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CRESCENDO: Ayala's New Project in Tarlac

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CRESCENDO: Ayala's New (Makati-CBD-Sized) Project in Tarlac

Ayala Land investing P18 Billion in 290-hectare estate in Tarlac

Ayala Land Inc. on Tuesday said it is investing P18 billion to develop a 290-hectare “new downtown” in Tarlac, the property developer’s 29th estate so far.

Dubbed as the Crescendo, the estate is located some 3 kilometers from the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and MacArthur Highway, and accessible through the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX).

Some P5.5 billion of the total investment has been allocated to the first phase of development, which includes a 1.5-hectare civic plaza, church, school, retail strip, residences, transport terminal, and an industrial park.

> https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/money/companies/715174/ayala-land-investing-p18b-in-290-hectare-estate-in-tarlac/story/


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The Planned New CBD at Crescendo looks appealing

Ayala eyes growth in Tarlac this 2020 with ‘Cresendo’

by Staff Report | News, Property


AYALA LAND, Inc. (ALI) is visualizing the replication of the bustling community of Tarlac City’s Poblacion area at ‘Cresendo’ – their newest mixed-use estate spanning 290 hectares, according to Business World.

ALI eyes Cresendo as a ‘modern local community’ that joins commercial establishments, residential areas, and industrial growth within the vicinity.

Within the 290-hectare project is Cresendo’s core – a 30-hectare area which will house a school, a central plaza, a church, and a commercial district, to name a few.


“Tarlac City has a poblacion — with San Sebastian Cathedral and across it is the plazuela and at the center is F. Tañedo St. — the central business district of Tarlac. We were inspired by this one, and so in Cresendo, that will be our core,” said Crescendo Estate Head John R. Estacio in a briefing with the press in Makati.

The Business World reports Estacio furthered that Cresendo will be ALI’s answer to complement the existing downtown area in Tarlac City.

“What we bring as ALI is we will inject life’s new conveniences and best practices over our collective experience. We feel this will work with them. It will be familiar, a little greener and organized. Cresendo Town Plaza is as big as the Tarlac City plazuela. In our culture, it would be the center for activities and seasonal community events. That’s our ambition,” he said.


Visualizing the new downtown

Specifications of commercial buildings within the town plaza will range from from 500 square meters (sq.m.) to 2,000 sq.m. – making it ideal for small to medium enterprises to launch their business, franchise a new store or perhaps put up offices in the area.

> https://filipinotimes.net/property/2020/01/16/ayala-eyes-growth-tarlac-2020-cresendo/

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Portion of Hacienda Luisita in P18B redevelopment

New estate. Ayala Land combines industrial, residential and commercial in Crescendo.

A portion of the estate known as Hacienda Luisita of Central Azucarera de Tarlac will undergo P18-billion redevelopment.

Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) will transform a 290-hectare area in the estate located in San Miguel, Tarlac that used to be part of the sugar mill and was the so-called staging area for the sugarcane before they are loaded onto trucks. ALI bought the property last year.

Cresendo will have a mix of industrial park, residential and commercial areas.

The estate is approximately three kilometers away from the Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway and MacArthur Highway. ALI will allocate 31 percent of the estate to the network of civic spaces, highlighted by the 1.5-kilometer greenway connecting the central plaza and the seven-hectare river terraces.

About P5.5 billion of the total investment has been allocated for phase one of the development which will become the 1.5-hectare civic plaza, church, school, retail strip, residences, transport terminal and an industrial park.

“This will be part of Cresendo’s 30-hectare urban core highlighting the estate’s modern Filipino design, with pocket parks and pedestrian promenades,” ALI said.

Surrounding the Cresendo central plaza will be commercial lots for sale from 500 to 2,000 square meter (sq.m.) cuts.

