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ETHE, Ethereum at a Discount. +HIVE, RIOT (Miners)

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HALVING IS COMING.  Likely to Push BTC higher in 2024


The block reward is currently 6.5 BTC, meaning that after the next halving, the block reward will drop to 3.25 BTC. This translates into a total of 450 BTC being minted each day.

During the lead-up to previous halvings, Bitcoin’s price has historically bottomed between 517 and 547 days prior, which aligns with the most recent bottom in the BTC market on November 19.   A chart on the performance of Bitcoin relative to the halving cycle was provided by Cryptollica, which shows that BTC price begins to trend up as the halving approaches, followed by a blow-off top phase where its price experiences a parabolic rise and then a rapid sell-off

> source: https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-07-10/Bitcoin-could-hit-50K-in-2023-and-120k-by-2024-Standard-Chartered.html

CRYM3BTC: $38.68k /Riot ($12.86, 3.01k), Mara ($12.38, 3.12k), Hive ($3.15, 12.3k) @11.28.23
9.05.23:  BTC: $25.76k /Riot ($11.04, 2.33k), Mara ($12.00, 2.15k), Hive ($3.47, 7.42k)


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ETH: $2,000 touched, but is back down to $1,932... and then lower

ETHE vs. HIVE: 11.33 ($1850) / 5.98= R:189.5%,  Ended FY'22 at: 4.68 / 1.44= R: 325.0%, gains in FY'23

      2023 High:  12.60 ($2137) / 5.98= R:210.7%,  Ended FY'22 at: 6.80 / 1.44= R: 472.2%


ETHE: $11.29, O:11.925, H:12.60, L:11.17, -0.77 , chg. -6.38%, v. 5.26 Million


HIVE: $5.98, O:6.65, H:6.65, L:5.81, -0.66 , chg. -9.94%, v. 3.22 Million


ETHE Discount to NAV:  reported -39.0%, Ycharts, July. 14th: $11.29/ $18.50, 11.94/19.30 (-38.1%, 7.13)



ETHE: $11.29 / $18.50 (= ETH: $2,000 . down to $1,920 x96.4%= 1850) = 59.6%, -39.0% Discount, est.



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VERSUS GBTC: Discount: Gbtc: -27.4% ($27.20 nav at Btc: $30.33k, 89.7%), Ethe: -39%

GBTC ($19.75) vs. ETHE ($11.29): 174.9% ... updateflip: 57.2% / BITO ($16.13): R-122.4%


Ratio to BITO: 122.4%, up from 83.4% Low



CryptoSlate5 days ago
Published on July 11, 2023

Crypto asset manager Grayscale has questioned the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to approve a leveraged Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) in a July 10 letter.

The firm’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) also narrowed to its lowest point since May 2022, according to ycharts data,

GBTC discount narrows

GBTC’s discount to its net asset value (NAV) narrowed to 27.49%, and its shares were trading near $20, according to ycharts data.

During the past few weeks, GBTC’s discount has increasingly narrowed, and the value of its shares has outperformed that of Bitcoin. For context, while GBTC shares have risen by nearly 43% during the past month, BTC’s value gained only 17% during the same time frame, according to CryptoSlate’s data.

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When Bitcoin looks "boring". Haha...

Without BTC, & with No Gearing,  I have generated a...

+200% Ungeared Gain in under 8 months, with a small handful of trades on

ETHE (an Ethereum fund) and HIVE, a bitcoin miner.

Started with $9,520, Jan. 2023
Bought: # sh. : Price :  Cost :   Date :  
ETHE :  2,000: $4.76: 9,520 : 1/3/23

ETHE & HIVE trades :   $-value  :  Gains
+ Realised ETHE sales: $17,720 :  $8,200
+ Realised HIVE sales : $10,300 : $4,640
+ Still outstanding.      : $17,270 :  $6,260*
Overall Value.             :  $45,290: $19,100E
Original Investment.1  (   $9,520)
Original Investment.2 (  $16,670)
            GAIN, Amount : $19,100
            GAIN, Pct.       :   +200.6%, since 1/23

*Still outstanding... at $11.29, $5.98, at 7.14.23

1,000 ETHE X 11.29 + 1,000 HIVE X $5.98

    = $17,270 - $11,010=  Unrealized GAIN $6,260

THIS Goes to show...  Maybe we should be looking BEYOND Bitcoin,

as some crypto related opportunities, including start-ups?

