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METAverse: FB's Top in Place? New Home for Lefties


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METAverse: FB's name change means... Top in Place?

I see the name change as an Act of Desperation, and am wondering if FB has put in a peak at $384

FB/ Meta Platforms Inc ... All data10 yr: w/Twtr, Goog ... 5yr: 2yr: Ytd: 10d / Last: 340.89, 11.3% off its 2021 Peak ($384.33)

 / 2.2.2022 update:  $ 237.76, Change: -85.24 . Now -30.25% off its peak /


The Cringeworthy Video talking about FB's change of focus

Will less time caught in traffic mean more time stuck in a Shopping Cage... where FB's advertisers are feeding you Directed content.

The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together -- Connect 2021

"This place is great Boz*, but there's something I have to get back to," Says ZBorg in the Video introducing the MetaVerse.  No doubt that will be how ALL of us might feel about maintaining our existence in Real Life, instead of being stuck in a FB profit-enhancing Virtual space,

ZBorg says, we will focus on "new forms of governance"  This might not appeal to everyone. And ZBorg has already shown his own political bias has a huge impact on the sort of governance he wants to see.  Who is he, to decide this?  And to censor his users experiences?

(haha, I cannot help but think... FB's authoritarian ideas will trigger many people... Some Heroic 20-year old might decide he needs to free people by blowing up FB's servers.)


""Great" for 10 seconds, then incredibly boring and empty

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Huge SOCIAL MEDIA ANXIETY is already with us- Listen up!: 

I'm worried about humanity's future.


Not your Avatar (or your Online Presence) and you will be happier.  We all need to LEARN DISCERNMENT as an alternative to being fed ideas by others.  Deny their ability to feed you Targeted content... and be careful about the Dunning-Krueger effect

What is happening already?: 

Teen-aged girls Mental health is plummeting as they take their Instagram experiences too serious- and probably because they are getting too little exercise:  In one slide, a female British respondent to the survey says: “You can’t ever win on social media. If you’re curvy, you’re too busty. If you’re skinny, you’re too skinny. If you’re bigger, you’re too fat. But it’s clear you need boobs, a booty, to be thin, to be pretty. It’s endless, and you just end up feeling worthless and shitty about yourself.”  >  https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/29/facebook-hearing-latest-children-impact

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"you can have a sword-fight with a Duck, without having to leave the comfort of your parents basement"

New Rule: Avatar Time with Bill Maher | Real Time (HBO)

/ 2 /


LOL.  Icelandic Guy nails it, Ridiculing the inhuman Zborg: 

Introducing, Icelandverse#icelandverse    

Some said an open-world experience this immersive wasn’t possible. But it’s already here. And you don’t even need silly VR headsets.
> https://twitter.com/i/status/1458757245441822731


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Your future in the Metaverse... extra ears

Facebook's Odd "Metaverse" Move

"People are going to realize that it is a CRAZY IDEA that you will give your life to... "

"This guy who..."


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MARKETING PITCH gets interrupted, and we actually Learn something

"The Place to Go... If you want to work on this"

Web3/Metaverse Chat With Mark Zuckerberg

Today’s video is a special interview with the one and only Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Meta. We discuss the future of the Metaverse, Web3.0, take a dive into how it will change our lives and Mark gives us his thoughts on when and how this new world will come to fruition.


FB is spending $10 Billion on projects to bring the Metaverse to fruition.

So it becomes to place to go (to work) if you want to develop the software and hardware that will bring ZBorg's vision of a metaverse into reality

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His 1992 novel, Snow Crash, published just as the World Wide Web as we know was coming into existence, imagined the online world, or Metaverse, as a virtual gathering place, one where people could adopt new identities that both departed from and expanded on their offline selves. It was a space for invention and reinvention, both technological and social, in which businesses, entrepreneurs, scammers, criminals, and even some relatively ordinary people went to play, make money, find friendship, and generally escape from their offline lives. Although the particulars were different, it functioned a lot like the internet as we know it today.

Stephenson wasn't the first or only science fiction writer to envision something like the internet: In the 1980s, William Gibson gave us the early language of virtual reality in Neuromancer, and, in Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card concocted a future in which online news nets allowed anonymous young columnists working from home to shape global politics—essentially, blogging. Throughout the decade, cyberpunk authors (who are somewhat distinct from the cypherpunks) gave the coming connected world grit, grime, and attitude.

But Stephenson's idea was that the internet would be a place, a virtual space with formal rules and unspoken conventions, somewhere people would go to hang out and spend time, that it would have culture, or rather a lot of cultures, clashing and colliding and mixing with each other, just like people and cultures do in the real world. The internet wasn't just a technology for delivering and organizing information; it was an entirely new world existing in parallel to, and on top of, this one.

