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Poblacion START-up MEET-ups: New Start-up & Crypto Hub?

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Sinigang Valley: Is Poblacion the new Start-up & Crypto Hub?


Draper House says: "Let it be so!"

Seeing opportunities in the Intersection between:  Start-ups, Poblacion Real Estate, and Crypto. 

Poblacion may be the NEXT soon-to-be "Hot spot"!


> source:  Sinigang Valley, Poblacion, the Hottest Spot

How long will it take to get Poblacion onto this List

TOP 5 - Crypto Hubs, 2023


==> Link to VIDEO

Where to LIVE FREELY, and Work Smart

# : City : Drivers : Enablers: Oppty

1. Zug.       :  #8  :      # 5     :  #  1   :
2. Sing.     :   #6  :     # 4     :  # 11   :
3. London :   #2  :     #15    :  # 13   :
4. Seoul    :   #3  :     #13    :  #24   :
5. Dubai    :  #18 :     #10    :  #10   :

1. Zug.      :     Where Ethereum Was Born and Crypto Goes to Grow Up
2. Singapore: The Center for Asian Crypto Wealth Is Ready for a Reset
3. London :    World’s Capital for Foreign Exchange Adds Cryptocurrencies to Its Ledger
4. Seoul    :    Asia’s Retail Crypto Capital Tries to Move on After Do Kwon
5. Dubai    :    Launching a Crypto Regulatory Arm to Become a Global Financial Power
6. AbuDhabi: A Wealthy Middle-East Capital Creating a Bridge From TradFi to Crypto
7. Wyoming :  Regulatory Clarity and Crypto-Friendly Banks Fuel Blockchain Revolution
8. Silicon Valley :   The Mecca for Venture Capital May Be Cooling on Crypto
9. Austin    :   Where Remote-Work Crypto Developers Actually Choose to Live
10.Berlin    :   The Center for Decentralized Finance – and Techno Music
11. Los Angeles:    Where Hollywood Magic and Creativity Meet Web3
12.New York City: A Crypto Sandbox in a Big Business Playground
13.Vancouver:       A Boutique Hub for Crypto Early Adopters
14.Ljubljana:  It’s a Beautiful Life in This Crypto Payments Hotbed
15.Lisbon :    A Buzzy, Affordable Mecca for Buy-and-Hold Crypto Nomads 

+ Switzerland is one of the few places on the planet that makes New York City feel cheap. “A lot of the developer talent doesn’t live in Switzerland,” said Brunner. “If you’re looking for the developer or coding community, Switzerland is not the place to be.”

+ JOBS, JOBS:  Broadly speaking, Vancouver saw the biggest growth in high-tech jobs in 2020 and 2021 compared to any other city in North America, according to commercial real estate firm CBRE. That’s likely thanks to its relatively low tax rates, world-class aities and diverse population. Geographical proximity to Microsoft’s hometown of Seattle, Washington and stunning natural beauty does not hurt either... Vancouver is also home to at least three bitcoin and one Ethereum meetups, said members of a 200-member Telegram group chat related to a broader crypto meetup.

+ PEOPLE, MONEY & SPACE are needed to attract & spur on development: 

Austin has attracted some of the savviest and most passionate bitcoiners. This includes developers Jimmy Song and Bryan Bishop, Blockstream’s Lisa Neigut, Lightning Labs’ Ryan Gentry and the podcaster Marty Bent.

“Once the gravitational force starts, it feeds itself,” Lewis, who’s now writing a book on Bitcoin, said in an interview.

He also helps to manage Bitcoin Commons, a coworking and events space that opened in January 2022. It is next to Unchained’s headquarters in the 117-year-old Littlefield building in downtown Austin. For $400 a month, Bitcoin-focused workers can plunk down at a shared working space that offers conference-room privileges, a full kitchen and drinks and snacks. One corporate sponsor of the space is Austin-based Trammell Venture Partners, a Bitcoin-focused investment firm led by Dustin Trammell, who says on his bio that he was the second node on the Bitcoin network.