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AI INCOME?   Already "500 GPU cards generated $230,000 revenue this quarter,” said the firm's Chairman, Frank Holmes, in a press release discussing the annual and quarterly earnings.

Crypto miner Hive CEO anticipates $100M annual revenue ...

4 days agoThe company has a fleet of 38,000 Nvidia graphics processing unit (GPU) cards, according to a Wednesday filing, presenting the units as a new ...

Hive has a fleet of 38,000 GPUs from the days when it mined ethereum. Some of those it has directed to mining altcoins, while others are available to rent as a service or deployed in its cloud offering.

The firm expects a run-rate of $1 million annually for its GPUs, it said on the earnings call. Already "500 GPU cards generated $230,000 revenue this quarter,” said the firm's Chairman, Frank Holmes, in a press release discussing the annual and quarterly earnings. Hive's fiscal year ended on March 31, 2023.

The firm is in talks with companies and marketplaces as it moves to capitalize on — and strengthen — the capabilities of its machines formerly used to mine ether (ETH), Hive CEO Aydin Kilic told Blockworks.

Hive’s name change — from Hive Blockchain Technologies to Hive Digital Technologies — took effect Wednesday. The idea: to reflect a newfound focus on the growth potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Vancouver-based firm, previously one of the largest publicly traded miners of ether, mined 7,675 ETH during 2022’s second quarter — just before Ethereum’s switch to an underlying proof-of-stake consensus model.

The company has a fleet of 38,000 Nvidia graphics processing unit (GPU) cards, according to a Wednesday filing, presenting the units as a new revenue source. 

“Now that Ethereum has gone away, we have a new lever to experiment — or play — with,” Kilic said.

Hive's shares on the Nasdaq gained almost 2% on Friday.

Miners have been increasingly pivoting to AI as mining economics have interfered with their profitability, with some facing bankruptcies, while the AI sector sees a boom in interest from investors. However, it is yet to be determined whether miners can compete with big tech firms such as Google and Amazon Web Services who benefit from both economies of scale and decades of experience running high-quality customer-facing data centers.

Harnessing "GPU Cloud compute technology"

HIVE Blockchain Announces Rebranding and Name Change to HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd.

to Reflect our HPC Strategy and Updates Bitcoin Equivalent for Fiscal 2023

2023-07-06 01:01 ET - News Release

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 6, 2023) - HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: HIVE) (NASDAQ: HIVE) (FSE: HBFA) (the Company" or "HIVE") a global leader in blockchain technology, today announces its intent to undergo a strategic rebranding including a name change to "HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd." (the "Name Change") to better reflect the Company's evolving expansion into fast tracking our HPC data centres by utilizing our Nvidia high performance Graphics Processing Unit ("GPU") chips for the mass adoption trend in Artificial Intelligence ("AI"). HIVE has been a pioneering force in the cryptocurrency mining sector since 2017. The intent of the name change signals a significant strategic expansion to harness the potential of our green energy data centres and of GPU Cloud compute technology, a vital tool in the world of AI, machine learning, and advanced data analysis since the launch of ChatGPT.

Currently, the common shares ("Shares") of the Company trade on the TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") under the symbol "HIVE" and on the Nasdaq Capital Market ("Nasdaq") under the symbol "HIVE". Certain common share purchase warrants of the Company (the "Warrants"), which were issued pursuant to the automatic exercise on January 11, 2022, of the 19,170,500 special warrants previously issued on November 30, 2021, are currently listed for trading on the TSXV under the symbol "HIVE.WT".



