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"The Alien BUG"/ Hive Mind

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Infected by "The Alien BUG"?   (The Hive Mind)                                            

- It sounds like Richard Dolan has been hanging out with Clif High. 

Dolan talks about the similarity between the Agenda of the POD/ Party of Davos, and the authoritarian style of ETs. "Internet was a plan to take control all the Time... The Revolution will continue", he says.  The POD must be afraid of losing power in US midterms, so Dolan thinks they will mount a False Flag soon, so that they can (again) interfer with the elections, and keep the non-POD people from gaining power.  Excellent interview.  Start maybe at 1:55 Hours, if you want to hear about the anti-human actions of US elites. And eventually about a possible False Flag /

Ep. 1659 Richard Dolan Disclosure 2.0   > 



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When people start Remote Viewing seriously they have "weird experiences", they have strange experiences in their lives, says Tracey Dolan

"There is no wiggle-room for Freedom anymore", says Richard Dolan

A Secret Plan to Create Psychic Transhumans? | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey | CLIP


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We Are Becoming Alien | The Richard Dolan Show


The "Grey" aliens, are actually Pink-Orange, and the grey cover is a Suit.  The Bug eyes are lenses to protect their weak eyes

That may be the PLAN of visitors from the Future.  I think of Grey Aliens as the ultimate product of the Woke Progressive agenda.  Haha.  MAGA is the resistance

( Dolan's wife , Tracey*, is super-smart and a very talented Remote Viewer )

*Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, & Remote Viewing | MUFON What's Up Interviews Tracey Garbutt Dolan

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