And one of the most prominent features of the place was that it would allow you to reinvent yourself; to be better, stronger, stranger, or more powerful than you could ever be in real life. Denizens of the Metaverse took the form of digital avatars—stylish figures that they controlled. Low-quality public terminals made the experience accessible to everyone, but those with the means could pay to upgrade the visual fidelity of their experience, creating a world of high and low culture, and strivers trying to make the leap from one tier of society to the next.

What Stephenson understood before almost anyone else was that the online experience, which allowed for both anonymity and a departure from the physical constraints of meatspace, would upend the idea of a fixed individual identity. Being online meant the possibility (if not the guarantee) of being free to be someone else.

In the decades since Snow Crash, Stephenson's freewheeling, anarchic vision has paid real world dividends, not only in the broad contours of the way it predicted the evolution of the internet and online culture, but in specific applications, especially with regards to virtual reality (V.R.), and its even-more-promising cousin technology, augmented reality (A.R.), which seeks to create a second virtual layer on top of the existing physical universe.

In 2018, Amazon released Sumerian, a platform for the development of A.R. and V.R. software; its name was inspired by Snow Crash, which posts ancient Sumerian as a kind of ancient, biological programming language. In addition to writing novels, Stephenson also works as "chief futurist" for Magic Leap, a major augmented reality startup that has received more than $2 billion in funding. It has long been rumored that Second Life, a proto-social network built as a sprawling, three-dimensional virtual space, was modeled directly on Snow Crash's Metaverse.

> https://reason.com/2019/06/05/if-we-told-you-neal-stephenson-invented-bitcoin-would-you-be-surprised/

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Four Big Players who have already beaten Meta

How Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Already Lost The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg has just rebranded Facebook as Meta, to focus on the Metaverse. But he's already too late. Here's the Four Big Players who have already beaten Meta and are 1,000x the size of Facebook and Meta in the Metaverse.

ZBOrg wants to EAT THEIR LUNCH to save his stagnating company

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Whodathunkit?  LOL!   

FB: $306 -1.1%,  LOD: $299.50.  $300 looks like important support

FB/ Meta Nears Bear Market After $224 Billion Value Wipeout ... 

  Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. dropped on Friday, bringing its shares closer to a bear market after months of volatility triggered by a whistle-blower’s revelations and disappointing quarterly results.
The selloff was 19.7% since its closing record on Sept. 7, erasing about $224 billion in market value. Meta’s stock has been pressured this week as investors grappled with uncertainty...
Meta shares fell 7.9% for the week, suffering their worst weekly decline since June 2020.  A weaker-than-expected quarterly report released in October also hurt investor sentiment. The company’s third-quarter revenues fell short of consensus estimates, as did its expectations for the fourth quarter.

> https://finance.yahoo.com/news/meta-set-enter-bear-market-151850327.html

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Desperate, Or what?  Hey, Mark, where are Priscilla's photos... and yours?    

Facebook Asks Users to Send in Their Nude Pictures (Again)      

Facebook (now known as Meta) has reportedly co-developed a platform that asks people to submit their nude photographs and videos to prevent them from being used as “revenge porn” across Facebook’s platforms. Mark Zuckerberg and the Masters of the Universe expect users to fully trust them not only with every private detail of their life, but also with their nude bodies.  

> https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/12/05/facebook-asks-users-to-send-in-their-nude-pictures-again/

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"NOTHING IS WORSE, than the METAverse"

Since FB embraced the name change, its stock has been weak.

FB / FACEBOOK ... All : last: $300.15 -8.56, vs. Yr.H: $384.33. ( -22% Lower )


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COLD KARMA for the hot mess at FB: 

Breaking: Facebook Stock Plunges After Closing

— Far Left Tech Giant Loses One Million US and Canadian Users in One Quarter!  >



26% one day drop in FB to $238 is...

VINDICATION for this old post:   Posted November 14, 2021  
    $ 237.76, Change: -85.24
METAverse: FB's name change means... Top in Place?
I see the name change as an Act of Desperation, and am wondering if FB has put in a peak at $384
FB/ Meta Platforms Inc ... All data: w/Twtr, Goog ... 5yr: 2yr: Ytd: 10d / Last: 340.89, 11.3% off its 2021 Peak ($384.33)

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NEVER, EVER FORGET THIS!  at 5:34 mins in to this video: Goodbye to ZBorg! in his intro to the Megaverse

ZBorg: "This place is great, Boz. But there's something I need to get back to."


(Was it financing another rigged election?  Cold karma runs hot against Zuckerberg, we see after a one day 26% drop in FB stock.)


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Big Challenges for Fascist Book: 

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, suffered its biggest one-day wipeout ever on Thursday as its stock plummeted 26 percent and its market value plunged by more than $230 billion.