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Crypto Miner Hive Blockchain Touts Privacy of AI Models Running on Its GPUs

Hive wants to provide enterprise training in its fleet of GPUs as part of its pivot to artificial intelligence.


Bitcoin mining firm Hive Blockchain (HIVE) aims to allow customers to train large language AI models in its data centers, touting better privacy compared to rivals such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, the firm said on an earnings call with analysts on Friday.

"Companies now are mindful that they don't want to upload sensitive client data to a company like OpenAI that has a public LLM [large language model]. What we aspire to offer at Hive through Hive Cloud is privacy where companies can have a service agreement in place, ownership of their data and privacy and still run AI [artificial intelligence] compute workloads on our bank of GPUs [graphics processing units]," said Aydin Kilic, CEO and President of the mining firm.

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Grayscale asks the SEC to approve all spot BTC ETF applications simultaneously

Grayscale said approving proposals on an individual basis “would reflect a positive but sudden and significant change in the Commission’s application of the relevant statutory standard, and as such would improperly grant an unfairly discriminatory and prejudicial first-mover advantage to these proposals.”

For this reason, the firm is looking to have all spot BTC ETP applications, including previously rejected applications, approved simultaneously.

> MORE: https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-07-28/Grayscale-asks-the-SEC-to-approve-all-spot-BTC-ETF-applications-simultaneously.html

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SWAP CHANCE? so attractive that I had to take it, booking more profits.

Diversification into two positions: ETHE & HIVE has provided extra profit opportunities.

This latest one comes from the shrinkage in ETHE's discount to its ETH holdings. *Disc. -35.4% to NAV

ETHE ($11.51* -0.21) vs. HIVE ($4.48 -0.16) ... w/BITO ($15.22 +0.01) ...




Sold Half my ETHE position, capturing a +44.5% gain (11.82 / 8.18), and Bought Hive yesterday near $4.60 thru "an options structure."  This swap locked in an attractive Ratio (r-2.57x) on the swap, and increased my exposure to Upside in Bitcoin upside (thru more Hive shares), while realising a very nice profit.  Earlier, I had sold HIVE at $4.80 and $5.50, so I was buying back below those trade levels. The Logic in this pairs trade right now (swapping from ETHE > HIVE) may be apparent from the Ratio chart below...


If the ratio falls back. I will be better off being long HIVE rather than ETHE, because HIVE will be outperforming ETHE.  If ETHE goes on rising, I have placed a sell order in on my remaining HIVE shares at a nice premium to the current level.

The Following chart shows that ETHE has recently outperformed BITO, the bitcoin futures Etf.

BITO vs. ETHE$15.22, 60% range: $10.40-18.40,   $11.51, 85% range: $4.80-12.70. HIVE 58% $1.50 - 6.70.


ETHE was near its high for 2023. And BITO and HIVE are both near to 60% of their range this year

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HIVE - HIVE Digital Announces Quarterly Revenue of $23.6 Million, Gross Operating Margin of $8.0 Million and Achieves Adjusted EBITDA of $5.3 Million for the Quarter and the Purchase of 2,000 Bitmain S19 XP ASIC Miners for Immediate Deployment

Q1 Quarterly Summary- June 30, 2023

  • Generated revenue of $23.6 million, with a gross operating margin1 of $8.0 million
  • Mined 834 Bitcoin during the three-month period ended June 30, 2023
  • Adjusted EBITDA1of $5.3 million for the three-month period
  • Working capital decreased by $8.3 million during the three-month period ended June 30, 2023
  • Digital currency assets of $59.5 million, as at June 30, 2023
  • Average cost of production per Bitcoin was $18,687, where the average Bitcoin price was $28,422, during the three-month period ended June 30, 2023. This also represents a 4.24% increase in production costs of Bitcoin from the previous quarter of $17,928 for the three months ended March 31, 2023 (average price of Bitcoin was $22,868 during this period)
  • Net loss from continuing operations of $16.3 million for the three-month period, due greatly by the depreciation of ASIC equipment

Q1 F2024 Financial Review

For the three months ended June 30, 2023, revenue was $23.6 million, a decrease of approximately 46.6% from the prior comparative period primarily due to the Ethereum Merge and significant global hashrate growth combined with lower average cryptocurrency prices.

