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Smartcool Energy (SSC.v)

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Smartcool Energy (SSC.v)

These guys advertised here



I liked the chart: Self-updating Daily


Static Weekly ... update



and want to discover more about them:



About Smartcool Systems -- "A Green-Tech Company Specializing in Energy Cost Reduction Technologies"


Smartcool Systems Inc. is an advanced energy savings solutions company specializing in energy and cost reduction technologies for commercial and retail businesses. The company's wholly owned subsidiary, Smartcool International Inc., is the owner, developer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the Energy Saving Module (ESM™). This green technology reduces the electricity consumption (kWh) and maximum demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Rather than replacing existing equipment, the ESM™ works in conjunction with existing controls in order to ensure that compressors work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining preset temperature levels and without causing over-cycling.


Rising global energy demand is resulting in significant increases in energy prices. Environmental concerns are causing both government and industry to re-examine the way they do business. Smartcool provides companies with solutions to address the growing pressure to reduce energy costs, increase profits and reduce green house gas emissions. For more information, please visit www.smartcool.net

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