Its crash followed a dismal earnings report on Wednesday, when Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, laid out how the company was navigating a tricky transition from social networking toward the so-called virtual world of the metaverse. On Thursday, a company spokesman reiterated statements from its earnings announcement and declined to comment further.
Here are six reasons that Meta is in a difficult spot.

1. User growth has hit a ceiling...        > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/6-reasons-meta-is-in-trouble/ar-AATs2f8

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Facebook has lost $500 billion since rebranding to Meta
We’ve seen the eerie presentations of not right looking digital worlds and worrying capitalist mentality towards these VR landscapes, and most of us are left shaking our heads. Gamers especially can’t understand why all these worlds look so bad compared to modern games and some pretty high profile game makers can’t even see the point. It’s a move that’s left many very unsure about Meta’s future, and the results are pretty clear.
> https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/facebook-has-lost-dollar500-billion-since-rebranding-to-meta/

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(They can take it, the Metaverse, if they want it! )

#METAVERSE - is for Lefties.


They don't want reality. Truth and Reality are for the Right. Conservatives embrace it, and LOVE LIFE and Love America... and even want to have families.

It is totally fine for Lefties to take over the METAverse, so long as: the Left does not reproduce, or Vote. They can go and "live their best life" online. And be sustained by bugs and bugjuice, flavored to remind them of real food. THIS is the future, thanks to #WokeSatanism.

> GETTR post:   https://gettr.com/post/p1imtqh5fe4

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Blasts Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been funneling billions into developing his digital metaverse, Apple CEO Tim Cook maintains that the average person still can’t even define what the metaverse is.

The Verge reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook is not convinced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to develop a digital “metaverse” where users will work, play, and socialize in an online 3D realm.    

> https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/10/05/apple-ceo-tim-cook-blasts-mark-zuckerbergs-metaverse/

META is pouring BILLIONS into it.   It was obvious on Day 1, it was a big boring fail!! 

 ( "Great" for 10 seconds, then incredibly boring and empty )  see above

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The Borg Cube  (The YAWN-oVerse)  is near-deserted.  Time for Zuck to resign, or take the project elsewhere? 

Maybe He can back it with his own fortune.... 

$1.2 Billion Metaverse project has only 38 active users… 


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I SAW IT COMING !  In fact, it was Obvious!


RIP, Zuckerberg just killed the Metaverse….

An obituary for the latest fad to join the tech graveyard

The Metaverse, the once-buzzy technology that promised to allow users to hang out awkwardly in a disorientating video-game-like world, has died after being abandoned by the business world. It was three years old.

The capital-M Metaverse, a descendant of the 1982 movie "Tron" and the 2003 video game "Second Life," was born in 2021 when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his trillion-dollar company to Meta. After a much-heralded debut, the Metaverse became the obsession of the tech world and a quick hack to win over Wall Street investors. The hype could not save the Metaverse, however, and a lack of coherent vision for the product ultimately led to its decline.   

. . .

The Metaverse also suffered from an acute identity crisis. A functional business proposition requires a few things to thrive and grow: a clear use case, a target audience, and the willingness of customers to adopt the product. Zuckerberg waxed poetic about the Metaverse as "a vision that spans many companies'' and "the successor to the mobile internet," but he failed to articulate the basic business problems that the Metaverse would address.

A brutal downfall

In spite of all this hype, the Metaverse did not lead a healthy life. Every single business idea or rosy market projection was built on the vague promises of a single CEO. And when people were actually offered the opportunity to try it out, nobody actually used the Metaverse.

Decentraland, the most well-funded, decentralized, crypto-based Metaverse product (effectively a wonky online world you can "walk" around), only had around 38 daily active users in its "$1.3 billion ecosystem." Decentraland would dispute this number, claiming that it had 8,000 daily active users — but that's still only a fraction of the number of people playing large online games like "Fortnite." Meta's much-heralded efforts similarly struggled: By October 2022, Mashable reported that Horizon Worlds had less than 200,000 monthly active users — dramatically short of the 500,000 target Meta had set for the end of 2022.

Did anyone learn their lesson?

While the idea of virtual worlds or collective online experiences may live on in some form, the Capital-M Metaverse is dead. It was preceded in death by a long line of tech fads like Web3 and Google Glass. It is survived by newfangled ideas like the aforementioned generative AI and the self-driving car. Despite this long lineage of disappointment, let's be clear: The death of the Metaverse should be remembered as arguably one of the most historic failures in tech history.

I do not believe that Mark Zuckerberg ever had any real interest in "the Metaverse," because he never seemed to define it beyond a slightly tweaked Facebook with avatars and cumbersome hardware. It was the means to an increased share price, rather than any real vision for the future of human interaction.

> https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/rip-metaverse-hardly-knew-ye-180200002.html

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