While 59 percent of the estate has been allocated for residential projects initially by ALI’s Avida Land, about 11 percent has been set for the 32-hectare Cresendo Industrial Park, which will have various lot sizes ranging from 1,200 to 10,000 sq.m. for sale at P6,000 to P9,000 per sq.m.

The industrial park is intended for light to medium industries in non-polluting, non-hazardous enterprises.

Cresendo Industrial Park has so far attracted locators for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and others in need of standard factory buildings. It is set to open in 2022 and will initially generate approximately 2,000 jobs.

> source: https://www.cresendo.ph/blog_cpt/portion-of-hacienda-luisita-in-p18b-redevelopment/

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800px-03059jfSanto_Cristo_Don_Bosco_Tech: Map:

Don Bosco Technical Institute has been slated to soon open a senior high school and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Center on a six-hectare lot within the Cresendo estate.

“We partnered with Don Bosco Tarlac to deliver quality and holistic education… By 2022, senior high school will first be offered here. The TVET Center will operate by 2025,” furthers Estacio.

Don Bosco Technical Institute in Tarlac City, or simply Don Bosco Tarlac, is an all-male private Catholic pre-school, grade school and high school. Co-Ed for Senior High since 2016. The first ever Don Bosco school in the Philippines, it is the only academic-technical school in Tarlac. Its campus is located in Sto. Wikipedia

> Location :

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Cresendo will have a 30-hectare urban core comprised of a 1.5-hectare central plaza, school, commercial center and a church.

“The urban core of Cresendo is master planned to put people first. It creates vibrant, safe and interesting walking paths around the community. One can peruse ground floor retail while walking around the neighborhood, or cross over to pocket parks and promenades, view public art and installations from the plaza, to the church, the market or the school,” Estacio said.

“Cresendo is uniquely designed to be modern, yet familiar to most Filipinos,” Estacio added.

ALI will be boosting entrepreneurship as the Cresendo central plaza will be a commercial district made up of commercial buildings ranging from 500 square meters to 2,000 sq m. The smaller commercial lots categorized as shophouses, are envisioned to give rise to homegrown enterprises and inspire entrepreneurship. Business owners or employees can live right above their stores, service shops, training centers or processing centers. Opportunities to grow small, medium and large businesses will abound in the district.

A 1.5-kilometer greenway leads from the central plaza all the way to the 7-hectare River Terraces near the residential areas. With dedicated pedestrian lanes and bike lanes, it will seamlessly connect the estate’s active urban core to the quieter, residential living zones. Roads will be lined with trees endemic to the area. Three-meter wide sidewalks and arcaded walkways will all be part of the estate’s pedestrian-friendly design. Pocket parks and pedestrian promenades will be engaging and easily accessible for estate residents and visitors.

The Cresendo River Terraces will function as a community convergence point with its landscaped gardens, jogging paths and viewing deck. It will also serve as the estate’s detention pond.

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Crescendo, our first estate in Tarlac...


....will feature a 30-hectare downtown area to complement the current commercial center. This 290-hectare estate is only 3 kilometers away from the SCTEX-Luisita Exit, 6 kilometers from McArthur Highway and 15 kilometers from the New Clark City. It will be anchored by a 32-hectare industrial park, a school by Don Bosco Technical Institute and an Avida community. We have committed PHP 8 billion -- PHP 18 billion, rather for the development of this estate, of which PHP 5.5 billion will be spent within the first 5 years. As of December 2019, we have already sold PHP 0.5 billion worth of industrial lots.  

