a routing code used in the US only. International transfers will require the SWIFT CODE.
3. Investments should be wired with all charges paid for senders and recipients so the net credit is the same as the required invested amount.

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