Gross operating margin1 during the period was $8.0 million, or 34% of revenue, compared to $27.0 million, or 61% of revenue, in the same period in the prior year. The Company's gross operating margin1is partially dependent on external network factors including mining difficulty, the amount of digital currency rewards and fees it receives for mining, as well as the market price of digital currencies. The decrease in gross operating margin1is greatly affected by the price of digital currencies which has decreased by approximately 12.6% of what it was in the prior year quarter.

The Company notes that, while adjusted EBITDA1 this quarter was $5.3 million, because of mark to market accounting practice, net loss from continuing operations during the quarter ended June 30, 2023, was $16.3 million, or a loss of $0.19 per share, compared to a net loss of $116.0 million, or $1.41 per share, the same period last year.


Actually, they are reporting a rather large accounting loss of $16.3M.  Let's see how the market reacts


The share-based compensation is shockingly High imho.

HIVE is not even close to earning back its equipment cost, despite all the Rosy scenario commentary

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Bitcoin consolidates below $29,500 as traders await SEC decisions on ETF applications

As for what could be the spark that initiates the next move, Markus Thielen, Head of Research at Matrixport, pointed to upcoming Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) developments, including an Aug. 13 deadline to respond to the ARK-21Shares Bitcoin ETF re-filing and an Aug. 15 deadline to respond to Grayscale’s GBTC lawsuit filing.

“More SEC responses will also be expected during the first week of September, when seven other Bitcoin ETF filings are required to receive a response from the SEC,” Thielen said. “The possibility is high that several Bitcoin ETFs would be approved in short order, igniting the next leg higher in Bitcoin prices as those ETF providers would spend considerable marketing expenses to draw in retail and institutional capital.”

“While Bitcoin prices could continue to consolidate or even correct slightly in the short term, any SEC approval could have a material positive impact,” he added. “Investors should have sufficient upside exposure on any day when the SEC is scheduled to respond to the ETF Applications.”

While the SEC has a deadline of Aug. 13 to rule on ARK’s BTC ETF application, the regulator does have the option to extend the time to make its final ruling as it judges the practicability of the surveillance-sharing agreements with Coinbase, which Thielen warned could result in a short-term price correction.

“This could then cause [a] dip in mid-September which we believe would be the dip to buy,” he said. “Bitcoin prices could decline to $26,000/$27,000 as the summer lull ends. This could be an attractive buying opportunity for the seasonal rally in Q4.”

As for BTC’s macro outlook, Thielen said Matrixport has a price target of $45,000 by December 2023, $63,160 by March 2024, and $125,731 by December 2024.

> MORE:  https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-08-10/Bitcoin-consolidates-below-29-500-as-traders-await-SEC-decisions-on-ETF-applications.html

( I know Markus from HK.  Smart guy, and I think his price targets could have some value. )

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( HIS BOOK):  per Markus Thielen's email

We are targeting April 10 for our book launch. Pre-order is already available on amazon, otherwise the hard copy can be ordered from April 10 onwards.

Crypto Titans: How trillions were made and billions were lost in the crypto markets (Markus Thielen)

This book explains how the crypto industry started and evolved, and how everything in crypto is ultimately connected. It shows the players behind the $3 trillion industry (at its peak) and how billions of dollars were lost.

"If you want to understand how everything in crypto is related, and why and when crypto prices move up or down, this book is for you."

In this book you'll learn:
    How each of the four crypto bull markets of 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2021 unfolded, the drivers behind them, and what caused prices to correct violently during bear markets
    How crypto markets naturally progressed, and how everything is therefore related
    The players involved, and how they have made money—while others have lost large sums.

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WHERE DOES this leave me? At 8.11.23
SWAP CHANCE? ETHE > HIVE (at 2.5x ratio) … Had to take it, booking more profits.

