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Philippines High Dividend stocks

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Philippines High Dividend stocks

NEW thread To track high div stocks ...

PHDv#1 : 5yr : 2yr: 1yr: 6mo: 10d/

BEL-1.99 (6.03%), DMC-8.29 (11.6%), SCC-23.00 (9.78%), SHNG-3.29 (5.33%)


Others: ?: SPC

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COMMENTS : Dividend TAXES & "the compression effect*"

CL-: Beware of CITIRA law... If pass, starting next year, the final tax of 10% which we currently enjoy, would increase to 20% (??)...

while bonds, LTNCDs' final tax which is currently being slapped at 20% will be reduce to just 15% final tax...

DB: Hmm.  Thanks for that tip.  Why penalise Divs, and chase money into debt instruments?

An even handed 15% would make more sense imho

CL-: Sorry, currently final tax on cash div for publicly listed shares are being slapped 10% final tax... If CITIRA Law is pass, the new final tax will be 15% on all divs... Be it cash, stocks, n even property div...

DB: 15% is not seem so terrible, But obviously I would prefer 10%

CL-: Right!

DB: This might tend to make many div stocks more range-bound, than at present

CL-: Hmmm... If they realize that, they might move towards range-bound, but that we have to see...

DB: Just a tendency, I reckon, not a certainty

CL-: (thumbs up!)

DB: But might also bring more liquidity, as (yield-driven) liquidity circulates among a relatively small number of high div stocks. 

(Which I hope to be monitoring for investment opportunities.)


*DB: On "the Compression Effect":

I am looking for what I call "the compression effect" where I but a high div stock near its low, and then when it pops up. I can sell and collect a capital gain equal to 2-5 years worth of dividends,  Then I would recycle the funds into another high div stock.  (I have been doing this in HK for some years)

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DMCI should have strong support in the region of P8 or so - & has a great Dividend (11.6%)

DMC / ... all-data : 10yr: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: 6m: 10d / Last: P 8.29 +0.08


SCC / Semirara Mng & Pwr... all-data : 10yr: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: 6m: 10d / Last: P 23.00

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