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First Pacific Group (HK:142, FPAFY, PLDT)

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First Pacific Group (HK:142 & FPAFY).                                                        > FPH

FP-vs.PLDT, PSEI. All: 2002: 2013: 2016: Mar'20W: Jul'21D: 10d/ HK$2.82, FPAFY$1.74 (7.85=HK$13.66 /5=2.73 )

PSEI-6.788 = FPAFY-$1.74 (x55= P95.7,1.41%), FPH-62.90 (0.93%).   >Fin'ls: NPAT$: ’21:$181.0M, ’22:241.7M


2018W: Mar'20W: Jul'21D: 1yr: Ytd:


from: 2016:


All: 2002: 2013: 2020: 10yr: 5yr ... NPAT’22: 241.7M /MC: $1.52B PER: 3.77, Y: 6.15% (Ya.Fin)


First Pacific (HKEX: 142, ADRs: FPAFY) is a Hong Kong-based investment holding company with investments located in Asia-Pacific. The Company’s principal investments are in consumer food products, telecommunications, infrastructure and natural resources.

Our mission is to unlock value by:

  • Delivering dividend/distribution returns to shareholders
  • Delivering share price/value appreciation of First Pacific
  • Making further investments in value-enhancing businesses

Listed in Hong Kong, First Pacific’s shares are also available for trading in the United States through American Depositary Receipts.

As at 30 August 2022, First Pacific’s economic interest in
: 2.14.23 : Corp.Structure:

Symbol  ; Company: Pct. : Price:  BkVl.:  %BV :  PER : Yield : ShOS : MCap: MC.fp : Dv142
HK:142. : First PacificCo : $2.82. $6.03:  46.8%:  3.91: 7.27%
FPAFY   : First PacificCo : $1.76  x7.85= $13.82/     5= $2.76: 848M: $1.49B:$4.54B: $195M
INDF.idx : Indofood 50.1% 6,675: 0,000 : 00.0%:  8.61: 4.12%  8.78B: 58.6Tr:
====== : ===========================:                  / 15.21k: $3.85B $1.93B $79.5M
TEL.ph.  : PLDT,      25.6%  1,310: 1,000. : 00.0%:  8.12: 6.79% 216.M: 283.B: 72.7B : 4.93B:
MPI.ph   : MetroPc, 45.2% P4.48: P0.00.: 00.0%:  12.2: 2.28%  30.1B: 135.B:  61.4B : 1.40B:
PX.ph     : Philex Mn 31.2% P3.04: P0.00: 00.0%:  6.99:   N/A : 4.94B: 15.0B:  4.68B : 0.0 B:
PXP.ph.  : PXP Egy.  35.7% P6.07: P0.00: 00.0%:   N/A :   N/A : 1.96B:  11.9B:  4.25B : 0.0 B:
ROX.ph  : RoxasHld 32.7% P0.82: P0.00: 00.0%:   N/A :   N/A : 1.55B:  1.27B:  0.41B : 0.0 B:
====== : : ===========================:                Sub-Ttl.: 448.B: 143.6B: 6.33B
====== : : ===========================:                 / 55.0.. : ==== : $2.61B $115M
====== : : ===========================:                MktCp., subTtl  $2.61B $195M
Private? : FPM Pwr 68.6% > owns 70% of PLP
PLP.sg?  : Pac.Light ????% : LNG Pwr. Station, SG
Private? : FP Nt Rs. 80.8% : shares in ROX

> source : / Website: https://www.firstpacific.com/about/profile.php.  ... Latest Fin'ls

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First Pacific Group vs. FPH, etc

FPAFY-etc ... All: 10yr: 5yr / PSEI-6.788 = FPAFY-$1.74 (7.8=xx, x54=xx, xx%), FPH-62.90 (0.93%)



First Pacific’s investment portfolio is centered on our core industries and markets in PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (“Indofood”), PLDT Inc. (“PLDT”) and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (“MPIC”). Indofood is the largest vertically integrated food company in Indonesia and producer of the global instant noodle brand Indomie while PLDT is the dominant integrated telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines with the largest fixed broadband network and the largest and most modern wireless network in the country. MPIC is a leading infrastructure investment management and holding company in the Philippines, with holdings in the country’s largest electricity distributor, toll road operator, water distributor, and hospital group. MPIC also holds investment in the storage of petroleum products, real estate and dairy.

First Pacific also holds investments in PacificLight Power Pte. Ltd. (“PLP”), Philex Mining Corporation (“Philex”), PXP Energy Corporation (“PXP”) and Roxas Holdings, Inc. (“RHI”). PLP is the operator of one of Singapore’s most efficient gas-fired power plants. Philex is one of the largest metal mining companies in the Philippines, producing gold, copper and silver. PXP is an upstream oil and gas company with a number of service contracts in the Philippines, and RHI produces sugar and bioethanol in the Philippines.

Listed in Hong Kong, First Pacific’s shares are also available for trading in the United States through American Depositary Receipts.

As at 30 August 2022, First Pacific’s economic interest in Indofood is 50.1%, in PLDT 25.6%, in MPIC 45.2%, in FPM Power Holdings Limited (“FPM Power”) 68.6%(1) , in Philex 31.2%(2), in PXP 35.7%(2)(3),  and in FP Natural Resources Limited (“FP Natural Resources”) 80.8%(4).

> source

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  • drbubb changed the title to First Pacific Group (HK:142, FPAFY, PLDT)


FPA-etc / First Trust Asia Pacific ex-Japan AlphaDEX Fund (ETF)

...from ..: 2013W: 2020: Jun'22:




2013W: 2020: Jun'22:



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MPIC plans to acquire more agricultural-based firms

Iris Gonzales - The Philippine Star info-icon.webp

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) is betting big on agriculture, with plans to acquire one or two more agri-based companies potentially before the entry of a strategic investor, while still retaining the conglomerate’s position as a key infrastructure player in the country, sources said.

MPIC hopes to seal a deal with a strategic investor that may potentially include Japanese giant Mitsui, within the first quarter, and may eventually lead to the conglomerate’s voluntary delisting. Both MPIC and Mitsui committed $600 million worth of joint infrastructure investments to the country, seen as a prelude to Mitsui buying into the Pangilinan-led conglomerate, sources said, but MPIC has not made any official announcement on this matter.

On agriculture, industry sources said MPIC is looking at acquiring more than one agriculture company, including at least one that is listed in the stock market, industry sources also said.

Indonesian tycoon Anthoni Salim, who owns MPIC’s majority shareholder, Hong Kong-based First Pacific Co. Ltd., wants the conglomerate to expand more into agriculture given the industry’s growing impact on food security and the continued increase in commodity prices.

“It’s a direction from Salim,” said one source.

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