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Articles of Impeachment read out in the Senate at Capitol Hill on 17 JAN 2020

Guest Dr Kaon

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Guest Dr Kaon

If you study law and listen to the "Articles of Impeachment" being read out in the Senate in Capitol Hill in the early morning on 17 JAN 2020, you should question the uses of  a number of "vague terms" in accusing President Trump in violating the US Constitution. These terms were read out without referring to any specific evidences in "details" to support their accusations.

This is like when your boss (if any) tells you that you are a bad performer in your role without giving specific evidences to support his or her claim(s). 

I used to give training to supervising managers in performance appraisals for big organisations. It was a must to train them to give specific examples to "expand" on the term "bad performance". 

Here we are. These politicians, who want to remove Trump from his office, require training from me.

That is to give specific evidences in "details" in each of the "vague terms".

Can I handle these "self-interest" politicians? Of course not. They are bullies with well presented CVs and personal charisma. 

If you are an American, I feel sorry for your country to come to this stage of "self-interest" politics.

If you are a Filipino, you should feel proud of your President who is clearing up all drug traffickers, who may have already recruited your children into their crime organisations. 

If you are a Filipino and involved in drug trafficking and/or "sex crimes trapping foreigner retirees" (white, particularly, who have money), 

you should ask yourself purposes of your life.

Return to good, if you can. Pray to GOD, who will bless you.


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Trump broke no Laws. 

What he is defending himself against is political shenanigans.  He committed no high crimes.

What we need in 2020 is Justice.  Biden, Clinton, and many other belong in Jail.  Some may belong on the gallows.  Let's bring on fair trials

It disgusts me how Dems seem to get away with serious crimes again and again, while the LIE STREAM MEDIA covers for them

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