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Relative to #2, SINGAPORE, Philippines has a huge COST advantage

( While SG is licking its wounds, PHL is licking its chops... thinking of Sinigang Valley.)

Beyond the cost advantage, let's ponder what advantages Poblacion can build up,


Since Covid hit, there has been a big drop in residential and office rents in PHL

Known for governmental efficiency, the city-state of Singapore scored highest overall for the three measures it could control: regulatory structure (35% of the total score and included in the drivers category), digital infrastructure (12%) and ease of doing business (10%), which are both part of the enablers category. That was enough to be firmly ensconced in second place despite middling scores for quality of life – due to a very high cost of living – and per-capita crypto jobs, companies and events, which comprise the opportunities category.

Despite the crypto industry’s well-earned reputation as the Wild West, crypto founders tend to prioritize predictability and clear regulations when shopping for a place to incorporate. That’s why the well-regulated, efficiently governed city-state of Singapore hosts the headquarters or satellites of some of the biggest brands in crypto, including Binance, Coinbase and Crypto.com. But after the spectacular failures of its homegrown darlings Terraform Labs and Three Arrows Capital plunged the ecosystem into Crypto Winter, Singapore’s crypto community is licking its wounds – and beginning to look to the future.

> MORE: https://www.coindesk.com/consensus-magazine/2023/06/27/singapore-the-center-of-asian-crypto-wealth-is-ready-for-a-reset/

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Event Tuesday night (July 18th, 6pm) in "Sing. Valley", Poblacion tonight.  Just Php 250



I will be going.  They are expecting a large turnout

(Comment, Post event):

There were about 50 people, I estimate. The place got crowded with standing room only, and there were lively conversations after the event.  Not sure what time it wound down, I was there until maybe 9pm.

The talks were interesting, though some of the speakers were a bit hard to hear.  Jenny Yrasuequi was rather brilliant,  she seems to have had media training.  She spoke slow enough, very clearly, and held her microphone a little below her mouth, so every word could be heard.  Her Square One Food and beverage group seems a big success.  She said she started her Poblacion restaurant at just one third of what it would cost in BGC.  She got over 250K on unsolicited TickTok video made by an enthusiastic patron.  Since then, her RR has been full. And she is considering expanding.  

The speakers said that they mostly relied on Friends and Family money for start-up capital.  Shumate Royo said, there are some sources of funds from government agencies.  But this takes time, and investors will want an intensive due diligence process.  “Debt can be cheaper than giving up equity,” said Christopher Star.  

I liked the venue, and plan to hold a Saturday Real Estate meet-up there soon. Probably this coming Saturday (July 22nd.)   Moderator Bianca Azurin has 11 AirBNB units. Half of which she owns, and the other half, she leases in,  So real estate venues, are part of the Start-up eco-system we see at Draper House.


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kosumosu poblacion

Kosumosu, Our newest restaurant concept.

Square One Hospitality Concepts Inc. is a company that aims to develop and launch new and unique food and beverage concepts. By working with some of the fresh and creative talents in the scene, we aim to create modern and novel spaces, product lines and services that will make Manila a more exciting city to work, live and enjoy. And we are not constrained by the Philippines; we would like to present our concepts abroad and showcase Filipino culture, talent & creativity. Aside from providing heartfelt hospitality to our guests, we take pride in taking good care of our community and our planet. We source locally, use sustainable practices, apply a zero waste policy and take care of our team, suppliers, neighbors and community. Our team is comprised of seasoned industry experts as well as advisers with strong financial and operational backgrounds, enabling us to not only focus at launching bars and restaurants that are distinctive, but also generate shareholder value and returns.

Square One Hospitality Concepts, Inc. :

Well-crafted F&B concepts and spaces

Food and Beverage Services
Poblacion, Makati
217 followers, 9 employees > website
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TAKES "Inspiration from Traditional Filipino products"

Jenny Yrasuegui celebrates Filipino culture through food. 

