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Uranerz (URZ)


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URZ chart ... Daily update : Weekly Update



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I get a warning saying CV's site "might be a phishing site"- do not give details.

Why is that?

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Interview excerpts / see link above, to whole interview



DYOR: What do you personally expect from your Wyoming projects?


URZ: Our goal is to start a production with about 750.000 pounds uranium U308 per year from 2010 on. We want to develop our capacity step by step to around 2 Million pounds per year


DYOR: Uranerz Energy also owns two concessions in Canada and in Mongolia which you are handling together with your JV partners Triex Minerals and Bluerock Resources. What is the present state of these projects?


URZ: We are the current licence holders of these two mining areas. The exploration work is being done by our joint venture partners who have to spend fixed amounts for exploration to retain or raise their dues on these projects. Uranerz Energy will participate in these costs not until the projects will come to production. The drill work has been started on both of the concessions, results are pending at the moment.


- -


DYOR: How large is Uranerz Energy’s current cash position? Do you have full financing for the exploration of your current concessions or do you plan to do another increase in share capital within the next few months?


URZ We have about 14 million US$ in cash. At present we are not forced to increase our capital. In the last few weeks some Canadian and American banks have showed interest in investing in Uranerz Energy so that our responsible management members will meet them within the next weeks to discuss opportunities to invest in our company.


DYOR: Would you please give a short overview over Uranerz Energy’s shareholder structure? How many shares are in the hands of the management?


URZ: The management holds about 16% of the company’s shares. Furthermore there is an American oil- and gas-company which owns 1.5 million shares and one of Passport Capital’s funds owns another 900.000 shares. There are also a few more institutional shareholders who are holding overall less than 6% of Uranerz Energy.

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Hmm.. I dont Know.. what for a Browser or Browserplugin do you use?

Site hosted by a german provider, http://www.allinkl.de



it may be something from that provider

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