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Living Small - Downsizing strategies

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Here's some extreme downsizing, with some help from a friend

Woman Living In A 84 sq foot Home


She beat the mortgage trap, and saves money too.

"Not much to it, and that's the point."


(comments from that video):

drummerkid71 (1 month ago)

Dee is the ideal woman ... smart, energy saving smart, minimalist, truly a woman I would marry hands down. She seems generous and loves the earth and its people. Smartest, and most beautiful person I've ever seen. Way to go!!!!



Mechman064 (4 months ago)

She gets it! Decreasing your expenses and throttling back on what you strive for in your life is just an awesome way to live. It's more efficient. You pay less less, you don't need to work as hard, and you're taxed less! That's the way to go! I opted for an affordable condo that's bike commute distance from work, rather than bankrupting myself on a house and now I only have 43k left on the mortgage. Many of my home owning friends envy me.

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