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"FIRST TONGUE" & Clif High's revelations will test our faith

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"FIRST TONGUE" and other revelations will test our faith

Fascinating material from Cliff High on how our civilization will be Rocked to its Core


Financial, religious, and governmental institutions will be tested - some will fail.

Clif High's DOJO / FAITH podcast is the beginning of an exploration of this breaking topic


https://www.bitchute.com/video/tGF0QXVJAfnG/    < Click HERE, not below


Discussion of the up coming global test of faith

first tongue http://www.viewzone2.com/expo2002.html


First Tongue: An Ancient Global Language

Introducion by Gary Vey

2222.jpg[Above: Colorado wall originally enhanced with aluminum powder on location but here enhanced with white in Photoshop to reveal shapes. 37-44'58.91"N 103-28'48.96"W]

In the last part of the 20th century, a handful of archaeologists discovered a collection of symbols carved in stone as petroglyphs that appeared to be writing. Initial dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC, and located on as many as five continents.

Within a few years, images of similar petroglyphs were sent to Vey by archaeologists and historians from many global locations. This included a huge, refined collection of writing from the Republic of Yemen, at the site of the newly discovered palace of the Queen of Sheba. Vey was immediately invited to visit the museums and archaeological sites in Yemen and photographed as well as translated many of the older stone and bronze artifacts.

The writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of some event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization

Part 2 - The Previous Doomsday of 12,950 BC: what was it like?

Since I wrote the doomsday article I have received lots of e-mails, mostly asking me if it is really true and what they should do.

Clif High also speculates that the Reality of the existence of ET's will be among the important revelations that are about to be made

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Clif High says the "First Tongue" language is 12,000+ years old.

Goes back before the disruption of the last Ice Age.  More recently,  Babylon had a pursuit of political unit based on a Single language and a centralized power - says the Bible.  Well after the original Mother tongue had become fragmented. 

The destruction of consolidated power which happened when the Tower of Babel was destroyed (if indeed that happened) was maybe just 2,600 years ago.

Tower of Babel vs Linguistics - the quest for the first language

. . .

Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real

Biblical scholars have long debated whether the Tower of Babel really existed. Now, a remarkable stone tablet never before shown on film appears to settle that question.

Was the Tower a project of the powerful Babylonian King Nebakanezer*


King Nebuchadnezzar : the first Globalist?, who tried to consolidate power everyone in his known world

  • Full Name: Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylonia
  • Known For: Most powerful and longest-reigning ruler of the Babylonian Empire (from BC 605-562) who figured prominently in the Bible books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
  • Born: c. 630 BC
  • Died: c. 562 BC
  • Parents: Nabopolassar and Shuadamqa of Babylon
  • Spouse: Amytis of Media
  • Children: Evil-Merodach and Eanna-szarra-usur


The Ancient City of Babylon: History of the Babylonian Empire

VIDEO > Nebuchadnezzar II: The Master of Babylon

There are similarities between the Tower of Babel and the legends of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - so maybe there is confusion with that.


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Adamic Language = "The First Language" ?  The Mormon's explanation

The modern Church calls the first language of mortals, the Adamic language. But this is meaningless, since Adam was the first mortal and whatever language he spoke would be the first. It says nothing about the language itself.
According to the rabbis, the first language was Hebrew. But this cannot be. The original language came from God and preceded all human languages. The first language no longer exists and we have no recorded examples. The story of the tower of Babel, incorrectly assumes that the first language was preserved until the confusion of tongues. But languages had already been created during the time of Adam. The event at tower confused language, but did not create new languages. The first language was the language of God and angels. It is pure and perfect. Joseph Smith was given the name of God the Father in the pure language - Ahman.


"The Confusion of Tongues" introduced additional languages

This account says the Nimrod was the one who built the Tower of Babel.

Is Nebuchadnezzar Nimrod?

Nimrod is thus given attributes of two archetypal cruel and persecuting kings – Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh. Some Jewish traditions also identified him with Cyrus, whose birth according to Herodotus was accompanied by portents, which made his grandfather try to kill him.

Nimrod vs. Abraham

In Jewish and Islamic traditions, a confrontation between Nimrod and Abraham is said to have taken place. Some stories bring them both together in a cataclysmic collision, seen as a symbol of the confrontation between Good and Evil, or as a symbol of monotheism against polytheism. Some Jewish traditions say only that the two men met and had a discussion.[2]According to K. van der Toorn and P. W. van der Horst, this tradition is first attested in the writings of Pseudo-Philo.[20] The story is also found in the Talmud, and in rabbinical writings in the Middle Ages.[21]

In some versions, such as Flavius Josephus, Nimrod is a man who sets his will against that of God. In others, he proclaims himself a god and is worshipped as such by his subjects, sometimes with his consort Semiramis worshipped as a goddess at his side.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimrod

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There are some fascinating, and rather far-fetched stories about a connection between King Nebuchadnezzar and Aliens

Some even want to see a motivation between a Alien-transporting Stargate and the desire for the US to go into Iraq, and "dethrone" Saddam

Ancient Aliens: Nebuchadnezzar Opens Star Gate (Season 10) | History

Bizarrely, Saddam Hussein claimed to be "the reincarnation of Nebachunezzar" 

King Nebuchadnezzar and the three men thrown into a fiery furnace in Babylon  They survived and reappeared with a fourth being.

