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Green Blogs - The Top ones

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The Top 50 Eco Blogs



1. The must-reads


Grist Mill

The green blog from the other side of the pond. Grist Mill has dozens of posts a day, a veritable army of contributors and is as happy number crunching as it is doing the fun stuff. A must-RSS.



Bringing environmental issues to the mainstream, Treehugger has been described as a “green CNN”, and is determined to be one of the most professional and popular green blogs. Posts such as How to Green Your Sex Life ensure that no aspect of environmental living is left unexplored.



Another must-RSS, this news gathering blog brings you in the main environmental stories from the States. You can also see which posts were the most popular in the past day, week, month and year. Just in case you're wondering, a post on big holes was the third most popular.


The Sietch Blog

Proof that ‘eco warriors’ need not be humourless party poopers, the Sietch Blog is the voice of the Sietch Community ('A community of friends changing the world for the better'). It presents serious information and analysis, as well as light-hearted stories, such as the bicycle forklift.



This well designed blog is high on posts but low on opinionated comment, making it a great place to read about green issues and make up your own mind. Direct action is in the form of the odd 'open letter' such as this one to Hillary Clinton


2. The news blogs


Climate Debate Daily

From the makers of Arts & Letters Daily, Climate Debate Daily claims to offer a new way to understand disputes about global warming. It rounds up news and gives equal voice to the dissenters and the activists and as such is a great place to go for varying interpretations of the latest happenings.


Dot Earth

This New York Times blog has lots of news reports on the effects of rising population and limited resources. Posts such as Making Fuel From Air link to the latest scientific research.


Hugg 2.0

Hugg allows people to upload stories themselves; you ‘Hugg’ the stories you find useful, and browse the directory to find out what interests other green readers. You may need to do some sifting to find genuinely interesting posts, however.


Guardian Unlimited - Climate Change blog

Takes you behind the headlines with wide ranging posts: from 'Where's our renewables revolution?' which accuses the government of being all talk and no action, to 'Watching the offsetters' which asks whether a voluntary code of conduct make us any more confident when choosing a carbon offset scheme.


In Balance

A British blog which looks at current issues such as carbon tax, ethical funds and whether a Hummer uses less energy than a Prius.


/more: http://timesonline.typepad.com/environment...top-50-eco.html

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(What I posted):


Too narrow. They're Not holistic enough. You want to put the whole thing together: living greener, investing smarter, driving less. In short, redesigning your life and your investing so it will make sense in our Greener Future. That's the aim of GEI- helping people to do that.

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