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The Urban Ugliness Thread - provide more examples

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THE PHOTO is worth 1,000 words - breaks all the rules of New Urbanists


...even the Piggies are talking about the mess in UK property...



See above - Marsden House Bolton. Looks nice?


This was conceived and built then sold on..then sold on..then sold on..before the amateurs got in on the act and got shafted big time! The brains behind it made millions..no exaggeration..without getting his hands dirty..hes off now!



I know the guys behind it. all perfectly legal, they researched the market and knew that armchair southern dinner party set investors would buy here. I was contacted many times to give advice pre purchase and I gave my best advice..walk away..and keeping walking


I know the place well. they were overpriced by the time they came to the amateurs, in a bad part of town, hardly any parking, not enough rental demand etc etc.


The marketing was good though......


Result today?


A very experienced bolton letting agent tells me it is a disaster..no exageration.


There are many dss and asylum seekers in there and people are hanging their washing over the balconies to dry it. Last week there was a knife fight outside with 2 residents..blood ended up on the pavement and in the lobby....hmmm nice.


There's blood on the streets there too, hypothetically speaking also...that of the 'investors' who are trapped and cant sell.


/see: http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/1/441398/ShowThread.aspx

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