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TRANSHUMANISM & the Technocratic elites


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TRANSHUMANISM & the Technocratic elites

Important!  The Techno-cratic (Scummy-ratic) Elite want to Own You (as their enhanced slave.)


The idea of programming humans has been around for decades

They don't believe in God, only their own technocratic dreams - get smart!  and alert to their anti-human agenda  /

Transhumanism is the new religion of the technocratic elite

> https://rumble.com/ve703n-transhumanism-is-the-new-religion-of-the-technocratic-elite.html

Stephen K. Bannon explains why transhumanism is not science fiction. Mark Jeftovic, CEO of EasyDNS, explains the difference between scientism versus the scientific method. Learn why transhumanism is the new religion of the technocratic elite.

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Was Clockwork Orange a twisted model for Antifa Thugs?

Scummy Rats need their Violence & Mayhem arm, to enforce their Shock Tactics


This excerpt from a comment on the sequel - shows what the Droogs were up to:

An unpublished manuscript serving as the sequel to “A Clockwork Orange” was discovered this week in author Anthony Burgess’ house in Bracciano, Italy. The discovery was confirmed by BBC News. Entitled “A Clockwork Condition,” the nearly 200-page script is “a collection of Burgess’ thoughts on the human condition and develops the themes from his 1962 book.” The novel was the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film of the same name, starring Malcolm McDowell, as well as Andy Warhol’s earlier adaptation, “Vinyl,” from 1965. The non-fiction sequel is described as “part philosophical reflection and part autobiography.”

“A Clockwork Condition” expands on many of the themes Burgess tackled in the fictional story of “A Clockwork Orange.” The book follows a sociopath named Alex as he carries out acts of ultra-violence with his gang of thugs, named the droogs. The story follows Alex’s crime spree and eventual capture, as society attempts to rehabilitate him by removing his violent thoughts. Burgess said “A Clockwork Condition” was designed to be a “major philosophical statement on the contemporary human condition,” outlining the author’s “concerns about the effect on humanity of technology, in particular media, film and television.”

> https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/clockwork-orange-sequel-discovered-unpublished-1202128328/

Instead of REMOVING VIOLENT THOUGHTS, the scummy rats enhance them. manipulate them, praise them, and bail them out of prison...

Remember Queen of the DROOGS. Kamala.  

Harris urged her supporters to donate to this Freedom Fund, which paid bail for violent criminals!


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