> https://finance.yahoo.com/news/edited-transcript-ali-ps-earnings-152413093.html

/ 2 /

Estacio said ALI partnered with Don Bosco Tarlac to “deliver quality and holistic education.” He said that by 2022, senior high school will first be offered there.
“The TVET Center will operate by 2025,” Estacio said.
Meanwhile, some 32 hectares will be allotted for the Cresendo Industrial Park (CIP), which will offer lots from 1,200 sq.m. to 10,000 sq.m. for sale at P6,000 to P9,000 per sq.m.
Avida Land will be the first ALI brand to develop a residential village in Cresendo. It is expected to be launched by early 2020.
ALI has allocated P18 billion to develop Cresendo, including P5 billion for Phase 1 which will involve the completion of the church, the bopening of Don Bosco senior high school, as well as the development of the residential community, transport terminal and the industrial park.
“We believe (Tarlac City) is a next wave city, accessible via land, air and sea,” Estacio said.
Located in Barangay Central, Cresendo is near the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and MacArthur Highway. It is also near the Clark International Airport and Subic Bay Freeport.
The estate’s name takes inspiration from the musical term “crescendo” which means “the highest point reached in a progressive increase of intensity.”

> https://www.cresendo.ph/new-downtown-on-the-rise/


Article: ALI hits crescendo of excitement -


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Cresendo will feature a 1.5-km. long green parkway with dedicated pedestrian lanes and bike lanes will seamlessly connect the estate’s active to more quiet zones. Roads will be lined with trees endemic to the area. The development will be highly walkable with three-meter wide sidewalks and arcaded walkway as design features.

As the pioneering developer of sustainable mixed-use estates, Ayala Land has paid careful attention to the development of these Tarlac plains. 31% of the estate has been dedicated to green open spaces, with seamless green connection including a 7-hectare river terraces including a viewing deck, jogging paths and a rainwater detention system that will ensure a safe and secure quality living.

Artist’s perspective of the 7-hectare river terraces
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AVIDA FIRST @ Crescendo
Ayala Land’s residential brand Avida Land will be the first to build residential villages on the estate. Avida’s mid-range house and lot offerings are expected to attract home buyers from Tarlac, Metro Manila and abroad, especially those with roots in the province.

> https://www.cresendo.ph/delightful-and-inspired-living/


AMAIA is already in Tarlac, a place called Capas


Amaia Scapes Capas

sprawling on a 21.5-hectare vastness in Capas, Tarlac, Amaia Scapes Capas is the developer’s newest project on this side of Central Luzon. It’s life only made sweeter for the Tarlaceños.

  • P900K - P2.6M
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LATEST ARTICLE - keeping the interest alive


Rising to a Cresendo: Ayala Land estate rises in Tarlac

Like the old plazas with few vehicles and where people leisurely walk after the church Mass, Cresendo Downtown promotes pedestrian-friendly streets surrounded by low-rise, mixed-use buildings, modern yet familiar architectural theme, green streetscapes, and walkable, human-scale pedestrian streets.

> https://propertyreport.ph/rising-to-a-cresendo-ayala-land-estate-rises-in-tarlac/

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Industrial Lots in Ayala Land’s 1st master-planned estate in Tarlac


1.5hectare town plaza to host community events

Residential communities by 2022

Don Bosco Tarlac K to 12 & technical vocational training, Church & 32hectare industrial park by 2023

47hectare mixed-use commercial development with 500-2,000sqm commercial lots

Projections upon build up

54,000 residents, 5,000 students, 2,000 jobs

Other considerations

Tarlac 65% working population

Demand for industrial warehouse and logistics in the next 12-36mos due to growth of e-commerce and local manufacturing of food & medical products & other essential household items

A view of a lush green field

Description automatically generated

Industrial Lot Offerings

1,869 to 2,815sqm

Php8,200/sqm > List price Php15.3 to 23Mn

For light to medium non-polluting, non-hazardous industries

Payment Terms: 10% discount for Cash or payable in 24mos interest-free

Special Payment Term for more than 1 lot: 10% DP, 90% in 40mos OR 15% DP, 85% in 48mos

Sample computation for 1,1869sqm lot Php15.3Mn list price (figures unofficial & purely for illustration)

  • Reservation Php500,000
  • Down Payment Php3.06Mn
  • Monthly Amortization Php584k for 24mos interest-free
  • Other Charges Php459k
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