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Desperate Developers - Examples

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Desperate Developers - Examples

It is getting harder and harder for Developers to sell their properties.

What is needed are price cuts, back to affordable levels.  But they are strongly resisting this.  And instead, they

DESPERATE DEVELOPERS v.1 - 5 years payments! Another sign of Desperation, before Price cuts...
Greetings from Axxxx Land Premier!
In the past years that we've been selling residential lots, usually we only get to offer 12 to 24 months payment term.
But for the first time, Axxxx Land Premier is offering a very special payment term. Cerxxx, Nuvali lots are now payable up to 60 months (5 years payment) without interest.
As you may have already known, we have a total of 8 villages developed by Ayala Land Premier in Nuvali. But what makes Cerilo unique is its concept that features a very wide stretched park adjacent at back of the lots.

Also, among all the 8 villages, Cerxxx is the only one who has its own Commercial Center, like a small Ayala Mall and Rustan's Marketplace.
This Special Payment Offer is valid only for reservations made within October 2020.

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