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Trump as Kingmaker, but not as King in 2024

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Trump as Kingmaker, but not as King in 2024

might be a great formula....


Trump's ideas, policies and campaign, without his divisive personality at center-stage

Maybe a Ron Desantis / Kristi Noem ticket would be a dream and a sure winner

Trump is taking over the GOP in any case....

Trump Used A-Bomb In His Battle With Impeachment Republicans – Lunch Alert!

Trump doesn't want his brand and fund-raising power to be used to support any who called for his impeachment.

All the GOP knows they have no chance without Trump's fund-raising ability

> more:


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As several fixtures of the Republican Party have announced they won't run...
"The media has not told the Truth"... about Covid Leadership

Gov. Kristi Noem: The media used fear to push an agenda


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SAINT RON is standing up... to Dimdem madness...

Ron DeSantis Responds to Biden Address: ‘We Are Not Going to Let Him Lock Down Florida’


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) responded defiantly Friday to President Joe Biden’s presidential address in which the president suggested that the United States may have to reinstate lockdown measures ostensibly to mitigate coronavirus infections.

“Biden last night said that they may have to impose more lockdown-type policies in the future. I can tell ya: that ain’t happening in Florida,” DeSantis stated. “We are not going to let him lockdown Florida.”

. . .

DeSantis’ Friday remarks were not the first time that he has vowed to keep Florida open. During his recent State of the State address, the governor said he would do whatever possible to ensure businesses and schools remain open in Sunshine state as his administration continues to roll out the vaccine.

“Friends, legislators, Floridians, lend me your ears: We will not let anybody close your schools, we will not let anybody take your jobs and we will not let anybody close your businesses!” DeSantis declared at the time.

“From the outset, Florida has been steadfast in focusing efforts on the protection of the elderly. We rejected the policy of sending contagious COVID patients back into nursing homes; indeed, we prohibited the practice. Florida also established COVID-only nursing facilities so that infections in long-term care facilities could be more effectively contained,” he added.

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/12/ron-desantis-responds-to-biden-address-we-are-not-going-to-let-him-lock-down-florida/


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FLORIDA is the "FREE STATE" in Post-Trump America

Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are fleeing New [Full Story]
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Donald Trump reveals who he thinks is future of ‘stacked’ Republican Party

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, as well as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Arkansas gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

These are the people Donald Trump views as the future of the Republican Party, he revealed in a new interview Monday.

Speaking on the debut episode of “The Lisa Boothe Show,” the 45th commander-in-chief made the remarks after being asked who he believed were the ones to watch in the next era of the Grand Old Party.


“Well, I think we have a lot of people, we have a lot of young good people,” he began. “Ron DeSantis is doing a really good job in Florida and I think Josh Hawley has shown some real courage in going after Big Tech, you know they go after him. Josh is terrific.”

> https://nypost.com/2021/03/22/trump-reveals-who-he-thinks-is-future-of-the-republican-party/

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DESANTIS seems to "do everything Right" - and is becoming formidable

Gov. Ron DeSantis Takes on Big Tech, Says You Own Your Data...Not Google, Facebook


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Gov Noem may have blown up... her political future with one big wrong move

"mentioning no-name legal scholars doesn't get you anywhere"

S.D. Gov. Noem: Women’s Sports Bill Flawed, Nationwide Coalition Will Prevail in Protecting Title IX


Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said at a press conference on Monday that she did not sign a bill passed in the state legislature because it was flawed and announced she is launching a nationwide coalition of stakeholders to push for preserving Title IX’s protection for female athletes.

Noem did not veto House Bill 1217, which was designed to protect female athletes from competing in sports with biological men who consider themselves transgender women but said she hopes lawmakers will fix some issues in the legislation that she said legal advisers have called “a trial lawyer’s dream.”

