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BItcoin vs Tesla Stock & Silver stocks


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BItcoin vs Tesla Stock  & Silver stocks

TSLA-etc ... from 1/2018, 1/2019, 1.1.2020: 10d/ TSLA: $816.12 , BTC: $48,495, GLD: $170.69, Gold: $1823


Since October, BTC has been playing catch-up with TSLA stock, or at least it looks that way. 
Bitcoin market cap recently exceeded that of TSLA stock.  Now $900 Billion, 15% above TSLA's.
Meantiime, Gold has gone almost nowhere.  Right now, I like "cheap" gold more than expensive TSLA or BTC.
Asset: Ye’2019: Ye’2020: 2.12.21: vs.ye19: MktCap: 52week-Range
TSLA :  $83.67 :  705.67 :  816.12 : +875% : $783.4 B: $70.10-900.40
BTC.  :  $7,210 :   29,385 :  48,495 : +573% : $901.5 B: $4,210-49,500
GLD.  :  142.90 :  178.36 :  170.69 : +19.4% : $ 67.2 B : 136.12-194.44
Gold  :  $1,523 :   $1,891 :  $1,823 : +19.7% : $10.6 Tr:0
Silver :  $00.00:   $00.00 :  $00.00 : + 000% : $000.0 B: $000- 00000
SLV .  :  $00.00:   $00.00 :  $00.00 : + 000% : $000.0 B: $000- 00000
AGQ   :  $00.00:   $00.00 :  $00.00 : + 000% : $000.0 B: $000- 00000
SIL.    :  $00.00:   $00.00 :  $00.00 : + 000% : $000.0 B: $000- 00000
AAG.v:  $00.00:   $00.00 :  $00.00 : + 000% : $000.0 B: $000- 00000

How many people think that TSLA shares “are the future of currency”? 
(You need to ask yourself if these huge moves are driven by “the new reality”, or just a massive wave of speculative excess.)

Here's how I see it:  Musk's purchase of Bitcoin, which propelled the most recent jump in BTC prices, might have been a visionary act of a visionary man, or it might be the desperate act of a man seeking a way to prop up his overvalued stock (It hasn;t helped TSLA much, btw.)

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Tesla looks really formidable there...  And It is! But...

But if you add in a Silver stock, AAG.v/ Aftermath Silver, maybe it is a little less unsurpassable

Update: 1/2019 - with AAG.v: - AAG has shown a 20-bagger gain, since I bought it at 8 cents (w/ 12cent half-wts!)


Adding in the warrants, it beat Tesla stock since then. And if you choose the timeframe right, as I did above, you will see outperformance even without the warrants.


The (strange?) fact that so many people are queing up to learn more about Bitcoin- as compares with a big yawn now (it seems) towards Gold & Silver stocks. makes me think that it is the Gold and Silver stocks who are more likely to benefit from attracting new investors in the medium term, rather than the (over-heated, over-promoted?) Crypto sector

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MUSK SHOT BTC, but excessive Regulation & Taxes could kill it  /

Weighing on bitcoin were the latest comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stating that prices "seem high" after the digital currency hit the latest new record.


Can crypto be taxed like gold? Is regulation the real threat to bitcoin's $1 trillion market cap
Anna Golubova Monday February 22, 2021

. . . Regulations explained
The existing oversight over bitcoin is a "patchwork of regulations" that varies from state to state, analysts told Kitco News.
Here is a quick breakdown:

• Virtual currency spot exchanges are overseen by State Banking regulators via state money transfer laws.

• The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats virtual currencies as property, which is subject to capital gains tax.

• The U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is in charge of monitoring bitcoin's transfers for anti-money laundering activity.

• The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken action against unregistered ICOs (initial coin offerings).

• On the CFTC side, bitcoin has been declared a financial commodity, which means that the CFTC can regulate futures and other derivatives that are settled in bitcoin or are based on bitcoin.

What this reveals is that there is no federal oversight of bitcoin's spot markets. "The companies that allow you to buy and sell bitcoin and then exchange it back into a fiat currency are essentially unregulated," said Elliot. "Their primary regulator is the state they operate, which use their own money-transmitter regulations."

. . . WHO YOU SELL YOUR BTC TO - may become essential info

"Now the Biden administration is rethinking how they want to move forward with that because it would not only require to 'know your customer,' but also their customer's counter-parties. This means if you got bitcoin from Coinbase, for example, they would have to know who you are, where you live, and addresses and names of who you subsequently send that bitcoin to."

Yellen's comments, if they were to lead to additional regulation, would be made through FinCEN, Elliot added.

"What's in the grey zone right now are exchanges where people are buying and selling bitcoin, which are basically not touched by the federal government. This is where you could see someone like Yellen testifying that the Treasury thinks it has a blind spot. That could lead to regulation in the future," Elliot stated. "It could be in the form of extending SEC and CFTC authority to exchanges that trade cryptocurrencies. I think a new regulator is very unlikely."

> https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-02-22/Is-regulation-the-real-threat-to-bitcoin-s-1-trillion-market-cap-Can-crypto-be-taxed-like-gold.html

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MUSK LOSSES?  Musk Selling?


+ Elon Musk lost a combined $30 Bn yesterday on TSLA stock, and BTC valuation

+ Some say he may have sold some or all of his BTC at a profit, and aims to buyback in cheaper, which is why he said it looked overvalued, or something like that


Charts: 1.1.2020: 10d/ TSLA: $816.12 , BTC: $48,495,


Asset H-ofYr:  Last.  : change:  %-chg


BTC. :


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Easy come, easy go. 

His buying of BTC looked like pure desperation... to maintain TSLA's overvalued stock price.

TSLA-etc ... from 1/2018, 1/2019, 1.1.2020: 10d/


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Tough year for TSLA, and Elon MUSK who lost about $200B on his Tesla stock holdings in 2022

TSLA : 4yr:


TSLA vs Bitcoin ... update


TSLA shot up more than Bitcoin, and has recently been falling faster/.

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