Sym.   : shares: Cost:  Last : MktVal.: Prof.
ETHE.   :    500.:  8.18: 11.33:   5,665:  1,575
HIVE.    :  1,000 : 2.80:  4.68:   4,680:  1,880
HV.Ja.$4C +40:  1.40:  1.30:   5,200:   (400)
HV.Dc.$4P. -40:  0.70: 0.65:  (2,600)  $200
Realized Gains :                   $14,660: 14,660
                TOTAL                  ======: 17,915

Original Invest.        $9,520: $27,435: +188%

BTC, YE'22 ($16.5k) 29,465: 17,001 : +78.6%. (assume 0.577 BTC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

ETHE ( 10.87, +0.71, +6.99%) and HIVE ( 3.78, +0.30, +8.62%) up BIG:



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GREYSCALE had Big News. HIVE was a big gainer too.

GBTC etc. ($20.56, +16.9%), ETHE ($11.68, +12.3%), HIVE ($3.99, +15.4%)


Ideal time BUY HIVE would have been on Tue.Opening: at 0.012% of BTC ($26,106) = $3.42

HIVE-to-Bitcoin Ratio: 0.00014 +0.00001 = 0.014%= TUE. Close: $3.99, +15.4%/ $27,653, +5.93%


Grayscale ETF decision sparks Bitcoin price rally, altcoins follow

(Kitco News) - Cryptocurrency prices surged higher on Tuesday after the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must review Grayscale’s application to convert its Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust product into an exchange-traded fund (ETF) after the regulator previously rejected the application.

Stock prices also trended higher after the latest Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS report) showed that the number of open jobs in the U.S. fell to the lowest level in more than two years last month. Investors took this as a favorable sign heading into Friday’s August jobs report, which bolstered equities and led to a positive close for the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq, which finished up 1.45%, 0.85%, and 1.74%, respectively.

Data provided by TradingView shows that after struggling below $26,000 in the early hours on Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price charged higher near midday after the Grayscale decision was announced, spiking to a daily high near $28,200 with bulls now looking to push its price back above resistance at $29,000.

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CRY3BTC: $25,760, Riot ($11.04, 42.9ks), Mara ($12.00, 46.6ks), Hive ($3.47, 13.5ks)

BlackRock (NYSE: BLK) — one of the largest investment companies in the world — is positioning itself in the Bitcoin (BTC) mining industry. The investment giant is already the second-largest shareholder in four out of the five biggest Bitcoin miners by market capitalization.

According to the CompaniesMarketCap Index, the five largest Bitcoin miners sum up to $5.4 billion in market capitalization, and have registered massive losses in the last 30 days:

  1. Riot Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ:RIOT):                      $1.92 billion market cap
  2. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:MARA): $1.83 billion market cap
  3. Cipher Mining Inc (NASDAQ:CIFR):                       $0.74 billion market cap
  4. Hut 8 Mining Corp (NASDAQ:HUT):                      $0.50 billion market cap
  5. Terawulf Inc (NASDAQ:WULF):                              $0.41 billion market cap

... Interestingly, the struggles for small and medium miners can also pose an opportunity for larger companies with easier access to capital, that are able to survive and grow in challenging times. An opportunity that seems to have been spotted by BlackRock, which continues to increase its position as a major shareholder among the largest four mining companies in the United States.

       Hive (NASDAQ:HIVE):  $3.47 x 85.6M*                    $0.30 billion market cap

Data retrieved by Finbold from CNN shows that BlackRock Fund Advisors increased their position in these Bitcoin miners on June 30, consolidating their second place as the largest shareholders position, as follows:

  1. RIOT:   10,749,369 shares (6.14%), for a total value of $199.08 million (at $18.52);
  2. MARA: 10,938,032 shares (6.44%), for a total value of $190 million.    (at $17.37);
  3. CIFR:    2,200,654 shares (0.88%), for a total value of $8.36 million.    (at $ 3.80);
  4. WULF:  4,831,312 shares (2.28%), for a total value of $14.10 million.    (at $ 2.92)

Notably, the built position suming to a total value of around $411.54 million, equals to a small share of 0.35% of the $117.6 billion in assets that BlackRock holds, as reported in 2022.

