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Terrane Minerals (TRX.v) : Reserve estimate soon


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Mt. Milligan is an advanced stage copper-gold resource in central British Columbia, Canada with a Measured and Indicated resource of 5.5 million oz of gold and 1.9 billion lb copper. On October 16, 2007 Terrane Metals announced a Preliminary Economic Assessment of Mt. Milligan completed by Wardrop Engineering Inc. Upon development the project will have an average annual production of 273,300 oz gold and 97 million lb copper for the first six years of a 14.5 year mine life. Terrane Metals will complete a full Feasibility Study during Q1 2008. Terrane Metals is also rapidly advancing the Berg copper-molybdenum-silver project, 22 km northwest of the Huckleberry Mine.


Website: http://www.terranemetals.com/s/Home.asp


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SUBJECT: Immediate Future - A Lot to Look Forward to! Posted By: fleisch52

Post Time: 2/12/2008 20:23


Forecast Project Milestones

Q1 2008 - Complete NI 43-101 Reserve Estimate

Q1 2008 - Finalize Feasibility Study

Q1 2008 - Environmental Assessment Application formally submitted

Q2 2008 - Order mining equipment requiring long lead times

Q2 2009 - Receive Environmental Assessment Certificate

Q2 2009 - Commence Mine Construction

Q2 2011 - Mine Production


Q1 2008 - Conduct metallurgical test-work

Q2 2008 - Conduct Preliminary Economic Assessment

Q2/Q3 2008 - Stage 2 diamond drilling program to upgrade the Berg resource


/see: http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/viewm...link_symbol=TRX


Unfortunately, this type of News rarely moves stock prices much,

but may be good enough to do that in a strong commodity market

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More NOTES from Stockhouse...



SUBJECT: Bought 20,000 more ....why?? Posted By: beatsworking

Post Time: 2/26/2008 15:11


Mt. Milligan has 1.9 Billion pounds of copper & 5.5 million ounces of gold.



SUBJECT: Volume on the Rise Posted By: fleisch52

Post Time: 2/27/2008 15:49


750k odd today so far.

Not huge by ant stretch but a definite improvement.


With Cu at 3.75/lb and gold at 950/oz this stock should be well over 1.00 in my opinion!



SUBJECT: RE: Volume on the Rise Posted By: Nosleep

Post Time: 2/28/2008 01:44


I think there is definatly some good news incoming. The increased volume, buyers hitting the ask, a big block taken out today at .44. etc...Nice move up this week along with rising volume = likely NR incoming. Many investors know good news is close though so they could simply be positioning on spec also.

A halt here could see the stock re-open 10-20% higher with the right news release.



SUBJECT: Front page od Resource Investor Posted By: Nosleep

Post Time: 3/6/2008 02:43


We should see some great volume tomorrow!



Bout time this starts to get noticed. 5.5 million oz gold just on one property, then we have Berg on top of it!


I'm hopin to score some more .wt tomorrow.



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Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 05:00 PST


http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/adserve...sekey.biz" target="_blank"> http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/images/...02374.jpg" border="0" /> http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/adserve...c61778252" />Related Articles

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The Mount Milligan gold and copper project, north of Prince George, was named among the leading contenders to be the next mine to open in B.C. by provincial mining officials.


Speaking to reporters by tele-conference Tuesday from a major international mining convention in Toronto, Dan Jepsen, the CEO of the Association of Mineral Exploration B.C, said it was a "no-brainer" to develop Terrane Metal's Mount Milligan project, which had been permitted once already, that time under Placer Dome.


"The communities I've met with in the North in that area are very, very anxious -- with the recent permanent (forest products) mill closures in that area -- to see some good news on a project like that to move forward," Jepsen told reporters.


Jepsen also named the Tulsequah Chief project to mine zinc, copper, gold and silver, which is being developed by Redcorp Ventures Ltd.


Pierre Lebel, the chair of the B.C. Mining Association, named the Red Chris project, which is owned by the company he is chairman of, Imperial Metals Corp.


B.C. junior mining minister Kevin Krueger named the New Afton gold and copper project, the Ruby Creek molybdenum mine, and the massive Galore Creek gold, copper and silver mine.


All but New Afton, located near Kamloops, are in northern B.C.


Krueger said there is a lot of enthusiasm about British Columbia at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada international convention, the largest of its kind in the world which has attracted 20,000 people this year. "People know we have half of all the major projects running through the approval process in Canada," said Krueger.


However, it is important to get a new mine up and running to maintain investor confidence in British Columbia, said Jepsen.


Despite a massive increase in exploration spending in British Columbia -- a 57 per cent year over year jump in 2007 to $416 million, and one which beats the world increase of 31 per cent -- no new mineral mines have been built in the better part of a decade in the province.


NovaGold and Teck Cominco put a halt to construction on the recently-permitted Galore Creek Project in northwest B.C. after estimated costs more than doubled to $5 billion.


Last fall, a joint B.C.-Canada review panel rejected Northgate Mineral's $200-million Kemess North gold and copper project.


"A mine in the permitting process provides no contribution to the Canadian economy. We have to get build them and get them up and operating, or unfortunately we're going to see a hit to exploration investment," said Jepsen.


He says he hopes the recent $150-million investment by the federal government in the major projects office will help move the 23 mining projects in the permit process in B.C. in a timely manner.


Jepsen said a consolation is that B.C. is not alone in the world in facing challenges with escalating costs and getting support from indigenous populations and local communities for mines.


He noted that while more than $15 billion had been spent worldwide over the past three years to locate the next "elephant" mineral deposit, there has been no discovery as large as the Galore Creek deposit in northern B.C.


Lebel noted that analysts at the convention are projecting continuing demand for metals and coal, fueled by the increasing importance of emerging markets in Asia, led by China and India.


With China and Indian, and to a lesser extent the United States, slated to build 1,000 coal-fired energy plants in the next five years, demand for coal is not expected to wane, said Lebel.


Copper has also seen a resurgence with some analysts predicting it could rise above $4 a pound, while gold is flirting with the $1,000 US per ounce mark. Gold was less than $300 US an ounce in 1998, he noted.


The prices for zinc, silver and molybdenum have also increased.

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January 29, 2008

Initiating Coverage Report - Mt. Milligan, a 5.5 Moz Gold Deposit Poised for Production


/see: http://www.terranemetals.com/s/Research.as...-Poised-for-P...

- -


Feb.2008 - Presentation: http://www.terranemetals.com/PPT/slide1.htm

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January 29, 2008

Initiating Coverage Report - Mt. Milligan, a 5.5 Moz Gold Deposit Poised for Production


/see: http://www.terranemetals.com/s/Research.as...-Poised-for-P...

- -


Feb.2008 - Presentation: http://www.terranemetals.com/PPT/slide1.htm


I sat in on the Terrane presentation the other day. Watch out for that fully diluted share count.

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I sat in on the Terrane presentation the other day. Watch out for that fully diluted share count.


thanks for the tip, Ace.

I am hoping for some follow-through here, as TRX is breaking above the 252d MA.

Maybe an upwards thrust in Juniors (and interest in the sector) will bring the momentum that I want to see

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