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FGEN and other POWER Generators

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FGEN and other POWER Generators

MMM... Amazingly symmetrical ... Two Divs: June & Dec.

FGEN / First Gen Corp ... ALL: from 2012: 10d / 15.98, B.V: 34.57, PER: 4.71, Yield: 4.82%


Relative Value: to PSEI, MER, FGEN... from 2008: /Psei: 6,451, P309 (4.79%), 15.98 (0.25%)



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Update : 16.36 +0.14. PER: 4.11,  Yield: 4.71%


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FGEN- ALL: last; 16.70 +0.40, +2.5%, PER: 4.2, Yield: 4.6%, (12 mo: 14.90 to 23.85 )


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Wow. Sold too soon. Haha...   FGEN 20.95 +1.15 +5.81%

New Target: P22.00?


Tender offer coming? First Gen ‘seriously’ looking at delisting with public float at critical point


First Gen (FGEN), led by bilyonaryo Piki Lopez, is reportedly exploring the possibility of going private, making it the next publicly-listed company considering delisting.

According to a Babbler , FGEN management is seriously contemplating this move, which would involve withdrawing the country’s largest independent renewable energy producer from public trading.

Piki spurns KKR tender offer, Lopezes to keep 69% FGEN stake intact

Babbler said a tender offer to minority investors has become especially more enticing after its stock price has tanked since hitting an all-time high of P33 in September 2021.

Notably, FGEN has jumped 25 percent over the last three weeks amid rumors of its delisting

. . .

Babbler said adding to the likelihood of delisting, FGEN’s public float has fallen perilously close to the minimum limit. This reduction occurred primarily due to the substantial increase in ownership by global investment group Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR).

Takeover specialist KKR really, really likes First Gen; keen on joining Lopezes in boardroom

> https://bilyonaryo.com/2023/05/22/tender-offer-coming-first-gen-seriously-looking-at-delisting-with-public-float-at-critical-point/business/#gsc.tab=0


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Two "dividend" stocks compared3yr: from xx:  SHLPH (14.38 -0.44), FGEN (20.30):  70.8%


with RFM ( / 3.19) : SHLPH (14.38): r-4.51x, FGEN (20.30): r-6.36x



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