( video had only 39 views when I posted this here ... and on two viber chats )

#DamaKoLahiKo is a grassroots movement that celebrates Filipino culture through shared sense of national identity, the non-profit, non-political, and volunteer-driven entity kickstarted in 2021 across different media channels. :

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MEET UP in Public House

This Sat., starting at 10am we will have our first FI-RE Meet-up in Poblacion

Time: starting from 10am > Noon or later


Public House, at Draper Start-up House for Entrepreneurs

Address: 5048 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

( to give you an idea of the food & bever choices):


/ Please order something, so we will be welcome again in the future /


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In the startup ECO system...  Find your people

Mingle with other ecosystem players to find additional support!

Your accelerator doesn’t have do everything. Find out who can compliment your efforts and work alongside them. Learn to pick and choose the right mentors and resource persons.

On January 22, 2021, QBO Innovation Hub, in partnership with the
Department of Trade and Industry, appealed to relevant startup
stakeholders to meet in order to map out the Startup Ecosystem in the City.
During this session, stakeholders and their individual initiatives were
identified as well as the gaps and challenges both experienced by the
startups and the startup enablers.
The session was attended by representatives from the academe,
government, community builders, and startup founders. Their contribution
was invaluable in generating the information in this document.
The goals of the session were the following:

In this document, you will find:
• To identify and map the existing support available to startups in Metro Manila .... And more/

( Find it ) :

Getting accèss requires some basic info, name, email, phones, etc.  Takes less than 2 minutes to provide that. 
And you can gain access here:  https://qbophilippines.typeform.com/to/kkNqvsBu?typeform-source=www.qbo.com.ph

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Example, from the Document:
Angels / Micro-VCs
Seed-stage investors
917 Ventures
Ficus Venture Capital
Manila Angel Investors

Venture Capitalists

Aboitiz Equity
ADB Ventures
Asian Cable Communications
Cocoon Capital
Draper University Ventures*
First Asia Venture Capital
Foxmont Capital
Gentree Fund
Integra Fund
JG Digital Equity Ventures
Kickstart Ventures
Next Billion Ventures
Patamar Capital
Plug and Play
Wavemaker VC

*Example, NOTE from Above:
Draper University Ventures : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/draper-university-ventures

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1. Ayannah
2. ChatbotPH
3. Coins.ph
4. DragonPay
5. Edukasyon.ph

6. Edusuite
7. Expedock
8. FAME Inc.
9. First Circle
10. Kalibrr

11. Kumu
12. Lenddo
13. PayMongo
14. Payruler
15. Podcast Network Asia

17. Salarium
18. Senti AI
19. Sulit.com.ph
20. Xurpas

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New Meetup for the START UP community:  starts meeting in 2024 (in BGC)




Group Description: Calling all Manila entrepreneurs, dreamers, and future moguls! The BGC scene is buzzing with innovative energy, and we're here to turn that spark into a full-blown inferno!  

Join us for a casual happy hour in BGC to meet other movers and shakers to see what this community attracts. We'll get started after 30 minutes from the start time, have some quick introductions, share ideas for the group, and then continue networking.

You're especially going to LOVE this event if you are an online business owner, a CEO with many (or hundreds) of employees, or simply someone who's greatly educated in the business field and interested in startups.

You're going to HATE this event, if you're looking to sell your service to anyway and shoving business cards down everyone's throat. And you'll hate not being invited back if you are selling real estate or anything focused on selling. This is a group to grow together and we expect your guidance and expertise on GROWING A BUSINESS, before we talk about the possibility of who you sell to and if anyone in the group is even the right person...

Cheers, waiting for your RSVP, you know who you are.

PS first event will be separate tabs. No freebies until we get to know this crew.

See the group> https://www.meetup.com/startup-manila/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=braze_canvas&utm_campaign=mmrk_alleng_new_group_announcement_prod_v6_en&utm_term=promo&utm_content=lp_meetup

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  • webmaster changed the title to Poblacion START-up MEET-ups: New Start-up & Crypto Hub?
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CHECKing... QBO Update...

