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NORTH MANILA & QC : Bulletpoints & Links

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NORTH MANILA & QC : Bulletpoints & Links

(this is a companion thread to a Viber chat)


Did you know North Manila accounts for over 42pct of the working population?


That's QC alone with 22.8%, then add Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malabn and Navotas.

South Bulacan is where Ayala is planting its flag. South Bulacan is where the MRT line7 will terminate; where the new SMC internaational airport will be built. Talk about greenfield.

GEI's VERTIS NORTH thread - "it should be transformational!"

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Quezon City (& NoMan.) needed a CBD

A: QC also has the largest labor pool in metro manila.   And QC people hate having to schlep to BGC/Makati for work.

B: NoMan. (ie North Manila)  needed a proper Central Business District.  And maybe it has one now

A: NoMan has a CBD. It's where Vertis North is located. 


B: exactly.  a great  concept whose time has come


Where the subway will start; where MRT-7 will terminate. 

If you squint, you can see the pieces of the puzzle. Here is red is the top half of that square/diamond I talked about

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FIRST THREE STATIONS for the Mega Manila Line, will be in Quezon City

Image result for quezon City first three stations


Metro Manila's First Three Subway Stations Will Be Good to Go by 2022

The Department of Transportation recently announced the consortium that won the design and build contract of the subway's first three stations.

The consortium of Japanese and Filipino firms, which include Shimizu Corp., Fujita Corp., Takenaka Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. and locally listed firm EEI Corp., will lead the project’s groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, February 27. The project was supposed to break ground in December 2018 but was pushed back due to “scheduling issues.”

The consortium, officially named as the “Shimizu Joint Venture” will build the subway’s first three underground stationsMindanao Avenue-Quirino Highway, Tandang Sora, and North Avenueor the partial operability section.The train stations are expected to be completed and operational by 2022.

Aside from the underground stations, the consortium is also constructing the subway’s train depot in Valenzuela City and the facilities of the Philippine Railway Institute, the country's first educational institution for railway personnel. 

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BIG MALLS can help drive property appreciation - & QC has some

Comments from the Viber chat

+ North Avenue station is very hot.  That's where Ayala Vertis North is.  Also SM Grass Residences. 

+ Ayala's Vertis North is between North station and Quezon Avenue

The SM North Mall is the largest of all the Megamalls, according to Wikipedia.  Larger than SM MOA




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Ayala's VERTIS North



Vertis North, a 29-hectare Ayala Land development in Quezon City, is bringing all the elements of a modern mixed- use, master- planned development with a 2-hectare garden as its pièce de résistance. Designed to be a sustainable and energized city center, Vertis North is a growth accelerator that brings together the best of what Metro Manila has to offer.

> more: https://www.ayalaland.com.ph/vertis-north-quezon-city-rising-city-center/

> GEI's Vertis North thread:


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Mega Manila line will provide "a totally different commuting experience: Safe, Reliable"

JICA - Metro Manila subway to form north-south backbone of PH capital | ANC

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has committed to give 200 billion yen to the Philippines in 2018 in support of the government's Build, Build, Build program.


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Properties nearby the stations (w/in 1 km) "may double or triple," says Colliers research head *

*(I attended his presentation today on Q1-2019 Property Briefing)

Colliers in the News | Metro Manila Subway Impact on Land and Property Prices

/ 2 / for those who speak Tagalog (has subtitles in English)





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MOST Connected ?

QC set to become the most connected city | BusinessWorld


Construction of infrastructure projects such as the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 and North Avenue Grand Central Station are currently on-going in Quezon City. -- CATHY ROSE A. GARCIA

QUEZON CITY will soon become the “most connected city” in the country in the coming years, thanks to the major public infrastructure projects such as the Skyway Stage 3, Metro Manila Subway and Metro Rail Transit Line 7 (MRT-7).

Jettson P. Yu, founder and managing director of commercial real estate consultancy firm Prime Philippines, said these projects would boost Quezon City’s connectivity to other areas in Metro Manila.

“I think Quezon City in the next three to five years will be the most connected city in the Philippines,” he said during the Philippine Real Estate Investment Forum 2019 organized by Prime Philippines.