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/22/s-d-gov-noem-womens-sports-bill-flawed-nationwide-coalition-will-prevail-in-protecting-title-ix/

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HIT PIECE By Slimbag media fails

St Ron should sue the fkwits for milllions

( the hack "girl reporter" should be fired)

DeSantis hits back at 'deceptively edited' '60 Minutes' 'hit piece'


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Good interview,  Andrew is seriously clever, and speaks a lot of sense. 

"TRUMP Is now a winner, and may not want to risk running for President again. " /

Former CIA Super Spy Explains UFO's | Andrew Bustamante >


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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been working hard to make the Sunshine State an Antifa-free zone. To that end, he prodded the Tallahassee  legislature to enact a new and comprehensive anti-riot statute.  DeSantis’ bill had teeth, and so, of course, the woke One Percents opposed it fiercely.  And yet DeSantis played his cards well, framing the issue as a choice between wokesters plus rioters, on the one hand, and law and order, on the other.  

De Santis won that fight, of course, and on April 19 he signed into law the bluntly titled “Anti-Riot Bill.” Florida is now a safer place.

So that’s the formula for Republicans to follow: If the Democrats are now wielding the power of Big Money and Big Culture, then the GOP should play jujitsu. That is, the right should use the left’s arrogant strength against itself.  

To do this, Republicans must rally the non-woken, of all colors, into an avowedly anti-woke coalition. Individually, regular folks have almost no power, and yet solidaristically, they have enormous power, as DeSantis just proved. 

In response, of course, woke types will say that Republicans are playing the race card. But that’s nonsensical because nobody but a crazy likes disorder.  

Instead, Republicans are playing a class card on behalf of the rainbow of people who uphold the homey virtues of family, tradition, and normalcy.  That’s a good platform to attract normal people of all colors, and they are the majority. 

Wokeism is well-funded and trendy. But the woke One Percents are nowhere near a majority—and Carville knows it.  

So Republicans should build an anti-woke majority coalition—and that’s Carville’s nightmare. 

> Pinkerton: Wokery Is Snobbery; How the Populist Right Can Win the New Class War

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/05/02/pinkerton-wokery-is-snobbery-how-the-populist-right-can-win-the-new-class-war/

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Cruz Urges GOP to ‘Grow a Backbone,’ ‘Stand Up’ to ‘Woke’ Corporate America

Saturday on FNC’s “Watters’ World,” Sen. Ted Cruz warned about the dangers of so-called “wokeness,” which he said was buoyed by support from corporate America.

I think wokeness is trying to destroy America, and we’re seeing whether it’s the corporate media or big business, we are seeing woke corporations that are engaged as the political enforcers of the radical left, and are trying to silence or trying to cancel. They’re trying to punish American citizens, and I think it is profoundly dangerous,” he said.

Host Jesse Watters asked the Texas Republican what the proper course of action should be to combat that trend. Cruz urged the GOP to “grow a backbone” and refuse money from those corporate entities.

“Look, we’ve got to grow a backbone,” Cruz replied. “We’ve got to stand up to big business, and we’ve got to take on Big Tech. We’ve got to use the antitrust laws to break up Big Tech to go after them for abusing their monopoly power. This week, I wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on big companies and woke corporations, and I made a commitment this week that I am no longer accepting even one penny from any corporate PAC. Over nine years in the Senate, corporate PACs have given me about $2.6 million. But I said enough is enough. These guys are corrupt. They’re lying to the American people. They’re fighting the American people. They’ve declared the American people are their enemy.

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Pinkerton: Ron DeSantis Shows Republicans How to Win by Fighting for Americanism Against Wokeism


Making Florida Great Again

On June 22, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law three bills to strengthen civics education in the Sunshine State. As De Santis said at the signing ceremony, “The sad reality is that only two in five Americans can correctly name the three branches of government, and more than a third of Americans cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.” And so, he concluded, “It is abundantly clear that we need to do a much better job of educating our students in civics to prepare them for the rest of their lives.”