Saddam Hussein's Mission to Rebuild Babylon

Comment: Saddam: "His main downfall was when he decided to reconstruct the Babylonian Gate"

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2 hours ago, drbubb said:

Clif High speculates that the Reality of the existence of ET's will be among the important revelations that are about to be made

From whence came Hammurabi's Code? - first extensive written legal system ...

Ancient Aliens: Alien Ideas That Changed Human History (Season 9) | History
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2 hours ago, drbubb said:

Clif High says the "First Tongue" language is 12,000+ years old.

Goes back before the disruption of the last Ice Age,

Babylon had a pursuit of that - says the Bible, but maybe was maybe just 2,600 years ago.

The estimated carving took place around 10,800 BCE, or 12,800 years ago. This coincides with the extinction of Clovis culture in Western North America. Ice core data and lunar soil samples point to a large ejection of solar material (possibly a Coronal Mass Ejection) mixed with cosmic dust which hit Earth around 10,800 BCE.
The plasma event of 10,400 BCE was huge and went through many different variations as the energy dissipated. The "stickman" is but one of these phases. At other times, pairs of plasma filaments encircled the planet from the North to South Poles. The plasma column extended into space for thousands of miles at the South Pole but was visible to inhabitants in the Northern hemisphere.

[Above (left): Northern hemisphere petroglyphs from the Columbia River Basin, 45.65ºN, 121.95ºW. Right: Oblique view into the auroral plasma column from these coordinates. Above (right): Nasca, Peru vase, date unknown (14.24ºS, 75.58ºW). Note the similarity to the northern hemisphere petroglyphs.]


Recent archiving of global petroglyphs has demonstrated that these shapes were correctly recorded in rock carvings by humans who witnessed this event!

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  • 1 month later...

( A classic interview.  About the Bug, the SOC, and how Covid is being used to cull humanity.)

DEEP and fascinating discussion of Clif High with James Delingpole. 

James at one stage asks:  "Why are there so few of Us. Why don't they get it?" 

Clif says the world is changing and a Group he calls the SOC (Self Organising Collective)  is working together to end the power of the "bad guys" who control the media and other institutions.   / "the Bug thinks out 1,000 years. It does not have have emotion, but understands how to manipulate people using emotion."


Clif High Interview w/ James Delingpole 9/8/21

One of the best interviews I've seen yet with Clif High who is a computer scientist, linguist and enthusiastic futurist. Has been credited as the founder of the Predictive Linguistics field. Clif believes we can write our futures through the uses of language.

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CLIF HIGH series on Antarctica - with Forum Borealis. (from Jan. 2018)

Welcome to the webbot guru Clif High to explore the obscurity that is Antarctica. In this 3-part show we deal with everything

Part 1: Clif_High : Antarctica Unveiled (Pt.1)


some issues touched in Part 1:

Why did Clif take interest in this mystery? What say web-bot about it? What happened there in the late 90's? Why was it promoted
for tourism after that?
What's the large magnetic anomaly under the ice? Why's all satellite images censored & manipulated? What did Russians find in Lake Vostok?
Are there really hot zones? Was there a nuclear meltdown in the 70ies? Where was Atlantis?
Was Admiral Byrd right? What say the Ancients? What happens if the ice melts? And learn how Earth grows...

Part 2: Clif_High : Antarctica Unveiled (Pt.2)


In part 2 we move through history with topics like:

What's the Expanding Earth theory implications for Antarctica? Why is most ancient habitation zones submerged?

Is Mars a dead planet? What say Salish & Jain about former civilizations?

What's the Royal belief? Were humans incarcerated by ancient invaders at Antarctica? Was it frozen due to war?

Is humanity a hybrid species? Were we once 600 billion people?

Is the Sun cause to climate change & ice ages? Is Smithsonian destroying history?

What did Nazis discover in New Swabia? What happens to polar expeditions?

Who stole Cliff's Antarctica data? And hear about his Giant pyramid images.


Part 3: Clif High - Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 3 of 3) MUST WATCH!


some issues touched in Part 3:

Clif High - Forum Borealis.In this Crescendo Closer Clif deals the final cards of the SP enigmas.the 4 basic scenarios: Ancient Civ, Nazis, Aliens, & Hollow Earth. What's his original info before blue chicken pollution? Why did polar scientists suddenly get ill? What's the weird energy radiation from SP to Hawaii? Is an ancient village uncovered? What power players visits & why? What say the Salish about ...

Forum Borealis - on Apple Podcasts

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Infected by "The Alien BUG"?                                                  

- It sounds like Richard Dolan has been hanging out with Clif High. 

Dolan talks about the similarity between the Agenda of the POD/ Party of Davos, and the authoritarian style of ETs. "Internet was a plan to take control all the Time... The Revolution will continue", he says.  The POD must be afraid of losing power in US midterms, so Dolan thinks they will mount a False Flag soon, so that they can (again) interfer with the elections, and keep the non-POD people from gaining power.  Excellent interview.  Start maybe at 1:55 Hours, if you want to hear about the anti-human actions of US elites. And eventually about a possible False Flag /

Ep. 1659 Richard Dolan Disclosure 2.0   > 


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