“Quezon City will also be the gateway of the north… The Skyway Stage 3 will also help connect Makati and Quezon City in just less than 15 minutes, so the way we see Quezon City, maybe in the next ten years or twenty years… it’s going to be a… highly connected city. Main railway stations will be completed in Quezon City, and not only that, it will be a place where people live, work, shop,” he explained.

The Skyway Stage 3 project is an 18.68-kilometer elevated toll road that will connect Gil Puyat (formerly Buendia) in Makati City to the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) toll plaza in Balintawak, Quezon City. This is being constructed by Citra Central Expressway Corp. (CCEC), a unit of San Miguel Corp. (SMC).

The Metro Manila Subway project will have its first three station along Mindanao Avenue, Tandang Sora, and North Avenue in Quezon City. This project is funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Another major project is the 22-kilometer MRT-7 which will have 14 stations running from North Avenue in Quezon City to San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. This is also being developed by SMC.

These public infrastructure projects have prompted developers to launch new projects in Quezon City. Ayala Land, Inc. is continuing to develop its Vertis North development, near the North Avenue Grand Central Station that will host the MRT-3, MRT-7 and Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 1.

DMCI Project Developers, Inc. earlier said it is spending around P7 billion on the construction of two more condominium projects in Quezon City this year, after seeing continued robust sales of existing condominiums in the area.


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FAIRVIEW Viewings - A Day of Discovery, Thu. Oct 24th
Avida & Lavita : condos & townhouses near a new station


The plan we hatched at the Sat meetup was for a...

Meet up Thursday, Oct 24th - in QC Area
10am at AYALA TERRACES Mall.

 quezon-city-ayala-fairview-terraces.jpg : images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRI6Fk1hyIRNYrGsb2JJY6

A discussion about opportunities in North Manila, near QC
Followed by a viewing of the site of the new MTR station
And two nearby projects:
+ Avida Astrea South condos, led by Julie Encabo,
+ Lavita townhouses, led by Ian Mallari

That’s the basic plan.
Who wants to join us??

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The Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 7, also known as MRT Line 7, or MRT-7, is an under-construction rapid transit line in the Philippines. When completed, the line will be 22.8 kilometers long serviced by 14 stations. The line runs in a northeast-southwest direction, beginning at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan up to the under-construction North Avenue Grand Central station located in North Avenue, Quezon City. The line will traverse Quezon City and Caloocan in Metro Manila, and is envisioned to spur business and commerce at its inter-modal terminal station in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. According to the latest update, the project is 46.44% complete as of July 31, 2019

> Wiki : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manila_Metro_Rail_Transit_System_Line_7


Mindanao Ave. Station... is next to SM City Mall


connection to Caloocan coming too (by 2022?)

> Map source: http://defenseph.net/drp/index.php?topic=3979.0

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The Pitch for the Avida project follows


> slideshow

Hi, fellow property buyers

NEW AVIDA PROJECT, Avida Astrea South _ At under VAT threshold !
Available with small monthly payments: 20% over 60 months
Completion expected March 2022
This project hits many of my hot buttons (which I will list),
And Avida agent, Julie Encabo would like to discuss it with us.
I see this as a CHEAP option on a property Below VAT

Hot buttons:
+ Price just under VAT should enhance future price gains
+ Low payments (about P11k) give this good “optionality”
(By which I mean, you risk only 20%/2 for years*), under p320k
+ Transport is coming nearby! MRT 7 extension (due 2020?)
(That is Mindanao Avenue Station)
+ Walk to the station will be about 10 minutes
+ Ayala Terraces mall, 5 min walk, other malls: 10 mins
+ at Rental about P1000k per sq, you could  expect approx 8% gross yield*


AVIDA ASTREA SOUTH - Tower 2 just launched
PRICE: P3,183k (P3.199M is VAT threshold
SIZE:    22.5 sq Meter = P 141.5 k per sq
EOC:    + 7% approx, at completion, 2 1/2 years
Rents are expected (by some) to rise with inflation or faster
Due to the completion of MRT extension
And also with the Bulacan airport bring “a shift to the North”


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