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The Coming CRASH in Etf stocks (& Indices)

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The Coming CRASH in Etf stocks (& Indices)

The real bubble?  it is in ETF stocks. 

I have just heard a very fascinating interview about this.  I will psot a link here shortly.  The argument in the interview is to "look for stocks below the ETF line" (which may not be included in popular indices for a number of reasons.)  Wky?  because when the MASS SELLING comes, it will be the indices and etfs that get sold.  And the stocks in the index will get pound.  And the ones outside it, may be relatively unscathed.  A very interesting idea, which was well-presented

Why We're in the Biggest Financial Bubble in History (w/ Steve Bregman & Mike Green) >


Stocks like KRO, VHI, DHX & WILD.t, that I have been buying recently are "below the etf line"

For that matter, GCM.t my favorite Gold stock, has also been outside the GDX & GDXJ index 

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