QBO Innovation Hub
Located in: DTI International
Address: 375 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM
“Take Part in the Philippine Startup Ecosystem
Engage with a network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors”
Founding Partners;
DTI Phl., Ideaspace, JPMorgan, 
Community Parters include:
AIM, Draper Startup, VentureWell, Ye!
> JOIN thru website: https://www.qbo.com.ph/about

( BUT.., the most recent EVENT they show on the Website is Oct.2021! )

===  more recently....

QBO teamed up with US Embassy in Aug.2022:     

Manila, August 26, 2022—On August 19, the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines and QBO Innovation Hub concluded a short course program designed to guide aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into tech startups that contribute to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Philippines. 

“BOOTQAMP: From Idea to Impact, a Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Challenge” was a 14-week program which trained ten participating teams in concepts related to techno-entrepreneurship, including customer identification, problem-centric ideation, social impact measurement, and the lean startup method.  Participants also received one-on-one mentorship from industry specialists and attended virtual workshops facilitated by leading tech experts in the Philippines. 

“The United States is committed to pursuing SDGs locally and internationally.  Last year, we also worked with QBO on incubating Filipino startups working on technological responses to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said U.S. Embassy in the Philippines Deputy Public Engagement Attaché Pauline Anderson.  “We are very pleased to continue our partnership to support social impact entrepreneurs delivering on SDGs through technology.” 

“We are grateful to the U.S. Embassy for entrusting us with this project.  This is the first program we conducted that is geared towards supporting startups addressing the SDGs,” said QBO Head of Startup Development Alwyn Joy Rosel.  “Our startups worked so hard in validating their products and services, taking into account the learnings and insights they received from their mentors.”  > https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-embassy-qbo-philippines-support-filipino-startups-towards-achieving-sdgs/

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Makati Coworking Spaces (per Google maps, etc)

+ 1D Coworking Space, 6539 E.Ramos  / 24hrs
+ 107 Workhub. 107 Exchange corner.   / 630pm 
+ A Space Manila, 110 Legaspi St.         / 24hrs 
+ Acceler8 (3 loc.) 111 Paseo de Roces / 
+ AltShift Coworking, 7912 Makati Ave. / 9pm
+ ARCH Off., 131 Tordesillas +Pac.Star  / 6?7pm?
+ AtWorkSpaces, Robinson Sum., Ayala  / 24hrs
+ Bitspace, 6F PDCP Ctr, Leviste/ Ruffino / 7pm ?
+ Booth & Ptrs. BDO Twr, 8741 Paseo dR. / <6pm ?
+ Cerebro Labs, Univ.Re, 106 Paseo deR. / 6pm?
+ Clock-In, Ayala (x2): ANE, Stk.Exch.       / 5pm? 
+ CoSY Coworking. 92, Gil Puyat       / 24hrs 
+ Common Space, BSA, 103 Palanca / ?? 
+ FlatPlanet Wksp., 196 Salcedo St.    / <6pm
+ Foxhole Bus.Ctr, 1223 Chino Roces  / 24hrs?
+ Impact Hub, LevisteSt, 2285 ChinoR / 6pm
+ KMC/ Armstrong Cp.Ctr, Dela Costa / 24 hrs 
+ Loft Spaces, AIA Twr. 8767 Pase dR / 6pm
+ MyOffice, 170 Salcedo St. Legs.    / 7pm 
+ O2 Space, RCI Bldg, 105 Rada St. / ??
+ One Asia Ctr, 158 Jupiter St.         / 7pm
+ Pondr, Adamson Ctr, Leviste St.   / 6pm 
+ Penbrothers, OPL Bldg. Palanca St / ?
+ Regus : various locations                / 24rs?
+ TOP/ Office Proj. AlphaSalcedo Condo / 10pm  
+ Vibe Makati, Batikan cnr. Chino Roces  / 6pm
+ Warehouse Eight, 2241 Chino Roces  / 8pm
+ WeWork, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala     / 6pm 
+ WorkFolk, M1 Tower, Dela Costa St. / 6pm 
+ WRKSPCE, the. 8F, Lepanto Bldg.    / 6pm 
+ XentralHub, 126 Leviste St.               / ???

==> a source: https://workplays.ph/coworking-space-manila/


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