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First, understand what it Truly is...

  James Lindsay at European Parliament - Woke Conference. 

Haha . Consider this...

ETs (no joke) are the main ones who want "global citizens"/.  Because THEN, when being emerging from a landing space vehicle say: "Take me to you leader."  It will be to an ET (or someone's who strings are pulled behind the scenes by an ET.)  Newcoming ETs will be in for a real surprise.  haha.  But it might only be revealed much later.  /  Communism is the idea of "Space Bugs". 


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FIXING CULTURE, and the Male-jobs crisis

IDEA: Min. 40% of teachers should be MALES (and mostly NOT Gay).

Put the excess females at-home. raising children,  on Construction sites. Or working in sewers

America's Invisible Crisis | Nicholas Eberstadt

Disability programs "finance the no-where lifestyle of so many men"

John is joined by Nicholas Eberstadt for a Direct interview focused on his recent book, 'Men Without Work'. Nicholas talks about the societal damage caused by the millions of prime-age men who are neither employed in education or in training. Since the 1940's, the US has seen male engagement in the workforce plummet, disability insurance schemes explode and a stagnation in family health and fertility rates. John and Nicholas discuss what this 'men without work' phenomenon means for the West today and for future generations. Nicholas holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he researches and writes extensively on demographics and economic development generally, and more specifically on international security in the Korean peninsula and Asia. Domestically, he focuses on poverty and social well-being. He is the author of numerous books, notable among them 'Poverty in China', 'The Tyranny of Numbers', 'Russia's Peacetime Demographic Crisis', and his latest, 'Men Without Work: America's Invisible Crisis'.

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#DEMoCrazy must End:  Do you get it yet? 

Listen here:  "one of the greatest Dirty tricks in American history.   Criminals in the WH, DOJ and FBI,... should be dragged off in Chains.  And constitutional government restored!  Rfk, Jr, can help.  But very few other Dems, are reliable, honest, or brave.  

Enough is enough!  Let's end the Demo-Crazy war on America! 


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