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10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2009

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I think I should contact John Rubino, and offer to review his new book




Great summary of numerous clean technologies, December 15, 2008

By Reinhard Seiser (Irvine, CA) - See all my reviews



This book is a great summary of numerous clean technologies, spanning the range of power production (solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, fuel cells), energy storage, energy conservation, food, water, vehicles, houses, materials, and more. John Rubino and his team must have spent an incredible amount of time digging into all the areas of clean tech, detailing their pros and cons, and surveying individual companies in each sector.


(I was able to get a sneak preview and comment on the book before its publication. But when the official version came out, I immediately re-read it, because there were so many pieces of valuable information that I had already forgotten.)


While I am a veteran in the field of alternative energy, I was surprised how many technologies are out there that I didn't fully know about. It can sometimes be overwhelming, or even uncomfortable, to hear about all these different technologies. But I am so glad that I now read about all these potential future developments. As an investor myself, it never hurts to have as much information as possible, and I don't even want to imagine what I would miss if I hadn't read the book.


John Rubino also blends the book with great macro-economics sections and investor advice. He is one of the few people right on the money, as he had predicted the real estate bust in his 2003 book, and he was consistently recommending to avoid or short homebuilders and investment banks, as in his regular interviews on Howestreet.com. He has certainly helped me and my investor group to stay clear of some of the collapses on Wall Street this year.


The current book is by no means just a promotion of all new clean technologies. On the contrary, it contains ample warnings about what can happen to overhyped technologies, what to look for, and how to avoid possible traps. It is an objective book for those interested in new technologies and investing.


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