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Suburbs: the Advantages and Disadvantages

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Inspired by the following comment,

Let's discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Suburbs


p.s. For those of the NU faith open to voluntary choices, one challenge is to make dense housing appealing for families. Many people are fine with city living prior to marriage and kids, but they find the suburbs safer, more convenient, cheaper, etc. once they have a family.


p.p.s. I personally find some of the NU design extremely attractive, but I have to admit I personally chafe under the typical HOA regulations that come with it. If you have a condo or apartment, it doesn't matter as much. (Though I have received nastygrams for the sin of keeping my bike on the balcony, back when I was living in a condo.)


I think many people who choose the suburbs, are just "following the fashion", and havent thought through the many negative aspects of the suburbs- which I will pick-up on another thread, inspired by your comment.


Can you say more about those HOA regulations?

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