So we most definitely need a plan for teaching people more than just the fakeries of the Marvel Comics Universe and Black Lives Matter. Americans need to know, for example, that the U.S. Constitution is not just some musty old document written by “white supremacists,” but rather, a practical and enduring guide to small “r” republican self-governance. 

Of DeSantis’ three bills aimed at fixing this civics-gap problem, the first concerns the teaching of civics in grades K-12; the second concerns teaching civics in state colleges and universities; and the third—the most controversial—requires those state schools to “conduct annual assessments of viewpoint diversity and intellectual freedom.” 

We might pause to admire the thoroughness of DeSantis’ approach. As we have learned, it’s not good enough for Republicans to simply write a law saying that some good thing, such as civics education, is supposed to happen. Why not?  Because if the bureaucrats think they think they can get away with it, they will find ways of maneuvering around—or simply ignoring—any such law.  So what’s needed is constant monitoring of law-abdingness or as the bill has it, “annual assessments.”  As they say, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  

> https://www.breitbart.com/education/2021/06/26/pinkerton-ron-desantis-shows-republicans-how-to-win-by-fighting-for-americanism-against-wokeism/

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Dimdem steals Fun & steals Freedom:

Kristi Noem blasts Biden's Mt. Rushmore fireworks ban  >


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Kristi Noem.  The better you know her, the less impressed you may be.  Ineffective, not a fighter, she seems to be...        


Kristi Noem Plays ‘Misogyny Card’ on Matt Walsh but Won’t Address His Legitimate Criticisms                      

Walsh’s analysis is spot-on. Republican lawmakers seem very much set on being the permanent opposition in DC. Meanwhile, lukewarm RINOs in state executive offices across the country talk a big game during election season only to go limp once in office. Despite a slew of Republican victories in gubernatorial races in recent years, there are only a handful who have used their executive powers to rein in the creeping leftism in their states. Kristi Noem is a perfect example. She talks a good game but when legislation hits her desk that can actually have an impact, she comes up with a lame excuse to not sign it. It’s happened far too many times during her short stint in the national spotlight.

This isn’t about misogyny. It’s about failure to lead. Matt Walsh brought up very valid points about Kristi Noem’s track record as Governor.

> https://thelibertydaily.com/kristi-noem-plays-misogyny-card-on-matt-walsh-but-wont-address-his-legitimate-criticisms/

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Source on Trump 2024 'Veepstakes': 'They're All Begging Me'  "

"A lot of times, a presidential candidate will pick a running mate to balance out wings of the party, but with Trump, that's not the issue," pollster John McLaughlin told Politico. "He is the party, basically. It's so united behind him. So his choice, if he runs, will come down to what he wants. It would be a much more personal decision this time."

Trump had maintained supporters "will be very happy" with his 2024 decision, which is not expected until after the 2022 midterm elections next November. Trump has hailed himself as a political outsider, which he can no longer be considered, but he still is not beholden to traditional politics." 

  > https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/vp-runningmate-2024-kristinoem/2021/11/29/id/1046629/


"They're all begging me," Trump reportedly boasted to an anonymous adviser, Politico reported. "They all come here."

Some potential vice presidential candidates include former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sens. Tim Scott, R-S.C., Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Scott and Pompeo recently interacted with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, sources told Politico.

"It was a really warm interaction," a Republican observer told Politico of Scott's visit. "Scott was appropriately deferential without being gross, like some people are.

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Yes, please, say many.  But 2024 may be too soon.  The DC swamp is too messy, and Florida needs a generations Fix, to assure its future.

"... at this point in the age of our republic, there is no “fixing” our federal institutions. They are irreparably broken, and they continue to grow like weeds. Instead, these institutions need to be uprooted, destroyed, and disbanded forever. 

That is only possible through a decentralized bottom-up movement. The culture needs to change. The money needs to change. The institutions need to change. Very few of these objectives can be accomplished by the man in the White House."


> https://dossier.substack.com/p/should-ron-desantis-run-for-president?s=r

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