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LUXURY Sector : Big push now, will Demand keep up??

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LUXURY Sector : Big push now, but will Demand keep up??


Philippines High-end looks CHEAP vs. other Asian countries

HOW THEY SELL... to Wealthy and foreigners...
 1. PHL is cheap vs. Other countries (chart above)
 2. Land & material costs are rising very year
 3. “Property always rises in the Long term"
     ( esp, PHL, which has so many young people.)
 4. Phl. Economy is growing fast, over 7% in 2022
 5. Rents are firming after Covid dip, if slowly
 6. Amenities are improving, year by year
 7. Phl. Had many rich, seeking top branding, locations
Hint:  If the possible buyer mention Yields, then probably that Prospect will not Buy



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Colliers Radar | Breaking the barrier:

Luxury condominium projects to redefine Metro Manila residential market.


> https://www.colliers.com/en-ph/research/radar-luxury-condo-projects-redefine-metro-manila-residential-market

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Colliers Radar | Breaking records: Preference for upscale and luxury condominiums extends beyond Metro


> https://www.colliers.com/en-ph/research/radar-preference-upscale-luxury-condo-extends-beyond-metro-manila

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Market Intelligence | Economic center to rise in Bacolod, Park Inn to open more hotels, and low-cost housing to be


> https://www.colliers.com/en-ph/research/property-market-intelligence-bacolod-airport-sm-prime-radisson-park-inn-pampanga-low-cost-housing

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