This current position also makes the BlackRock Funds Advisors a major member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, a lobbying group for the Bitcoin mining industry in the US.

* Blackrock had shares in HIVE too.  But reduced its holdings by 200k shares ...
From 282k shares (worth $406k at ye'22) to 82k shs ($381k at $4.63, 6.30.23)
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HIVE needs a Lift... ETHE got one

HIVE : 3.40 -0.02, -0.58%


ETHE : 11.56 +0.56, +5.09%


RIOT (11.38, +1.25%), MARA (12.36, +2.49%), BTC (26,470 +1.89%) - RIOT Rose, and Held


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Whatta RIOT : Bitcoin miner RIOT could be a Buy here at about $10-10.50




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HIVE charts - production update

HIVE, in CAD: last: C$4.29,  (Range: C$1.85 to 8.96 )


-Etc :



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  • 3 weeks later...

HIVE has traded under $3, even though BTC has firmed up to near $28,000

HIVE : $2.96 +0.10


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RIOT and HIVE can move up faster than BTC, if BTC breaks above $30k, $32k

BTC: $28.16k +.555k, RIOT ($9.92, 35.2%), HIVE ($3.12, 11.1%), ETHE ($11.50, zz%)


Ratio: RIOT ($9.92)/ BTC: $28.16k, 35.2%

Ratio: HIVE ($3.12)/ BTC: $28.16k, 11.1%

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RIOT-etc : $9.67 (33.9%), Hive: $3.10 (10.9%) / BTC: $28.52k. Target: $36k for $4 Hive : Apr23: 10d:


Apr23: mid-Jun'23: 10d:


Ratio: Hive: $3.10 / BTC: $28.52k = (10.9%) ... 11%= $4.00 / $36.36k, $5.00 / $45.45k, $6.00 / $54.54k




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Taking some profits - To dial down some Risk.  Old Target: $36k for $4 Hive

BTC-etc: $34.24k, Riot: 10.67 (31.2%), Hive: $3.41 (9.96%), BITO: 17.18 (50.2%), 10.24


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ETHE - Last: $13.31, out at $13.49, H: $13.87 / BTC: $34.24 = 39.4%


I'm OUT!  (of ETHE on the Gap up.)


Symbol: shares: Cost: Last : MktVal.: Prof.
ETHE.   :     500.:  8.18: 13.49:   6,745:  2,655  sold
Riot.Ja.$9P. -50:  1.40:  1.05:    === >  1,750: Est. 0.40 deb
Riot.J.$12C  +50:  1.80:  1.80:   === >.    ( 0): Est. 0.75 cr.
Riot.Ja.$9P. -50:  1.45:  1.05:   === >  2,000. Est. 0.35 deb
         Recently closed =             Gains: 6,405

HIVE.    :   1,000 : 2.80:  3.41:   3,410:   $ 610
HV.Ja.$4C  +40:  1.40:  0.42:   1,680  (3,920)
HV.Dc.$4P.  -40:  0.70: 0.90:  (2,600)   (800)
Riot.J.$12C  +50:  1.80:  1.69:   8,450:   (550) Est.0.35 deb
Riot.J.$21C  -50:  0.53:  0.50:  (2,500)    150
Open positions :            Profit/ (Loss): (4,510)
Realized Gains : previous    $14,660 : 14,660
                TOTAL                  ====== :  16,555
Original Invest.        $9,520: $26,075: +174%
BTC, YE'22 ($16.5k) 34,240: 19,756 : +108%. (assume 0.577 BTC)

Previous: 188% vs. 78.6%,  Outperformance shrank
With weakness in HIVE,  Down from $4.68 > $3.41, -27.1%

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GBTC may need to retrace from $27.40... back to $21 maybe


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  • webmaster changed the title to ETHE, Ethereum at a Discount. +HIVE, RIOT (Miners)

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