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#RESTORATION of Truth and Beauty:

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#RESTORATION of Truth and Beauty:


After the Mid-term elections, America and the world look set to move into a period of Restoration, where TRUTH and BEAUTY are desired ... more than PC Lies and Ugliness. The toxins will begin to be purged, truth told about Covid and the Vaccines. Villains will be investigated.




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Frankly, a lot of the art documented by NFTs was Ugly.  Post the Mid-terms, America and the world may move into a period of Restoration, where TRUTH and BEAUTY are desired ... more than PC Lies and Ugliness.  The Crash of this market can be seen as an early bellwether of a renewed Search for Beauty.

Report: NFT Trading Volume Collapses 97 Percent from January High

Bloomberg reports that the trading volume of NFTs has tumbled by 97 percent from a record high in January. NFTs are usually digital art and collectibles recorded on blockchains, creating a transparent record of who owns the digital item.

> https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/10/10/report-nft-trading-volume-collapses-97-percent-from-january-high/


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ROGUES GALLERY: UGLY Politicans we may never see again, after the mid-terms


"Aunty Stacey" Abrams ... article: Hypocrisy as Stacey Abrams Pays $1.2 Million for Private Security


"Uncle" John Festerman ... Paid $179,000 as Lt. Governor, Work Calendar Empty


Gov. Pritzger, Katie Hobbs, Hellary, Laurie Lightfoot

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TRUTH EXPOSES the Ugliness of Corruption, and Lying Hypocrits

Then the more enduring BEAUTY of TRUTH can become a Template to RESTORE a brighter Future for Human Society

urn.jpg?w=500 : Literature as Beauty :

In the poem Ode on A Grecian Urn, Keats is charmed by the sculptural beauty of the Grecian urn. He is led to glorify the world of art and feels its superiority to the reality of human life. The world of art remains everlasting, ever beautiful, ever-appealing. The figures carved on the marble urn are the work of art. They lack one thing-reality. But, on the other hand, they are not subjected to death, decay and destruction. In the real world, love passes away; trees shed their leaves and the fashion in music changes. But the world of art always remains true and happy in its suggestiveness and silence. This is an excellent realisation for Keats. To him, it is clear that art is far better than the real world. His mind is filled with ecstatic delight.

> https://literaryocean.com/keats-idea-about-beauty-is-truth-truth-beauty/


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